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Wanna win $5000? The Biggest Loser will be here in ARARAT and so should YOU be!

Wednesday, 17th July 2013

Wanna win $5000? The Biggest Loser will be here in ARARAT and so should YOU be!

On Sunday 21st July 2013, The Biggest Loser team including Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges and The Commando will be here in my home town of Ararat in country Victoria for a very special event, and you’re invited to attend with a chance of winning $5000!!!


You see, many of you have probably been wondering why Common Chaos Chronicle has been so quiet the last 3 or so months…?

Oh, I just ran away with these 2 hot fellas and had the time of my life…..

Commando Jac Shannan

HAHAHAHAHHA kidding!!!!

or am I??? LOL

Ok, seriously now, I have been flat out busyΒ  being involved in a part of The Biggest Loser’s Season 9 show, THE BIGGEST LOSER – CHALLENGE AUSTRALIA.

I know, it was a little sneaky of me not to mention what I was up to, but with the magic of television and all of that, I was somewhat sworn to secrecy up until now!

The Biggest Loser are taking Season 9 to a whole new level, they’re not just taking a handful of people back to Camp Biggest Loser to transform their lives, they’ve taken on the task of transforming an entire town.

Yep, you read that right!


They’ve come to Ararat, trained us hard and set us up with an amazing opportunity to earn the title of Australia’s Fittest Town, as opposed to the title that Ararat currently holds…… AUSTRALIA’S FATTEST TOWN!!!

And I think we might have smashed it in!!!!

The only way we’ll find out though is on Sunday when we attend the FINAL WEIGH IN at our town hall and discover just how much weight our community has dropped over the last 3months.

Pretty exciting huh?

The Biggest Loser Invite Ararat

The best part? You’re invited to be a part of it all, and if you get your name in by Friday and you’re here at the event on Sunday, you will go into the draw to win $5000!

So if you feel like a drive, come on down! The more the merrier!!!

Can’t make it…?

It’s OK, because I will be blogging my experience with The Biggest Loser each week once the show goes to air. The highs, the lows, the flat out exhaustion and the achievements, so stay tuned for that in the near future.

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Hope you can come and celebrate with me and my fellow TBL Pebble buddies on Sunday!

{For the sponsored post police….. This is NOT a sponsored or paid post. I support TBL and their involvement in my community. This has truly been a life altering experience for me and you couldn’t stop me blogging about it for the world!}

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    1. Catherine

      Wow Jac, that's so exciting!! Had been wondering about the exercise posts but never would of guessed Biggest Loser!! Well done, can't wait to see it on tv and for blog posts... Hurry up! Lol x

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Catherine, I was a part of a group that filmed a commercial with Shannan and Michelle, so I can't wait to see that when it comes on air advertising the show. (Excited but petrified of being on TV!!)

    3. Cadian

      Yay yay yay! !! Jac after following you for a long time now I know how much you want this! Go girl go! Xx

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Cadian. Your support really means a lot to me, and hey, you have been cheering me on for years now!!! :-)

    5. WOW Jacqui :) Awesome. Well kept secret I must say. Well done and can't wait to read more :)

    6. Sandy Burton

      I can't wait to read it mate. And I would love 2 tell my story to and how the town has given me some amazing friends out of this

    7. You are amazing Jac. You inspire so many people , you keep on going no matter what.

    8. Krystal Ferguson

      Awesome stuff Jac! Can't wait for the weekly blog, you are such a talented writer and have helped me keep going when I wanted to quit so many times over the last 12 weeks! Oh and also, I'm available for interviews *wink wink* LOL

    9. Wow Jac, that is so exciting for you. I can only just imagine the torturous exercise sessions you have probably had. I am really excited to read about your journey. I love the biggest loser it's really inspiring and to be able to watch you to will be great motivation to keep going in my own weightloss journey. xx

    10. That's fantastic, Jac! Well done on your efforts so far, can't wait to read about the final weigh in.

    11. So freaking proud of you Jacqui!! And so exciting to be a part of this! I'll be watching the new series all because YOU'RE in it!! xx

    12. Luke

      Hey there, I'm starting up a Reality TV podcast, and our first episode will preview what's to come in 2014. Are you able to shed some light on how this season will work? Is the entire thing shot in Ararat, is there a 'top 12'? / or... is it a side segment to the actual show with another game happening at the Biggest Loser House? Any light you could shed would be greatly appreciated. I'm not asking for, nor want to know any spoilers, I'm just trying to get my head around how 'Challenge Australia' will work as an overall show. Please reply to: Thanks!

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