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Aria Turns 7 – The Pony Party!!!

Thursday, 19th May 2011

Aria Turns 7 – The Pony Party!!!

On the 14th of may we celebrated Aria’s 7th Birthday with a Pony Party!

Here’s how our afternoon went:

Setting the Birthday Table!

I printed out a place-mat type image on my home printer and laminated each one to decorate the table. I added serviettes, a fork, a spoon and a cup. I placed the small plates in the centre of each place-mat.


Our Backdrop.

I hung a $2 plastic table cloth as a backdrop behind the party table and created a balloon border using string and thumb tacks.


Aria waits for her guests!

We excitedly awaited the arrival of a dear friend’s ponies……


Our Craft Table!
I set up our plastic outdoor table in another room and covered it in a disposable table cloth. I had cut out several horse shoe shapes in thick cardboard and supplied glitter paints, glue, sparkles, glitter and diamonte’s.

This little craft project worked so well. The children loved creating something they could take home and put on their bedroom doors and it was a perfect indoor activity due to the wet weather that we had in spurts throughout the day!


Aria on her beloved Maggie!!!!

At last the ponies arrived (Nothing like a flat tyre on the float πŸ™‚ ). Aria was first to jump on and give the girls a demonstration on how to ride a ‘My Little Pony”


Pass The Parcel.

After the girls each had a ride and a photo taken with Maggie and Blackjack, we retreated back inside as the weather was being unkind! Our first game was the party favourite…. Pass the Parcel.

I had purchased cheap packs of ponies from ‘The Reject Shop’ (most bargain/discount type stores have them) and put a little pony and lollie in alternate layers of the parcel. The girls were super excited to find the little gifts inside each layer.


Bobs & Statues!
While we waited on lunch to cook we filled in some time with a few rounds of ‘BOBS & STATUES’.Β  The girls danced around to the music we had blaring out of the stereo until we pressed ‘pause’ and yelled out either Bobs or Statues. They must do the action called and the last one to do it was out!

It was a mighty close call, they were all so good and well practiced at this favourite! You can see on their faces that they were having the time of their life!


Horse, Horse, PONY!

The weather eased long enough for us to venture out into the backyard (house just wasnt big enough for us to play this one indoors) and the girls decided that the best place for the next game would be on our massive Trampoline!

So we played our own version of Duck, Duck, Goose…… HORSE, HORSE, PONY!

They sit in a circle while one child walks around tapping each child on the head saying “Horse”. If they tap a child and say “Pony’ that child must get up and chase the tapper around the circle and beat them to their spot. If they dont beat them they turn into the tapper. If they do beat them, the original tapper is out. πŸ™‚


Lunch Time!

We served up party pies, sausage roll, cocktail franks, fairy bread, choc crackles, honey joys…. All the usual party type food!


Present Time!!!!
With full tummies, the suspense was killing the girls, especially Aria, so we let her open her pressies so everyone could see.

Lets just say she was very very spoilt. Thanking all the girls for their wonderful gifts!


The Cake!

Before we knew it, it was time to sing Happy Birthday! So we headed back to the table…..


Aria see's her Cake for the 1st Time!

We all sing Happy Birthday and they enjoy a slice of raspberry swirl cake! YUM!


Pinata Time!

Lets just say the poor little unicorn pinata did not stand the test of time up against a baseball bat. A lesson learnt for our next party…… Use a light stick!!! LOL

All the same the girls were loving the lollies and toys that were stuffed inside of it!


Colouring In Pages.

To wind the girls down nearing the end of the party we held a pony colouring competition! This kept the girls busy and quite until their parents arrived to collect them. Everyone recieved a lolly for participating and got to take their party bag, placemat and personalised pony photo home with them!


Party Box/Bag Goodies!

I found these awesome party bags on a clearance table of a party supply shop! I added some bubbles, a balloon, lollypops, horse stickers, horse notebook, mini pencils and a whistle blower.


And that is how we had a successful PONY PARTY!


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    1. Brooke

      Hey jac this looks like a massive success another great job by you. One question, how do you keep them from just taking off into the bedroom to play when the first couple of guests arrive? Do you hook them with a game straight away? I am taking the cheats way out this year for zac as were indoor playground bound but it will be helpful advice as my little 'pony princess' gets older.

    2. Michelle

      you are clearly amazing. the work never ends having a party at home. i would love to do this for charlotte for her 7th party, she absolutely loves her ponies still. how much was it for the pony to come to your house?

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Hi Brooke! Thanks, I hope i've inspired you for the future pony parties you are bound to encounter... LOL, I worded our kids up before anyone arrived that the bedrooms were out of bounds. I asked them to greet each guest as they arrived, they took them to the present table, put their gifts on it then asked their guest to wait with them out the front until the next guest arrived. And so on..... We were lucky in the sense that the ponies arrived as the guests arrived so they were kind of distracted anyway. You can always distract them with nibbly foods aswell. :-) I think the key is to keep them busy, always having something to engage them and entertain them. Stay tuned for the round-up of Jai and Zafirah's parties in the coming days!!!!

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Michelle. I'm really flattered. It is hard work at home but theres always pros and cons to anywhere you put on a party. We hired a hall for my youngest son's 1st birthday and ended up making so many trips back home for things that we'd forgotten that it was almost a waste of time. With my twins both wanting seperate parties this year, it seemed sensible to have them at home as we would of had to hire the hall twice. I love that everything is at home if you need it, and because we were printing out personalised photos of the girls i didnt want to lug my massive printer anywhere. The downside is having to have the house spotless whilst trying to juggle the party preparations aswell!! We have hired a hall for Zafirah's party this saturday as she has more guests coming and it's probably really her first official party all to herself!!! I will keep you all updated on how it goes! As for the ponies, we were lucky enough to have a dear friend that owns them so she was more than happy to dress them up for Aria's special day. So technically it cost me 2 apples and 2 carrots. I've never looked into hiring ponies, but I know when I researched animal petting farms and reptile shows they were all around $350. Have a google and see if there is anyone who hires them out in your area. Thanks again xox

    5. Michelle

      thanks for the info on the pony, i will have to do a little research. I also just showed Charlotte your pics of the pony party, & in her words "i'm freaking out now". I'm sure that means she like it xx

    6. Jess

      Bravo, Jac!! What an awesome party. Everyone looked like they had a great time, especially Aria (I love the name by the way!). Love, love, love the pony cake!! You can outdo Martha Stewart anyday! xxx

    7. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Jess! and Michelle, I had a great giggle at "i'm freaking out now"...... :-)

    8. Trudy

      I have just read all about the pony party, love the idea, might borrow a few ideas for Miss 4's birthday. By the way, what is Bobs & Statues?

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