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Time Management! Using a weekly planner to plan my time effectively!

Thursday, 15th November 2012

Time Management! Using a weekly planner to plan my time effectively!

So many times I have muttered the words “there’s just not enough hours in the day”.

And it’s true there isn’t.

No matter what I do I seem to get to the end of the day and have a sense chaos and as though I have achieved nothing at all.

Those of you that follow Common Chaos Chronicle on Facebook would know that I have been aiming to achieve 3 things each day, aided by the introduction of my morning welcome and list of 3 Things to Do!

Things to do

This has helped to no end in seeing that although it often doesn’t look like it, I have actually achieved things on my list each and every day.

I feel I have got myself into a great routine with that now and it’s working really well, so I have decided to tackle the next big issue on my agenda.

Time Management.

I have studied this before and know damn well what I should be doing but putting it to practice while dealing with my life and all the chaos in it has not been a success so far, so it’s time to put all that theory into practice!

Chaos HQ is a busy busy place.

When I sit back and actually consider all that we do and need to do in this house, it’s overwhelming.

I look and I think to myself ‘how on earth am I going to do all of that???’

And the truth is, I probably can’t. I’m not a super woman with super powers.

I’m a regular mum with a lot on her plate that needs to get sensible about managing her time and getting things done.

The biggest problem though is that I was getting so overwhelmed with every thing that in the end nothing was getting done.

So here’s what I have started:

I have created us a family schedule on a weekly planner in hope of planning and managing our time more effectively.

I purchased my weekly planner from Aldi a while back but I have seen similar items in Officeworks, Kikki-K, Smiggle and so on.

I have tried to allocate times for all the things that I feel are important at Chaos HQ.

* Morning Routine – This is the time that it takes us to get out of bed, follow our routine and get the MonsterSquad ready each and every day.

* School – I used to spend many mornings of my week in the children’s class rooms. When I fell pregnant with Elijah, I felt too ill to go in and then of course having a newborn really put a dampener on my school helping parade.

I wont lie, I have suffered a fair bit of mummy guilt over this and sometimes wonder if it’s just one of the small reasons why the kids have been playing up a bit. They probably miss that special time we used to give them before Elijah was born.

So making an effort to pop into the classrooms each week will become a bigger priority as we near the end of the year.

* Common Chaos Chronicle – Despite what some people think, blogging takes up a massive chunk of time. I know some readers glaze over a post in a matter of minutes and assume it’s taken only a few minutes to slap together, but unfortunately it takes a lot longer than 2 minutes to write quality content, take photos, edit photos, reply to emails, follow up calls, maintain social media and so on.

Running Common Chaos like a business has been fantastic. It means that I can cover my running costs, and help with a few extra expenses. For me to continue running it like a business though, I have to dedicate a certain amount of time to it each day, as any work at home parent would.

I found that when I looked at when I was blogging, it was midnight, 1am etc and I just can’t keep it up. I would go great guns for a few days then crash and burn for several more. It has become quite clear that my work needs to be done predominately during the hours that the kids are at school.

I have blocked of time through Monday to Friday for this purpose.

* Monster Squad Dad’s Business – My hubby has been running his business from home and also needs to set aside some hours each day to work on his things too.

His job requires call outs so his time has to be flexible but at least if there is time there then he can focus on work related things.

* Housework – Well there’s plenty of bloody housework to do here and it never ends. I have tried to allocate a couple of hours each day for us to knuckle down and tidy up.

This week I have had the housework time set for after lunch but I am going to swap it next week for the morning. I can’t concentrate well on my work when there is a heap of mess staring back at me!

* Date Morning – Tuesdays is the day where the Monsters are at school and Daycare and it’s just little Elijah at home. Dealing with 6 kids, work, a house and everything in between has left very little time for us to nurture our relationship. So while we’re almost child-free, I have set up a ‘date morning’ for us to have a special breakfast and to spend some quality time together.

* After-school Activities – These change times each day but I have blocked off the afternoons for activities and play. I think for the sanity of all involved the MonsterSquad require some down time after-school before the night time routine kicks in!

* Night routine – Just the usual, dinner, bath, reading & bed thing.

* Nightly Activities –

Mon: CCC Blogging & Business Planning – Time set aside for future planning and bulk writing!

Tues: Pool Comp & Craft – Hubby goes out to play pool so I am allowing myself craft time again!

Wed: Date Night – More often than not, spent at home but doing something together. We take turns in organising each week!

Thurs: Gaming & Craft – Hubby can play his games and I will do some craft/creative computer work while he does!

Fri: MonsterSquad Movie Night + Mum & Dad Movie Night – After we watch a movie with the kids, we’ll watch something for ourselves too!

Sat: Guests / Free Choice – If we have visitors it’s usually a Saturday. If not we can just do whatever happens on the day!

Sun: Mum & Dad TV Night – Believe it or not, MonsterSquad Dad and I never ever sit down to watch TV together. So we’re creating a night where we can sit down and catch up on some of our favourite TV shows that he downloads.

By implementing this new time plan I am hoping to get into a better routine and see a remarkable difference in the state of the house, the consistency of my blogging and the quality time spent with the children and my husband. Hopefully!

I have also added on the plan, a new rule and a new habit for the week.

This week’s rule was no electronic devices at the table at meal times and the new habit was a reminder to brush teeth everyday. I find if I don’t nag about it….. it doesn’t happen!

Time Planner

The times are a little flexible around our day to day life. Things come up and there’s often appointments to keep or an out of town trip to go on.

I guess being organised will make these day’s easier on everyone!

How do you manage your time?

Do you plan out your week like me?

Do you think you could keep to a plan if you created one?






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    1. Believe it or not, when we lived in a house! before moving to the farm, I had strict routines in place, the kids were little and it all worked well. Since moving out here, things have been a bit out of balance but when we finally completely move into the new house, I'm going to get my routines in place again. It just makes life so much easier. I think you are very organised, with your kids and your family life, and blogging, you can give me some inspiration ! xo

    2. I honestly don't know how to manage to do all these things and bring up 6 beautiful kiddies. You are such an inspiration to alot of us. I need to organise some sort of time management plan. We defiantly need more hours in the day.

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Awwww Thanks. I do it with hair dye and coffee. Covers the grays and keeps me awake :-) If you try a time planner, let me know how it goes! xo

    4. I am crap at managing my time and I don't really plan or at least it's never concrete. Everything is pretty much in my mind. I normally know when their activities are so block those off. That's when I concentrate on my blog or when I come back from work and they're having their after-school snack. Housework is usually left to the weekends or Fridays because those are the days I don't work outside of the home. The kids are also given daily tasks for them to do around the home to help out and well, it's their house too so they should do a few things. With the schedule plan I'm sure you'll be able to manage beautifully Jacqui! :)

    5. Amazing! That looks so organised. I have been trying to be more organised lately, I also use those weekly planners and when I forget to do it life seems so much harder. You are amazing!! It was lovely to meet you at bloggers brunch too!

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