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Paperwork Paradise…

Sunday, 12th June 2011

Paperwork Paradise…

Sorting paperwork is not one of my favourite jobs.

I am never really sure of what I should and shouldn’t keep. One thing I was certain of though is that our paperwork storage was taking over the house!!!!

Since renovating and downsizing our ‘office’ area, I have been forced to find a ‘home’ for all of this excess stuff we’ve been hoarding during the last 10 years. So today my mission was to tackle the paperwork situation.

Here is a couple of pictures of what everything was stored in:

Our old bookshelves!
So these book shelves were totally chocker-block full of paperwork and assorted ‘stuff’.

filing cabinet
Our old filing cabinet.
The filing cabinet weighed a tonne! It was also full. Mostly paperwork from before I was even married! Now that’s holding onto stuff!!! LOL

filing accessories Australia
All the magazine holders, folders and cases I emptied also!
Now I should’ve taken a photo before I emptied all of these…..

Anyway I bet by now you’re wondering exactly what I have done with all of this excess paperwork I have been storing for years and years??? Well lets just say I shredded enough paper to keep our pet guinea pig warm all winter, and the rest went into the fire drum.

Here is a picture of what I have left:

Magazine Holders
My paperwork paradise! LOL
Yep that’s right. I’m down to 2 portable filing cases and 3 magazine holders.

I purchased the filing cases at Aldi and paid a measly $6.99 each for them. They look very classy and are big enough to store all the essentials.

The magazine holders come from The Reject Shop and cost me $5.00 each. Which I thought was a bonus as the ones I really wanted were $18.99 each at Officeworks….. No thanks, not on my budget!

I am going to pop back to Aldi tomorrow and grab another filing case as a spare.

Now once my new office area is complete, I will be storing these on a shelf above the desk area!

I have promised myself that I will deal with paperwork as it arrives and I have subscribed for email bills wherever possible!!!

Have you had a paperwork clean out lately???

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    1. Michelle

      I love this blog Jac This is one of my main problems in our house, our study is a disgrace. I clean it not as regularly as I would like, but I still get it done. I think my problem is that I keep all bills for 6 months. I'm guessing no one else does this. I think I am going to start scanning bills onto our PC & throw out the hard copies. We have 2 filing cabinets, one which holds important info on the kids ie; birth certificates, etc. And the other is jam packed full of bills, employment info, receipts, & it gets out of hand. We are shortly sending the study upstairs, & once that happens I would love it to stay clean & organised!!!! We also both have our workstations, my hubby paints his hobbies, & I like scrapbooking - which I haven't done for awhile due to the lack of space. And I think I may invest in one of those slim line bookshelves from Ikea. I will keep you posted.

    2. OH I am most definitely a paper hoarder! This makes me question my filing cabinet & all of it's contents! Plus my bookshelves & all of their contents, my desk & all of it's contents, my boxes full of paperwork & the list goes on... I guess I have some real work to do now. Thanks Jac, you are an inspiration!

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Hahaha, Im bad at just leaving piles of paper everywhere. It's a habit that I am slowly but surely changing. The most important part is dealing with the daily paperwork EVERY day! Good Luck! Make sure you let me know how you go!!!

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