My Weight-loss Journey!

Weeks 11, 12 & 13 Of My Weightloss Journey!

Tuesday, 27th September 2011

Weeks 11, 12 & 13 Of My Weightloss Journey!

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Week 11.

During week 11, my daughter Zafirah came home from school feeling ‘unwell’…. This lead to the wide spread germyness of my entire brood…. Yup, 5 sick kids at once.

I was so busy juggling the sick monsters that I hardly left the house. The cupboards were bare and most nights take-away was the only option.

pizza delivery guy
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We ate Maccas, KFC, Fish n Chips, Pizza and Noodle Canteen. Not my proudest moment but it was quick and easy and didn’t involve a trip to the supermarket.

On top of the disgusting diet, aside from the running around after the kids, I did no exercise whatsoever.

You can only begin to imagine my hesitation at getting on the WiiFit that Tuesday…. I was petrified of the damage I had done to all my hard work and effort.

So to my surprise, I had only put on 100grms. I saw that as my one lucky pass, and vowed and declared that I would behave myself again from here on in…..

Week 12.

A day into week 12 and not only did I have 5 crook kids to contend with, I hit the wall with a major thud and felt sicker than I have in the last 3 years. I was hot & cold, dizzy, snotty, wheezy and nauseous to the maximum extreme. I was a wreck.

Veruca sick in hospital
Veruca even made a visit to the hospital emergency one night...

So hubby did the best he could, dragged me to the doctor and took some time off work to nurse me and the kids back to health.

Lets just say he was a little run off his feet. As meal time approached each evening, we’d um and ahh over what to cook, how long it would take and so on…. yep, you guessed it… back to old take away habits.

Exhausted Brian
Exhausted Brian after looking after us!

Not only did I feel like death warmed up, but my stomach was churning everyday from the junk I was eating. My digestive system did not love me at all!!!!

So I stood on that Wii Fit board on Tuesday morning, knowing in my heart that I deserved to put on weight. I had after all been rather naughty on the healthy eating front…

Amazingly, I had lost 600grams.

I’m putting it down to the amount of fluids I was drinking due to being so sick.

I can also say that I reached a personal milestone that week as well.

So I happy danced about and Brian got sick. Now the dreaded flu-ey thing had got us all!!!

Week 13.

This past week I have really tried to make an effort to increase the exercise in my day.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I walked 4 laps of our local lake with a friend. Aside from rediscovering muscles that had laid dormant for the past few weeks, I felt great. I even got on the treadmill on Tuesday night as well.

Thursday and Friday saw me cleaning the house like a woman possessed. The vacuum got a decent workout, the washing got folded and put away and 3 tonne of toys got picked up off the floor. Yes indeedy I worked up a sweat!

Sunday hubby and I took the Monster Squad & Mishka for a walk to a park nearby. It wasn’t a huge walk, but it was a walk. Better than nothing in my book.

Playground fun!
Playground fun!
My eating has improved this past week as well. It’s not been 100% fantastic but it has been much better than the previous 2 weeks.


As I step on the WiiFit this morning, I’m nervous and worried I haven’t done enough to counteract my bad, bad weeks.

I close my eyes as the numbers roll and when I peak it tells me I have put on another 100grams.

I guess in terms of having 2 very bad weeks and illness and the rest, I haven’t done too bad.

But honestly, it does break my heart when I see numbers go up instead of down.Β  I know 100grams is nothing. I know it can depend on if you have piddled or not, but it it really is disheartening.

That brings my 13 week weight-loss total to: 12.7kgs.

I am determined not to let this get to me. I am going to go back to basics, exercise each day this week and drink the water. I too easily forget it.

I am going to spend a week eating frozen pre-prepared ‘lite’ meals to see if I can kick start the weight-loss from this plateau it has been stuck in.

I can only try πŸ™‚

So are you on your own weight-loss journey?

Have you succeeded in the past?

Do you have any tips?

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    1. Erin

      You should be so proud of yourself! 12.7kg in 13 weeks is a HUGE achievement! I seem to start eating healthy, last about 1 week and something throws me over the edge and I reach for the bucket of ice-cream. I have 40kg to lose... and am starting again today.... your 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off' attitude is very inspiring!

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Erin, We'll be in this together then! Keep me updated!

    3. You're doing great. 1kg a week is a really healthy and sustainable weight loss. No need to be disappointed at all ;)

    4. Jac you have done so well, that is actually more than you should have lost. Weight watchers reccomend 1 to 2 ibs per week so in 13 weeks you could have lost 26lb safely but you have lost 28lb so you are above your target. which is a momoth task which you have managed even with all your sick kids and also with you being so unwell. you deserve a big pat on the back and a great big hug from me. you are an inspiration and I am so proud of you. (and remember the way your are losing it, it will stay off too) Big love Joan xx

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