My Weight-loss Journey!

The Journey Begins – My Weightloss Challenge 2011

Tuesday, 28th June 2011

The Journey Begins – My Weightloss Challenge 2011

Last night I sat here on the computer refreshing my Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook page every now and then when a status popped up before my eyes that could have possibly changed my life forever. I read a little something like this:

“I am starting a new weighloss journey and tomorrow’s post I am putting a full photo of me up, no more hiding…..I am slightly ‘scared’?? :|” It was written by Katrina, The Organised Housewife.

It instantly struck a chord with me as she had in one simple sentence hit the nail on the head. I am petrified of what people will say if they see me. I am constantly filled with thoughts of other peoples thoughts, imagining what horrible things they must be thinking. It has gotten to a point where I even avoid doing the grocery shopping, because I don’t want people to see me.

It not only affects my physical health, but it has plagued my emotional and mental well-being my whole life.

It’s time and I am ready. This time I wont fail because I mean it. It’s not empty words just to keep the naggers quiet. I am frightened. There is history of diabetes, stroke and cancer in my family. I fear that if something doesn’t change, I wont be here for the massive family I so dearly love.

First day of weightloss journey, the before photo, standing on scales

So here is my plan….

I am going to walk at least 5 times a week.

I am going to use the Wii Fit I paid a fortune for and never use…

I am going to drink as much water as I can…. I really struggle with this one in winter.

I am going to cook with low fat ingredients where possible and watch my portion sizes.

I am going to buy a pedometer (hopefully tomorrow).

I am keeping a food diary to record exactly what I do consume each day….. eeeek!

and last but not least,

I am going to stay positive about this.


I am not silly enough to think that this could all happen overnight. I plan on taking baby steps, gradually changing habits and creating new healthier ones. I know that if I delete everything YUM out of my life I will binge….

Tuesday nights is our ‘MonsterSquad Movie Night’, in which we normally order pizza and watch a movie. Tonight I opted to make our own mini pizzas using Pita bread, fresh ingredients and low fat cheese.

OMG, they were delicious. The kids ate every last bit, and I know that it was such a better option.

Home made Pita PizzasTomorrow morning, like today, I am going to get out of bed with a positive outlook on the day, head off for a walk and know that slowly but surely I will see a difference.

I wont amaze you with numbers, I am far too embarrassed about that, but what I will do is check in each week and let you know how I have gone, if I have had a loss or a gain etc….

I will keep my goals simple to begin with.

On July 30th I am headed down to Melbourne to the Blogopolis Conference, where I will meet many of the bloggers I so very much admire. I am feeling very self conscious about the whole situation,and would really love to buy a new outfit to wear for the day.

So here it is. If I can lose 5kgs in the next 3 weeks, I will purchase something new to wear. πŸ™‚ (Wait till the hubby reads that!)

If I lose 10kgs before then (Wouldn’t that be awesome?) I shall buy a new handbag to go with the outfit!!! Nothing like an added incentive is there???

I am going to need all the support I can get. It’s going to be tough in this crazy busy lifestyle we live in, but here’s to hoping determination gets me through!

Id like to say a great big thanks to everyone that has already pledged their support!

handwritten image of my name with an owl





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    1. Jess

      Yee-ha Jac!! I'm with you EVERY step of the way and if there's any way I can help you let me know. Here's to happy shopping and sexy new outfits. But more importantly, here's to Health and living long and happy years with your loved ones!! xxx

    2. Trudy

      Jac, You have my support, and have given me some inspiration. I will not use my knee (dislocated 6 weeks ago) as an excuse. I will use the 2nd hand treadmill I brought with my birthday money (thanks Mum), and I will not have a sneaky trip to the supermarket when the kids are at preschool to buy yummy things with gluten in them (Kids are coeliacs so we are a gluten free household). I am crossing my fingers for your new outfit & handbag, and I have faith that you will get to your goal. Whenever you need some cyber support, I am a facebook status away. Best of luck! Trudy xxx

    3. karen

      go girl, doing the same thing as have diabetes and i know kara, so will keep u updated too, i also keep the food diary, yuck, but it helps to stay motivated for me, keep your chin up

    4. Well done Jac, I am so pleased and it great you are feeling so positive about this, but the thing is if for some reason it doesn't go right one or two days don't lose heart, just pick yourself up dust yourself down and start all over again. I just hope you succeed. for healths sake cos you are beautiful the way you are love you xxxxxxxxx

    5. You can do it, Jac. Keep your eye on the prize - that new dress in 3 weeks ! :-)

    6. Krystal

      Awesome Jac. Very honest words! I too found myself contemplating my future last week and took on a committment to go to the gym 5 days a week, so far so good, hoping to notice a change in my clothes soon as I hate jumping on the scales and if my clothes are fitting better I like this a lot LOL. I too am keeping a diary of my progress. All the very best wishes, I hope you stick with it and definately keep us all informed on how you are going!

    7. Rachael

      Great Blog Jac. You've done a fantastic job! Good luck with your weight loss challenge. Your goals seem very realistic and achieveable. You'll find that now you are ready to do it for yourself you will go a long way!! I'll be passing on your blog details to my friends and family. You have some great ideas for helping us Mums become more organised and hopefully have some time to ourselves every once in a while! If you can do it with 5 children, I have no excuses.

    8. Jess Morley

      you are going to do an amazing job! i changed silly habbits and are averaging a kilo a week in loss. Slow and steady! You can do this. I know you can you just need to stick to your guns. You have a beautiful family to live for and you can do this most off all for yourself! and who doesnt want to buy new stuff! My goal is another 5kg then i can buy a new outfit :) We need to catch up soon, yes yes we do! <3

    9. Way to go!! I know how hard it was for me to put it all out there and I admire your strength and courage :) Little did I know when I begun my journey on Sunday there were other bloggy mums just starting too! So glad to have found you and Katrina tonight, It is going to help my journey so much xo

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