My Weight-loss Journey!

Week 9 Of My Weight-Loss Journey!

Tuesday, 30th August 2011

Week 9 Of My Weight-Loss Journey!

My Weigt-Loss Journey Banner with rainbow and owl picsThis week’s weigh-in brings me to Week 9 of this journey.

I don’t have anything amazing to report this week other than my walk on the treadmill the other night.

I nearly doubled my usual slow speed and actually worked up a decent sweat! Ewwww GROSS!!!

But nonetheless, it must have been worth it because I stepped on my Wii Fit Board this morning, and I had lost another 600grams. Yey!!!

I was also a little taken aback when I realised I wasn’t a plump brunette Wii Mii character anymore….. I was a waif-like blonde!!! Hahahaha the kids have somehow managed to delete my character but with a stroke of luck, they didn’t delete my data.



* More exercise.

* Smaller portions.

Catch you all again next Tuesday for another weigh-in!


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    1. Well done Jac, keep it up, so proud of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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