Photo Posts - Wordless Wednesday!

First Days – Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday, 29th February 2012

First Days – Wordless Wednesday!

Today I am linking up with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys for another Wordless Wednesday Photo Post.

My Little Drummer Boys

I am sharing our first days photos for this year with you.

First day of Term 1 at school.

Veruca’s first ever day of school.

Levi’s first day at 3yr old Kindergarten.

Jai, Aria, Zafirah, Veruca & Levi on the first day of Term 1 2012.


Veruca on her first day of School 2012.


Waiting at the school for the bell to ring!


Levi's first day of 3 year old Kinder.


Levi having a blast on his first day.

Do you make a habit of recording your children’s first days?

We try to as much as possible. I find it’s great to look back and to see just how much they have all grown and come along every 12 months.


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    1. Great photos, Jac! We always make sure we take lots of photos on the kids' first days :)

    2. Great pics, what a gorgeous family you have :) (popping over from wordless wednesday)

    3. What a hansom family you have!! I love first day of school photos....with big uniforms, backpacks and new stuff!

    4. Fantastic shots! First days are so much fun. :)

    5. What great photos and fabulous memory captured.

    6. Great photos! They all look so cute in their uniforms! :)

    7. Oh first days are magical - great photos! We used to take lots of "First" for our first son...our last son (we have five boys) doesnt have as many photos but we still Try!

    8. great photos. we will be starting 1st school photos next year :)

    9. oh Jac , your cherubs are adorable ...nothing like little monsters at all.

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