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Zafirah turns 6! – The Princess Party!

Monday, 23rd May 2011

Zafirah turns 6! – The Princess Party!

On Saturday the 21st May we celebrated Zafirah’s 6th Birthday with a Princess Party.

Now for those of you that know Miss Zaf personally, you will well know that there was no options involved in planning such event, I was just to do as I was told!!! LOL

So I hired our local Girl Guide Hall, and got to work planning a gala event.

Setting up the hall!
I used disposable plastic tablecloths to hide the guide’s pin boards and white board. Added some balloons for decoration and a Princess banner I picked up from the party section of Safeway.

Table set for a Princess or 22.....
I found ‘Disney Princess’ themed party packs on the chuck-out table at Spotlight so setting up this whole table for 22 children cost me around $20. BARGAIN!!!

Cupcake Stand with Princess Crown Cupcakes!
I found the template to make these gorgeous cupcake wrappers on a site called Food Art Party! Here’s the link:

<a href=””>

The colouring in table!

I set up a table with princess colouring in pictures to keep the girls amused in between the games and the food!

The Play-doh Table.

The Play-doh table proved popular with the little ladies!

The MonsterSquad Princesses......

Aria, Zafirah and Veruca ready to PAR-TAY!

Pin the Jewel on the Crown!

I whipped up my own version of the classic ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’. I gave each girl a silver heart and when blindfolded they had to try and get it in the centre of the crown! Zafirah was a little off target! Hahaha!

Pass the Parcel.
We played the traditional ‘Pass the Parcel’. Each layer had alternating mini tiaras or lolly bracelets in them!

Let the feast begin!

Now when I say feast, what I really mean is finger foods, sandwiches etc…. Nothing fancy and nothing extreme as it was between 2-4pm.

Zaf and her BFF!


What they're really like!!!
The Castle Cake!

Before I knew it, it was time to bring out the cake!

All the girls gather round!
Happy Birthday to you…… Get ready to blow out your candles!

Zaf blows out her 6 candles!

After I served up the birthday cake, we played a few rounds of ‘Bobs & Statues’ and had our very own Princess Parade!

Quick Snap Of Aria And I!

It was a rough day on the kids as our precious cat ‘Boots’ was run over and killed. Particularly difficult for our wanna be Vet, Aria, who wasn’t coping too well with the news! Nothing a big mummy cuddle cant fix!!!

Zaf being zaf..... and ME!

Well, here it is ladies, me in a dress. A spiffy taffeta one at that. Wont see that very often!!! Hahahaha. Trust Zafirah to pull a silly face too!

Handmade Loot Bags!

Thanks to my creative genius friend Manda C, whom came up with this awesome idea, we made little pouches to pop some goodies in for the girls to take home with them.

Inside the loot bags!

So aside from the wand on the front, I included some bubbles, a ring, necklace, hair-clip, bracelet, tiara and a lolly-pop!

I also gave the girls a balloon each on their departure!

Balloons to take home!

So there you go. A party fit for a princess……. LOL








    Written by:

    1. Michelle

      Awesome once again. Please tell me you didn't make this cake? I will just have to give up on my bad cake making skills.

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Hi Michelle, Thanks for checking it out! Yeh I made the cake. It turned out pretty cool! Just a shame that our dogs ended up with most of it as there was sooooo much cake in it! LOL I bet your cakes are just ace! :-) xo

    3. Your are a genius Jacqui, your ideas are absolutley great, the monsters are so lucky to have you for a mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Aunty Joan, I think more so a sucker for stress than a genius but i'm glad the party was a success in the end! I justify these crazy antics with the theory that they are only young once...... Before I know it they will be shoo-ing me away from their parties as it will be totally uncool to have your mum hanging around!!! LOL

    5. Jess

      There's no disputing it: YOU ARE THE PARTY QUEEN!!!!!! Another fabulous celebration accomplished in gorgeous Jac style!! Excellent, have discovered several wonderful tips to use next year for my twins. We're definitely a household of princesses (and divas!). My poor hubby...... xxxxx

    6. Mackenzi

      Hope you had a good time tell the kids i love them OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

    7. ann

      wow!! awesome mum you are!!

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