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Setting Up A Homework Station At Chaos HQ!

Monday, 4th February 2013

Setting Up A Homework Station At Chaos HQ!

Keeping up to date with homework has always been a priority of ours at Chaos HQ.

We have always had a loose kind of routine around it, which involves one kiddy reading to me while the others write and draw, then we rotate and swap around.

In the past, homework (and by homework I mean nightly readers and words, as that’s all we’ve had so far!!) have been done at the dining room table.

Or on the end of my bed.

Or on any other flat surface around the house.

This year, I promised to take a stand and put my foot down to the mess that is left in the wake of ‘Homework Time’.

Jai reading at the homework Station

As you can imagine, with 4 kids (who may or may not have inherited the ‘creative’ gene), the widespread mess of papers and pencils and so on after an hour of ‘Homework’ can take up a fair amount of space.

The plan was to create a space that is always clear of junk (including my never ending washing pile) and a space where there is paper and pencils etc available so that my dining table is free from that clutter.

Sounds great.

All I needed was a new table!!!!

Homework Table at Chaos HQ

So I got myself onto one of our local Facebook Buy, Swap and Sell sites and after approximately 3 seconds of scrolling I found just what I was looking for, and I could not believe the amazing price.

So I inboxed the seller, who happens to live real close to us (ever so convenient!!!) and got a hold on it straight away.

Just perfect!!!

So the next thing we had to do was clear a space.

Hahahahahahahahaha, clear a space at Chaos HQ. Almost hysterical. Really.

But it can be done! And was.

With the help of hubby’s mate, they lugged my giant treadmill from one end of the house to the other and moved some shelving around for me too.

I set up my $50 bargain table down the back of the house in the lounge room, so that when we invite guests and customers (home based business) into our house, they are not subjected to the mess straight up!

Homework Table Stationary Box
{Photo by Aria}

I purchased a funky looking gift box from our local ‘Crazy Clarks’ bargain shop and placed a ream of blank paper and 6 pen holders in it.

I added pens, pencils, chunky textas (for the little ones), normal textas and erasers/sharpeners/scissors to the pen holders.

Aria added her Dymo label maker as she feels this is an important stationary item…. A girl after my own heart!!!

Since photographing the area for the blog, the kids have decided that keeping their ‘How To Draw’ books down there is also a good idea, so I will be keeping my eyes out for a cheap little bookcase to store them in down there.

Aria at the Homework Station

So at this stage, the homework station is working a treat. The mess has remained contained and they are taking it in turn daily to tidy it up and keep it neat.


Do you have a special area that your children do their homework in?

What would you include in a ‘Homework Station’ area?


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    1. Best idea ever! Thanks for sharing. I have copied your idea, only my box is nowhere nears as funky as yours. :)

    2. Carolynne

      Both Amelia and Isabella have started school - their homework area consists of a book case filled with their favourite books. An old 1940's double school desk,, great because you can hide all the pens and pencils under the lid. We converted an old Hall stand into the bag and shoe station,. We have a pin board for the notices, awards and invitations that come home from school, and finally we have an old chaise and light for mum or dad to sit with and listen read.

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      MonsterSquad Dad shook his head at my funky stationary box. He thought it was a little over the top....hehehehehe ;-)

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Sounds awesome!!!!

    5. All of our kids tend to migrate round the dining table to do their homework which although they have desks in their rooms is fine by me, because it's nice to see them all bouncing ideas off of one another & I can help them easily whilst still tending to an entertaining Mr 1. I love the idea of the numerous pencil tins, ours are all in a metal bucket. Tomorrow I need to go to the shop to re-stock because the lead pencils always grow legs & run away in this place! :) ps table looks great ! :)

    6. Fabulous idea . We had a second table even in our little shed but it ha sbeen taken over by the printer and junk.I must rectify it. Happy homeworking.

    7. Fantastic idea Jac! Love that they have a dedicated space to do their homework and to get crafty. I think it's important for them to have a space to call their own, and to take ownership of. Love your basket of goodies in the centre...great idea adding a ream of paper. I'm wondering if I can do the same...only just use a tray, and remove it at dinner time? tfs

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Usng a tray is a fantastic idea Lisa! xox

    9. Wow, you are super organised! Go Jac! Well, my kids each have their own study table to create their mess on, but they have to tidy it up each weekend to start off a new week. But somehow, they tend to gravitate towards the living room table even though they've got their own spaces to do their work. Strange...but I suppose it's also because the tv is there.

    10. Sue

      I use our family room dining table, which we happen to use for dinner most week nights! We bought a mobile basket trolley 5 large basket fro Howard's world, a bit expensive but the top drawer is for new notices, my children each have a drawer for pencils, pens texta's, paper of sorts, glue, stickers, you've got the idea, before bed we move it (extra castors are worth it) into the laundry right next to their bag hooks, it works well as I can hide the mess at any time for visitors or cleaning, and it's light enough for 10 yr old to wheel out when needed. I have 6 children and it has been a blessing. Happy searching.

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