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Remembering EVERYTHING The Easy Way! + {A Free Printable}

Tuesday, 14th January 2014

Remembering EVERYTHING The Easy Way! + {A Free Printable}

For those that have been following Common Chaos Chronicle for a long time, you’d know too well how much I love a good ‘TO DO’ list.

And to be perfectly honest, after the last 10 years of raising little Monsters, I NEED one.

Without a list of daily reminders, I struggle to achieve anything, and I literally forget everything! I put it down to having soooo much to remember for soooo many different people that my brain just decides to switch off and remember NOTHING!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Anyway, in my never ending quest to rediscover organisation (oh how I was organised before kids!!!), I have created a printable sheet that helps me to remember the most important things for the day.

Daily Reminders Printable

I find having a physical list in front of me helps to no end and it’s also a great reference point for the rest of the family too.

On the sheet there is space for:

* Date

* A Personal Goal

* Daily Meal Menu

* 10 Things To Do Spaces

* ‘Don’t Forget’ Space

* A Drink Water Reminder

* An Exercise & Movement record

If I record these things while I sit down to eat my breakfast, I then have a plan for my day and a list that I can tick things off from.

Works like a charm for me.

Things To Do List Laminated

Want to give it a go at your place?

I have created a PRINTABLE PDF file that has 2 sheets in it.

I have laminated my A4 printout and use a whiteboard texta to fill in my list everyday, however if you don’t have a laminator, and would like a daily print-out, set your printer to print 2 of the pages onto one A4 page to save printer ink! I love a good colour printout, but it also looks great in black and white too.

I keep my ‘Things To Do’ List on a clipboard with a marker attached for easy access and so I can cart it with me between rooms.

To download and print the Common Chaos Chronicle THINGS TO DO List, click the following link:

PDF CCC Daily Reminder Sheet

Reminder List Example

How do you keep on top of everything in your home?

Have you had to change your organisational habits since running a family?

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    1. Rosemary Wilson

      Jacqui, love your chart, excellent design and thought gone into it. I am terrible at remembering things, even note down what time I Put the sprinkler on...and kids, well I just say, 'you know I can't Remember' so everything like that goes on the calendar, Along with medical appointments.

    2. Krystal

      Oooo! This looks helpful! Might have to give this a go. I'm hopeless since having kids and need lists and constant reminders to do even the simplest things these days! Thanks Jac, this should keep me organised!

    3. I use my phone to organise my life tbh. So if I ever lose mine...that's it! GAH! Great way to organise your day Jacqui. Norlin recently posted...2014 Summer Hair TrendsMy Profile

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