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School Holidays – Day 1- The survival plan.

Saturday, 2nd July 2011

School Holidays – Day 1- The survival plan.

I have woken early this morning to the sounds of one little obnoxious man tooting and chugging around the house. The train obsessed child was up early as per usual and my hopes and dreams of a slight sleep-in were destroyed.

Levi hanging out the steam train window.

Welcome to the 1st day of my most despised holiday break. Why do I hate this lot of holidays so bad? It’s usually raining. And pouring. And freezing cold. Often makes it near impossible to get them all out of the house to do anything remotely fun. 6 kidlets trapped in a smallish house for 14+ days really isn’t what I would call a HOLIDAY!!!

Our flooded backyard last winter.
Our flooded backyard last winter.

So its time to come up with a plan. A budget plan. πŸ™‚

I am going to aim for 12 activities so that if something comes up, we can be flexible.

1. Movies to see Cars 2.

2. Picnic at the park/playground.

3. Obstacle course in the backyard.

4. Local Library visit for their Boomerang Workshop.

5. Driving Adventure up Mount Cole.

6. Visit Relatives with kids – big play date!

7. Invite friends over for a play.

8. Go to the Local Football.

9. Scrapbooking and craft day.

10. Build a Veggie Garden.

11. Cooking Day.

12. Indoor play centre.

As well as these activities we will be doing a daily walk with the dogs and general play that keeps them busy in the house!

Mishka our Husky.
Mishka our Husky.

I am aiming for a very relaxed & easy 2 weeks with the children.

I hope your holidays are off to a great start.




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    1. Min

      Sounds like a great plan love! Let's hope for some nice days so the toads can run all their sillys out!!

    2. Emily

      Great plan - I have to try and keep Flynn quiet and resting after having his tonsils out on Thursday, so a very quiet holidays for us!!

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Jai's always keen for a dvd day if Flynn wants some 'quiet' time out of the house. Makes it hard when they have to rest. xox

    4. Mel

      Thanks for the Library tip! Hopefully I can still get the girls booked in for the Boomerang one, then the Library Bag decorating the week after. They will love it.

    5. Kim

      Hi there, I've only been reading for about 15 mins on your site and I have to say i love it all. Well done. I have just printed of your Lunch and Dinner list. I loved reading what you are planning on doing with the kids in the hols, you have given me some ideas while I am babysitting my friends kids as well as my own three. Thanks, Kim NSW (PS I came via the link from Lovely Living)

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