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Mummmmmm!!! Where’s my bag???

Sunday, 13th March 2011

Mummmmmm!!! Where’s my bag???

With 5 little kids & a hubby all needing a place to put their bags, I had to come up with a solution.


We have tried the old “hang them on a hook” system. Massive Fail. The kids would end up struggling with the weight of their bags and knocking the other bags off the hooks.

Our Current Bag Storage System.

We set up an area along one wall for them to place their bags. Another massive fail. The bags were forever in the way and being kicked around the room.

I then had this grand plan going in my mind that we would have these kinder like locker systems built for us. Once looked into, was going to be a time-consuming and costly plan.

So one afternoon whilst wandering aimlessly around my house it hit me, I finally came up with an idea that might just work and not cost me a cent!!! (totally love those ideas!!!)

I thought to myself….. If I turned those bookshelves on their sides, they’d be perfect bag size nooks…… Hmmmmm So I set off to work.

I had mountains of books to relocate so I prepared an area on another wall unit for them to be stored.

I then carried the shelves up to our dining area (which is where I pack the children’s bags of a morning), turned them on their sides, stacked them up and….Voila’….. The easiest bag storage device ever!

So for those of you that like this idea and don’t already have shelves like these ones, these and similar products can be purchased quite cheaply in stores like The Reject Shop, Sam’s Warehouse & Chickenfeed.


Right now our bag nooks are storing our school bags, kinder bags, daycare bags, husbands work backpack, children’s swimming bags, and my ‘sort them later’ sock box. On top of the unit I have the sunscreen and the sunglasses aswell as a large metal basket that usually stores a mass of fruit.


Whilst it is not the most stunning looking storage system, it will certainly get my thumbs up until I have the time and money to build a similar system from scratch. πŸ™‚


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    1. What a fantastic idea Jac! You are indeed the most resourceful woman I know!

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