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MonsterSquad Movie Night – War Horse Movie Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Tuesday, 8th May 2012

MonsterSquad Movie Night – War Horse Movie Review & GIVEAWAY!!!



Recently I was asked to review some Disney DVD’s and since at Chaos HQ we have a weekly family movie night AKA MonsterSquad Movie Night, I happily obliged.

This week we watched Steven Spielberg’s WAR HORSE.

War Horse depicts the tale of a teenage boy named Albert and a horse called Joey.

Albert tames and develops a strong bond with Joey but when World War 1 begins, Albert’s father reluctantly sells Joey to the army to keep up with payments on their farmhouse.

The story follows Joey and his journey through the war, overcoming one obstacle after another. We watch as Joey beats the odds to survive time and time again through various different owners and life threatening situations.

Eventually, Albert is old enough to join the army, where a case of sheer luck strikes and he becomes an integral part of Joey’s survival.

War Horse is rated ( M ) and is available to hire and buy in Australia on the 2nd May 2012.

My thought’s on War horse?

Well movies about war and about horses don’t grab me at all, but I have to tell you I was very much intrigued by this majestic looking horse’s story.

In typical Spielberg fashion the landscapes, scenery and attention to detail in every aspect of this film was well worth watching, but then to add a great story on top of the visual stimulation just made it well worth the couch time.

Some of the war storyline went over our younger kids heads, this movie is probably more suited to 8+ audience, but our 6 & 7year olds coped quite well with the storyline, after a few questions here and there.

Our avid horse fanatic Aria was watching the movie snuggled up under my arm and at a quick glance in one of the more graphic scenes involving the horse, she was very close to tears indeed.

None the less, I have had my ears chewed off since we watched this movie about her desperately wanting a horse…. that looks just like Joey… One might say she really enjoyed the movie, glassy eyes and all.

Monster Squad Movie Rating: 4/5.


I have 2 DVD copies of War Horse to give 2 lucky readers.Β 

If you’d like to get your hands on a free copy, all you have to do is tell me what your most treasured pet/animal is and why in a comment on this BLOG POST before the 15th May 2012.

I will let Aria from my MonsterSquad select the 2 winners from all the answers we get.

You have to be in it to win it!!!



* Competition is open to Australian Residents only.

* Competition closes at 5pm EST on Tuesday 15th May 2012.

* Judges decision is final.

* Winners will be notified by email and must reply within 48hrs otherwise another winner will be selected.



    Written by:

    1. Katie

      Scottie our cat. I bought him because I was clucky and he became my substitute baby... but now even we have kids, he is a special part of our family :)

    2. My most treasured pet(s) were our little beagle sisters..Girlie and Toto. We got them when they were 5 weeks old and they lived until they were 15 yrs old..we only lost them a couple of years ago..I miss them like crazy xoxo They ate the bottom layer of my wedding cake and got into so much mischief but they were my little babies xo

    3. Patch a blue cattle bitza who we had for 13 yrs ...he arrived on Christmas day when my son was 3. Sadly, in doggie heaven now.

    4. Effie Bakkalis

      My most treasured pet was a gorgeous canary called Valli (short for Valentine, as I received him on Valentine's Day!). Valli had the most beautiful voice and never stopped singing. I was able to train him to sit on my hand and I let him fly freely throughout the house. Eventually I lost him when a neighbour came over and accidentally left the door open... and Valli flew out!

    5. Not entering this giveaway, but, well, I've never had a pet - EVER but I had to take care of my younger sister's hamster, who I think became more MY pet than hers in the end.

    6. Michelle Vamvas

      The most treasured pet I ever had wasn't technically mine, it was my brothers. Sadly, my brother passed away when he was just 12, and he had a pet cat Tom, whom I took over raising. I haven't really had any other pets once Tom died.

    7. Kelly Boulton

      My wonderful dog smudge - we rescured him as a puppy twelve years ago - my kids grew up around hin and love him to bits. Sadly two years ago he had a paralitic tic, he survived but really took the life out of him and he was never himself again - two months today we woke up and found him peacefully asleep in his basket. He was the best pet ever.

