My Weight-loss Journey!

The Ranty Edition Of My Weight-Loss Journey!

Tuesday, 4th October 2011

The Ranty Edition Of My Weight-Loss Journey!

My Weight Loss Journey Page Title

Welcome to My Weight-Loss Journey.

It’s week 14 and things have been average around here lately.

* Long string of illness through the whole family

* Lack of money to buy separate meals

* A heap of Take-Away junk when we were too sick to cook

* The school holidays

* No motivation and/or spare time for myself

* Social outings and so on….

Worst case scenario is that I completely undo all my hard work and effort that I have put in to losing the 12.8kgs I have already shed.

Best case? I don’t.

At this stage I am still very much committed to this journey of mine, as I creep slowly towards yet another little milestone on my list. I may not be losing massive numbers, I may have had a few shitty weeks, but I am still here plodding away. Like I said in the beginning, this is a life change for me.

We would all love to wake up slim in the morning, but it just doesn’t happen overnight. I have been open and honest with you all along this whole path and I plan on keeping it that way.

It’s not an easy thing to throw your goals and plans out there for the world to read. Especially when it’s the biggest sore point of your life.

But I have done so for 2 reasons.

1. I need your support. I need the motivation and I love that everyone shares their own stories and ideas.

2. I want ordinary people just like myself to see that it can be done.

What I would like to have a rant about this week though, is a negative comment I received 2nd hand during the last week or so.

Now I am one that is quite accustomed to negativity and being looked down upon. I have had it my whole life. I can brush off nasty comments like an old hand, but this time I want to make a point of how much damage one bad comment can do.

What I heard was someone whom I believed to be a friend has been sprouting around that I probably haven’t lost any weight at all because I look exactly the same as when I started.

On the inside, I am gutted. Gutted that someone whom I thought would be happy for me, would say those words.

To put it politely… (well not really politely) I have busted my balls to lose the 12.8kgs I have dropped so far.

I have overcome many obstacles, taken steps backwards, jumped forwards, noted my mistakes, highlighted my successes and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved.

The damage it could have done?

In the past, one simple comment like this would have made me ‘give up’. I would have quit trying and simply declared the world must have meant for me to be a fat person. Why? Because the comments hurt too much.

I speak from a lifetime of roller coaster diets in desperate attempts to be thin…


I may have only shed 12.8kgs, but it has given me a little confidence boost already. I am not hiding anymore.

This time, I know the comment is not a direct reflection of who I am or what I look like. I know my appearance is changing.

People whom have no idea that I am even ‘losing weight’ have noted the difference in how I am looking.

I know in myself that clothes are beginning to fit better. There are less bulges here and there.

So why would someone say something so hurtful and negative?

Perhaps they are jealous? Perhaps they are not doing so well themselves?

I don’t know why they said it, and I hope that if they are reading this they might have a rethink next time they sprout their mouth off at someone who is doing their best.

I have lots of weight to lose. In fact it’s safe to say I need to shed half my body weight plus a little more. 12.8kgs is only a tiny fraction of the whole number. Picture it….

Imagine if someone that weighed in at 60kgs lost 12.8kgs. There would be a massive difference in their appearance as it would be a much higher percentage of their total weight. Now imagine me. Much much bigger than 60kgs…. 12.8kgs is a much smaller percentage of my total weight.

So realistically I am not expecting to become a supermodel material overnight…LOL

Makes perfect sense to me.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a fleeting comment, some juvenile, not thought out statement can really destroy a person’s self esteem, motivation and enthusiasm to succeed. It can do much more damage than you think.

I am all for constructive criticism, but negativity is not welcome around me anymore. If you have nothing pleasant to say, then say nothing at all….


This week I lost 100grams.

That means I have not undone any of my hard work. YAY!!!

I think my weight-loss has actually plateaued so I am looking for some new inspiration to kick start it again.

Suggestions Please???

Love from Jac picture for the blog










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    1. Emily

      Keep up the good work Jac, you are doing an awesome job and there will always be "knockers' who shoot their mouth off without thinking. Pay no attention and focus on yourself. As for a suggestion - the next bootcamp starts on the 24th Oct and you should seriously think about having a go, it's all about doing your best and Nat and Doug are very supportive, not screaming in your ear to keep going. I've really enjoyed my first bootcamp, all be my body is feeling a bit old in some troubled joints I have!!

    2. Kelly McKinnon

      I think you are spot on with this comment - "Perhaps they are jealous? Perhaps they are not doing so well themselves?" A lot of people tend to lash out and put others down because of their own issues and insecurites. Good on you, ANY weight loss is great! You are doing an amazing job and I always look forward to your posts. As long as you are feeling better, who cares what other people think. I'm sure the people that love you and matter the most are very, very proud of you :)

    3. Rachael Johnstone

      No, don't be discouraged, you have after all lost 12.8kgs, that is a mammoth effort. I've just lost about the same and for the first 10kgs, no one really noticed and I was sorely disappointed at the lack of comments. Hehe. YOU know what you've lost and YOU know thats big (no pun intended) for you. THAT person is very low, wouldn't be worth the time wasted thinking about her. By the way, my weight loss plateued also and and after a lot of googling, changing it up was the key advice, throw in different exercise or tweaking the diet. I was doing a carb free thing for a bit so once a week for a couple of weeks, I had a day off and ate normally which included carbs and instead of walking, I used the Wii active with it's variety of exercises. More power to you girl! Thanks for inspiring me today. :)

    4. Kara

      Jac, you hit the nail on the head...the reason people make negative comments is a reflection of how they are feeling about themselevs, it actually has nothing to do with you, although it is very hurtful. And the best way to show them is to keep going and know that you are doing a fantastic job and each 100 grams is a loss and a step closer to your goal. I'm more than happy to leand you my Bodytrim DVD's if you're interested, I know it's not for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to have a look. Remember you are amazing and an inspiration to many, not to mention your precious children! Sending lots of love your way xxx

    5. Glenys E

      Well done on your weight loss so far, and good on you for keeping positive! We're all entitled to a rant now and then. I have been dieting recently too and found that my weight loss slowed for a couple of weeks. I tried kidk starting my metabolism by shifting my main meal to the middle of the day instead of at night. It seemed to make a difference. Might not be so convenient while the school hols are on but perhaps it could work when the kids are back at school?? Good luck with your journey. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    6. jess

      I haven't seen you but in pics u can see it in your face. Tell em to buzz off.

    7. Jacqui you have done really well, I am so proud of you, ignore anybody with negativity, they are not worth another thought, you are doing everything right, your are losing weight the correct way and healthy way. and 12,8 kgs is big achievment. Love you loads Joan xx

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