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23rd Feb 2015 – Monday Motivation!

Monday, 23rd February 2015

23rd Feb 2015 – Monday Motivation!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the oomph to get anything done and I know I am not alone with this.

Whether it be housework, assignments, exercise and so on, it’s all hard when you’re feeling totally overwhelmed and beside yourself.

People often say to me “How do you do it Jac, How do you get things done???”

Well the truth is that I don’t always get things done, my ‘TO DO’ list is never-ending and at the end of the day I am only human.

The thing is, I have found a few things that have helped me keep motivated each day but the most beneficial help that I have found is to adopt a buddy.

If it’s housework that you’re drowning in, ask a friend to give you a hand in exchange for doing the same at their place. You’d be surprised how much more work can get done with that second pair of helpful hands.

Here at Chaos HQ, I often ask MonsterSquad Grandma around to do some of those time consuming jobs like pairing and folding socks and mending clothes. It might not seem like a lot but it really helps in the big scheme of things.


Are you studying? I am ‘trying’ to complete an online business course but let me tell you it’s pretty hard to stay focused when you’re doing it on your own. If I had a study buddy, I’d be less likely to be sidetracked, I’d actually allow myself the time to sit down and do the work, and I would have that other person to brainstorm with.

Forums can be a great place to start if you are isolated, you may even find others in your own area too.

As for exercise, I recommend having a couple of buddies to help keep you committed. I know myself that when it’s left up to myself to stay focused and get a workout done, I usually will find something far more important to do…. Tisk tisk, what could be more important than you’re own health and wellbeing??

Those of you that read Common Chaos Chronicle regularly will know that I have just started Commando Steve’s Get Commando Fit Program. It’s going to be tough and after reading up about it all, it’s going to take some serious effort and determination. The very first thing I did after signing up was create a Squad for others to join me.

Lucky, because as well as some CCC readers, another local lady signed up too, Β as did MonsterSquad Dad. So not only do I have the support of my online buddies, there are 3 of us locally to keep each other on track. We completed our first benchmark test last night in the heat and I can tell you, I was thankful to have them both there so I wouldn’t just quit. Man it was hot!

Workout 1

Most mornings I complete a 5km walk at 6am before the MonsterSquad get up for the day to test the limits of my patience… LOL. Β I am not a fan of walking alone at all, especially in the dark so I have my walking buddy too. She has stuck by me for the last 2 years and always pushes me to drag myself out of bed, even when I’ve had a shocking night with no sleep.

Today I was joined by another walking buddy too, so there are 3 of us to help each other out now.

I honestly could not do the things I do each day without the help of others, and that’s ok. None of us are superheroes, and we’re all here trying to achieve the same things each and everyday.

Have you got a buddy to help you out when you need it?


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