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Monday Motivation #3

Monday, 4th April 2011

Monday Motivation #3

One box of eBay stuff ready..... Several more to go!!!

This week’s Monday Motivation is inspired by the massive pile of eBay items I have put aside to list and hopefully sell.

Since I do most of the listing on my laptop in the dining room, the mountain of stuff is definitely in the way!!!

So instead of moving it around the house I am going to leave it where it is and list it on eBay once and for all.

Goals for this week.

* List all items in the “sell on eBay” pile.

* Sort through the next big bag of stuff and get it ready to list next week.

I am leaving the goals for this week at that as they are certainly not little tasks by any stretch of the imagination.

Good Luck with your weekly tasks! I will update during the week with my listing progress. πŸ™‚



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