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How to make a DORA Cake…..

Tuesday, 5th April 2011

How to make a DORA Cake…..

Veruca wearing her Dora crown at Kinder.

As my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday approached last year I asked her what kind of cake

A special kinder moment for Veruca!

she would like to have to take to celebrate her birthday at Kindergarten.


“Dora, mum, I want Dora the Explorer”


As the words came excitedly from her mouth I winced in pain as thought to myself… “How on Earth….”

As if the show itself wasnt painful enough I had to attempt to recreate the annoying beast….. Why??? oh Why??? I screamed!!!


But as parents do countless times a day, I sacrificed my hatred for Dora and her shrill voice and started planning a birthday cakeΒ  to please the socks off one very excited little child. πŸ™‚


After a quick Google of other people’s creations I quickly determined that I would not have the time or the patience to create an actual Dora shape so a number 4 was the next best thing.



I got to work with the sketch paper and came up with a design inspired by some figurines I had purchased at the local toy shop.


Ok here’s what I used:

Cut out your number 4 pieces and place on the cake board.


* A packet mud cake mix and required ingredients x 2.

* TV Snax Choc coated biscuits.

* Cottee’s Blue Jelly.

* Icing Mixture, Green & Blue food colouring.

* Choc coated sultanas.

* Plastic Dora Figurines.


Step 1.

Bake your mud cake according to packet directions in a large rectangle baking pan. Once cooled, cut the cake into 3 even sized strips.

Following my photo diagram cut the strips to create a number 4 shape and place on a cake board.


Step 2.

Ice the cake with two greens!
Ice the cake with two greens!

Using your icing mixture make a large batch of light green butter-cream icing (I just googled a recipe). Cover the entire cake with the light green mixture, including the sides of the cake.


With the remaining light green icing mixture, add some more green food colouring to darken the icing colour.


Place a few random blobs where you would like the darker colour to be and use a fork to swirl it amongst the lighter colour to make a ‘grassy’ effect.

Looking YUM!


Step 3.

Trim the TV Snax Choc Biscuits so the are approximately the same height as the side of the cake.

Push them against the icing around the whole cake to hide any messy edge bits.



Step 4.

Add some blue icing across the number 4 to resemble a river.

More decorations added to the cake.

Use the choc covered sultanas as a rock edge to the river.

Position the Dora figurines where you want them on the cake. I added some extra trees from Jai’s army kit (well washed of course) and piped a light orange line around the top of the cake.

Place the cake in the fridge overnight whilst your blue jelly sets.


Step 5.

Once your jelly is set you can spoon small amounts onto the blue river section of the cake. This gives it a real watery look and the kids go crazy for it.




Step 6.

Add your candles or sparklers to finish off the cake and get ready to sing, sing, sing….. Happy Birthday…. πŸ™‚

The finshed product!





So there you have it. The easiest Dora cake in history!


The children at kinder thought it was fantastic, the parents wanted to know where I had ordered it from and little miss Veruca was the happiest I had seen her in ages!


Certainly well worth the time and effort to see the look on her face, and I must admit, the cake was absolutely delicious aswell! πŸ™‚


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    1. This Dora cake is fantastic Jac - I love the stream! LOL You are so very clever :)

    2. sam groom

      he jacs, i was just checking out your website and noticed what an awesome job you have done with your birthday cakes! they look fantastic, my wife loves doing the same thing so i know how time consuming it can all be. keep up the good work with your chronicle too.

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Sam! I love the decorating, not such a fan of baking though, lol, I usually con my hubby or my mum into doing that for me. They're onto my sneakyness though and have been making me do it!!! Glad you like my blog, feel free to share it with other parents you know. Thanks again, Jac xoxo

    4. tash

      Wow this is amazing. My daughter is turning two this year and I wonder if I can do something similar. Thank you for this amazing idea.

    5. Found you whilst trying to track down a good Dora cake! Very impressed! I have 2 to make this week Dora and camoflague - wish me luck!

    6. shabna

      hi, i was just searching for dora cake recipe, and you just gave me an idea, Thank you soo much i will just try it out. my daughters 4th birthday is coming up and she has told for a dora cake. i wanted to make rather than ordering. any ways i will try my level best . i will let you know once i make it......

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