My Weight-loss Journey!

Week 5 Weigh-In Results! – My weightloss Journey!

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

Week 5 Weigh-In Results! – My weightloss Journey!

My Weight Loss Journey Page Title

This week saw me galavanting around Melbourne with some of blogging’s finest.

The Shrinking Housewife Team even managed their first ever catch up meeting!!!

The shrinking Housewife team
Jodie, Kat & Jac

OK, Kat had a much better pic, but this is what happens when I leave hubby in charge of the camera!!! LOL

Meals out on the town, snacks here and there, not to mention the lovely welcoming gift our hotel left us….. A box of choc covered Macadamia nuts!!! Hmmmmmmm YUM!

Yep, I was certain the world was against me.

So you can imagine my great big surprise this morning when I got on the scales to see that I had actually lost some more weight.

AMAZING, I know!!!

So my Week 5 result was a loss of another 600gms, bringing my total weight-loss to 7.7kgs.

I am crediting this weeks success solely to the steps at Federation Square in Melbourne. That and the fact that I was powering up and down them with a bag that weighed a tonne. (or very close to it)

I feel nothing but lucky to have scraped by this week with a loss. I’ve promised myself I will work extra hard this week to make up for those choc nuts. Damn they were yum though…. hehehe

You can follow my weightloss journey by checking out The Shrinking Housewife Facebook Page aswell!

I hope those of you that are also on a weightloss journey are doing well. Please feel free to leave some comments on my blog to let me know how you are going. We can all inspire each other!

Love from Jac picture for the blog



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    1. That's absolutely wonderful Jac! Congratulations! You look stunning in the pic, love the leopard cardi you sex-kitten! So happy you had a ball at Blogopolis, you deserve all the fabulous things that come your way, and more! β™₯ Jess xx

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thank you beautiful Jess! Thanks for your weekly support and care. You always stop by to keep my spirits high. :-) Hahahaha Sex-Kitten huh??? Wonder if hubby thinks so??? Might get some new members for the monstersquad, you reckon??? Hahaha <3 jac

    3. Well done Jac, so pleased for you, and you really look nice of the pic, I can see the weight loss too, especially your face, so keep up the good work Love you Joan xx

    4. Well done! That's really great you still lost weight despite all the treats. I stayed exactly the same... Oh well, it's better that going up! I wish I'd paid more attention to who was going to Blogopolis - I would've come to find you. I've been following The Shrinking Housewife and think it's a wonderful way of garnering support.

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks for your support. I found it really really hard to network and meet people at Blogopolis. I dont recognise alot of people by their picture, so I was relying on name tags to work out who was who. Only problem was the word Nuffnang was written bigger than the bloggers names.... I couldnt read half of them!!! Keep intouch via Common Chaos Chronicle and I hope to meet you at another function in the future. Well done on not putting any weight on!!! :-)

    6. Well done Jac!!! Congratulations! I was really great to meet you (and your hubby). You've done so well with your weightloss. you are an inspiration!

    7. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks for your kind words Jodie. It was a pleasure to finally meet you too. I hope we can catch up again sometime when Im down that way next. Luv Jac oxoxox

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