    8. My sister had the dog, my other sister had the cat. I had the ducks! Yup thats right middle of suburbia we had 2 khaki campbell ducks. Quackers and Daisy. Quackers was named after our Chinese Takeaway lady who always said 'Free Pawn Quackers with our order'. And Daisy was after Donald Duck's girlfriend. They would follow me around the garden like I was their mother. It definitely was different from having a dog or a cat!

    9. Amanda W

      When I was a little girl I always wanted a pet (any I wasn't fussy). But unfortunately we lived right next to the Bruce Highway (so you can imagine how busy that was and how unsuitable it would have been for a pet). Seeing as I could never actually own a real live pet I saw at the markets 'pet rocks' (haha the 80s were good for weird things like that weren't they)! The rocks were so adorably cute all painted up with eyes and mouths. I convinced my Mum that I really wanted one as my pet. I had that pet rocks for soooo many years (I've no idea what ever happened to it, although I've an inkling my Mother perhaps threw out 'Rocky'(that was its name) to stop the attachment I had to a motionless rock :P

    10. Tony L

      I love my pet goldfish. Its always there when i come home and is always happy to see me when I'am around (swims in circles)

    11. SImone N

      Was pet dog we had when I was a child , he was literally my best friend whilst parents fought etc I would tell him all my problems and he just say there I like to think he was more human than dog - child and animal bond are really strong things :) Recommend a pet to everyone that has the time for one

    12. Susannah

      A canary as a kid, was gorgeous until a magpie attacked it:(

    13. Judy S

      When I was growing up we had a pet Kangaroo named Hopscotch. We rescued him as a Joey & raised him up. He would hop around our paddocks (and the neighbours)to his hearts content. Every time I see a Kangaroo it still reminds me of 'Hoppy' :) The most unique pet I ever had!

    14. Kathy Mason

      My dog Xena, unable to have children, she is our fur baby and I would not swap her for the world. She makes our life complete.

    15. Marie Pohnetalova

      The family first ever cat, Ginger, and I looked after it - feeding it every day, playing with it, stroking it... the reward she used to sleep om my bed or sometimes even on my pillow - made me feel appreciated!

    16. kaz reiman

      My puppy Lillie gives lots of licks and cuddles. She is ten weeks old, and loves to run away with my slippers and socks! I love her very much, she is a little treasure.

    17. lynne lillington

      Our ginger pussy cat, Chewy. He is so lazy we have to take the ball to him to play, and wont move until he hears his food bowl rattle. We call him garfield like the cartoon cat as all he does is eat and sleep.

    18. My family had a hunting dog when I was a kid, but when he was a puppy he had this cute little splodge of black on his nose and I kept trying to call him "splodge". My stepdad was really cranky about it and said that he couldn't have a tough hunting dog called splodge because it wasn't a tough enough name but I called him splodge so often that the name stuck. All his friends used to make fun of him (my stepdad's friends, not the dogs!) but I really loved that dog!

    19. Vicky

      I had hamsters as a child which I loved, then I had 3 cats I adored as a young singleton, now I live with a wonderful family and we have a chug small in size but enormous in personality and affection. As I'm fighting breast cancer, he's like my therapy dog!!

    20. Jamie-Lee Lorraine Brown

      My manx cat named chester, he would always use the toilet,all I had to do was flash the button.

    21. We got Tigger our cat not long after we moved into our new home. He became a very special part of our family who always gave unconditional love. He had a sixth sense and knew when we were feeling down and would smooch and cuddle us to tell us how much he loved being part of our family. Sadly Tigger passed away just after Christmas and he now has a special place in the garden to enjoy the sunshine. He is very sadly missed.

