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The Portable Clothes Rack – A MonsterSquad Chaos Eliminator!

Sunday, 1st July 2012

The Portable Clothes Rack – A MonsterSquad Chaos Eliminator!

When I went into to hospital to have Levi 3.5years ago, I knew my hubby was going to struggle with getting the monsters ready each morning.

It’s not the getting them ready each morning that he struggles with, it’s the actual clothes they wear.

Let’s face it, with mum not in the house, they will try anything to pull the wool over dad’s eyes.

And the arguments that result are just not worth the heartache.

So I set up a clothes rack, labeled each kids out fit with a day and a name.

Apparently it worked like a dream.

5 day's of MonsterSquad wear!

The kids knew what was there ready for them to wear and he didn’t have to fight it out with them over what belonged to who.

Peace of mind for him, peace of mind for me! WOOT!

So this time, with me headed into hospital tomorrow morning, hubby has requested the clothes rack situation happen again.

The children will be attending a holiday program the first week of the holidays, and of course I don’t want them going to do all sorts of crafts in their very special best clothes….. And MonsterSquad Dad knows it!

So he went missing in the shed for a while to find the chaos eliminating clothes rack.

This time I have done it slightly different.

Named outfits including the day it's to be worn.

Instead of setting up each day with 5 kid’s different outfits, I have put each child’s clothes grouped together so they can’t be mixing and switching!!

MonsterSquad Dad thinks this will work even better than last time.

I have also added coats this time as our weather here has been atrocious.

Getting shoes of a morning is also a painful experience so I’ve placed a basket on the bottom of the rack where they can leave their shoes each day.

Now, all I have to worry about is the girls hair…. Hubby thinks placing a small clip in their fringe will cut it. He refuses to do the brushing and or putting it up. It’s probably why I found the following image hilarious…..

Apparently cable/zip ties can fix anything!!!!

Let’s hope the kind ladies at the holiday program take pity on them and give the girls a hand!!!




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    1. Tracey

      Lots of luck for tomorrow Jac and family - what an exciting day. Looking forward to hearing all about the arrival of your little man. Trace (Tessa's Mum)

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Trace, I will put up a post on Facebook when we're all settled and ready. xxooxx

    3. Emma

      Wishing you well tomorrow! How exciting!! And what a great idea those clothes racks are! :)

    4. Cadian

      Good luck tomorrow Jac cant wait to see pics of the new chaos member!!

    5. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about the new bub and that is such an excellent way of organising what they should be wearing Jacqui!!

    6. Tracy Williams

      Wow, so many clothes! My three don't even have five days worth of clothes *cheap mum alert*. All the best for tomorrow, can't wait to see pics!

    7. Larissa

      This is a Brilliant idea!!! Can't wait to share it!!! Good Luck Jac! I will be thinking of you!

    8. That's a fantastic idea for all mums to be or for any time a mum needs to go away! Good luck today Jac. I can't wait to meet your bubba!! Cheers, Aunty Lis. ;-)

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