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How To Make A Monster High Birthday Cake – Veruca Turns 6!!!

Tuesday, 20th November 2012

How To Make A Monster High Birthday Cake – Veruca Turns 6!!!

This year all the rage for girls seems to be centered around the Monster High Dolls. Well it certainly is in our house anyway.

Last night, with the help of MonsterSquad Grandma, I whipped up a Monster High cake for Veruca to take to school to celebrate her 6th birthday today!

Veruca turns 6

Now, a few of you on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook page are wanting to know my secrets and I really don’t have any. In this post I will show you step by step how I put together this easy cake.

What you’ll need:

* Small heart tin

* Baking Paper

* Margarine

* Vanilla Cake Mixes and whatever you need to mix them – usually eggs, oil, milk or water.

* Pink Food Colouring

* Betty Crockers Milk Choc Frosting (Pre-made)

* Soft Icing Mixture

* Silver Balls

* Musk Sticks

* Monster High Doll with Stand

* Candle

* Cake Board or wood you can cover in foil wrap

* Thick black ribbon & a pin


Using some baking paper, rub the inside of the heart tin with margarine or butter. Then line the tin with baking paper so that the cake mix doesn’t stick when cooking.


Follow the instructions on the cake mix packet and make up 2 mixes. If you want extra, or if your tin is larger, make up a third cake mix packet too.

Add some pink food colouring to the uncooked cake mix until you reach the desired colour.

You could use any colour really, depending on what colour Monster high doll you have for the cake.


Bake. Now you can either bake small portions at a time so you end up with small layers or, make a full sized cake and slice it in half.

Slicing can be difficult, but saves so much time in the baking process.

Monster High Cake 1Slice the top off your full cake so it is flat, then slice into 2 layers.

Repeat until you have the desired amount of layers needed.

TIP: Make sure you wait until the cake has cooled before you start slicing it.


Using the Betty Crockers Milk Choc Frosting, start layering your cake pieces together.

I used a spoon and a knife to spread the frosting on each layer. I stopped about 3mm from the edge so it didn’t all smoosh out the sides as I placed the next layer on.

Your choc frosting layer needs to cover all over but doesn’t need to be too thick as it is quite rich.

Some people like to use cream, butter cream or icing in between the layers. Due to time constraints, I chose to use the pre-made frosting and it was DELICIOUS!

Monster High Cake 2For this cake I used 4 layers, (each layer being approx 2cm high) which was about the right height to match the musk stick lollies and the doll.


Place the Monster High Doll Stand (They come with the dolls) in place before you start icing!

Mix up a simple icing as per direction on the ‘Soft Icing Mixture’ packet. Add the food colouring to the desired colour.

Your icing needs to be fairly thick as it will run down the side of the cake if it’s too runny.

Ice the top of the cake first, then start on the sides. Ice one section at a time and add the musk sticks as you go. You need to do this before the icing sets otherwise they wont stick.

Repeat this until you get around the whole cake. The only musk sticks I had to cut down were the ones around the stand. Put the cut end at the bottom so the top of the cake looks neat and even.

Smooth out the top icing if need be and then add a random line of silver balls to the top of the cake. If your icing has set and the balls aren’t sticking, dip a flat butter knife into some boiled water and gently rub it where you want the balls to go. This will slightly melt the icing enough for the silver balls to stick.

Monster High Cake 3STEP 6

When your icing is set, gently add your Monster High Doll to the stand and position her legs to look like she’s leaning on the cake.

Gently push your candle into the top of the cake, us a tooth pick on an angle to hold it up if the icing is really soft.


Place your ribbon around the cake. Push a pin through the ribbon into the cake where the dip in the top of the heart is.

This should hold the ribbon in place while you pull it around the cake and tie it.

Gently pull it as firm as you can without squishing the cake and tie a knot.

Once the ribbon is in place you can fuss over the bow and trim it to the right length. I suggest buying at least 1mtr so you have enough.

Monster High Cake 4STEP 8

Place in fridge if it will fit (we had to take out a shelf for the night) and prepare yourself for an excited birthday girl the next morning!

You can also see how I have propped the number 6 candle up with a tooth pick as it kept falling over.

And that’s how you make a quick, simple, budget friendly Monster High Cake.

Veruca turns 6 PresentsVeruca celebrated early this morning by opening her pressies with the other monsters!

I dare say she was happy with her pressies!

Monster High Cake at schoolWe took the cake into school this morning and celebrated Veruca’s birthday with all her school friends in PrepWorld!

Success! And you can also see the layers inside the cake too!

Feeling creative? You could use any doll like this to create a personalised cake. Barbie, Bratz, Winx etc….

Dearest Veruca,

It has been 6 quick years since we were blessed with your cheeky grin and not a day goes by where you don’t have us grinning right back at you.

You’re our little warped bean, always quirky and fun, and that’s just the way we love you.

You’ll always, forever and a day be our baby girl, no matter how old you are.

Big love and smooshy kisses Lil’ Miss.

Love Mum & Dad xoxxox



    Written by:

    1. Laila

      Strange, but I dreamt about you today... was very strange!

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Hahahaha was i decorating cakes??? :-P

    3. Glenne

      An awesome cake, that as you say you could use in many different ways, looks delicious! A lovely birthday message for your baby girl too; it's nice for us all to focus occasionally on what a real blessing our kids are - so easy to get overwhelmed by the day to day dramas - what a good mum you are to make sure you found time for these lovely treats and the special message - I'm sure she's had a lovely birthday :)

    4. Krystal

      How gorgeous! What a very special cake :) Love it! I hope Veruca enjoyed her day. All your girls look so pretty in these photos, I think Brian better get a big stick soon LOL (to beat the boys off hahaha)

    5. That is so Awesome! My daughters birthday is on the 20th of Dec, she said she wants one the same as this. I wish you lived closer lol

    6. How gorgeous and clever is that cake ! Happy Birthday Veruca. We missed the whole cake thing due to their birthday being in the start of school holidays and they were absent the last 2 wks because of my surgery.

    7. Happy birthday Veruca! The cake looks amazing Jac!! Love that it looks like she's sitting on the side of it. Just perfect for a little girl. Thanks for sharing the steps...I might have to create one myself!

    8. uma

      how many dolls do you have?

    9. RANIA


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