    22. Our Welsh Moutain pony ~ Rosie; she is so kind and gentle with the children. Plays chasing's with me when in her paddock like a cheeky 2yr old. When the children ride her she is placid, kind and easy to please. (Bought her as a 'Bomb Proof Pony). When I am on her back she is a different girl. Stubborn, naughty and a big sook. (But mummy is the boss). Our other pet is Pippin the wonder dog. (named from LOTR), he finds trouble, but in the end saves the day. He has found EVERY deadly snake on our property, and told mum (me) where it is. He also keeps strangers at bay and is the kids best friend. He is a cross Jack Russell/Fox & Maltese Terrier, tough, but also soft and sweet. We love both our pets and would hate to loose them.

    23. Trudy F

      Growing up, we had a mini foxie named Bozo. He was 95% human, and basically my sister & I's younger brother, and my mums favourite child :). I was 5 when he came home, small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and 20 when he left us. I have had dogs since then, but never has an animal touched my heart as our little Bozo did and still does.

    24. Kat

      I always wanted a horse, mum and dad got us a cow. My Aggie was an amazing animal, you could ride her, I spent hours leading her around. When it came time for Agg to go into the freezer, my posters couldn't do it, instead, they swapped her for a freezer of meat. She went on to live with a farmer, she had 12 calves and would try to jump on his Ute. She never did forget my voice , years later whenI went to see her she still came when I called.

    25. Maz Richardson

      Benson my dog will attempt to do whatever I do. If I am washing the windows, there he is on the other side with paw travelling in circles. Couldn't believe it.

    26. Laura Jilka

      Meerkats are my animal, But it’s hard to pick from them all! Their companionship and family time, They’re happy – it’s a sign!

    27. Lucie C

      My German Shepherd Bobby if she didn't have 4 legs would believe she was a human. She was born in the city and when she turned 3 we rented a property with a dam on it. My eldest daughter was 2 at the time and while I was unpacking she wondered off. I ran outside and saw her at the dam with my Bobby standing between my daughter and the dam pushing her away from danger. That was many years ago and we've had other dogs since but none will ever measure up to my amazing Bobby who was loyal, intelligent and watched over my family until she passed away.

    28. Sharon Revell

      He's sort of a good luck charm, my treasured pet monkey. No, he isn't a real monkey but a cute little stuffed toy which was given to me by my son. You see, my son has special needs and this monkey is just like him...a cheeky little monkey.

    29. Kiana

      My horse Princess. I have always had horses but she is most special to me. There is nothing I like better than going riding on her to forget about all my troubles. She mightn't be as cuddly or cute as other pets, or live in my house but she can still cheer me up and make me feel like I am the most special person in her world.

    30. Linda Clark

      Our dog Coffee, when people visited we asked them if they wanted a cup of 43 beans or she would come running. After 17 years with her I feel lost without her even 3 months later. She was a huge part of the family

    31. We have a little Maltese Poodle called Tim Tam. She's white and furry and looks like a sheep. She sings to the harmonica and plays soccer. She's the most loved pet there ever was and my family adore her even though she's a bit spoiled!

    32. michelle

      my beautiful kitten Bella is my greatest joy. she has so much personality and is always getting up to mischief. only 16 weeks old - i cannot imagine my life without her. she makes me smile and laugh every single day.

    33. Christopher Clarke

      Luca, our devoted dog. Given that I have always preferred cats and their independence from us humans, for Luca to win me over with his gentle and loving mannerisms, soulful eyes and willingness to greet us in the same exultant fashion irrespective our mood is akin to converting a Protestant to Catholicism!

    34. Sara R

      My husband and I were lucky enough to be blessed to share our very own red dog Trigger when we first started working together on Western Australian stations, he became our little mate that joined us together, a faithful companion on every trip and a protective guard on the front door mat of the home we shared. We still laugh at his antics 20 years later and both cried when we saw red dog last year because it hit home. He sadly also got a bait like Red Dog but till this day is always in our hearts and we cant wait to see him again at the Rainbow Bridge where we know he is waiting like always for us to come to him

    35. Jennifer H

      LULU our beloved crazy DOTTY DALMATION with her TOOTHY DALLY GRIN - The postman was terrified of her but she was only SMILING!

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