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Antenatal Visit – 21 Weeks – Not The News I Wanted To Hear!

Friday, 2nd March 2012

Antenatal Visit – 21 Weeks – Not The News I Wanted To Hear!

So on Tuesday morning, we not only had our ultrasound scan, but we also had our monthly antenatal check up visit.

I was sitting in the waiting room stuck in deep thought about how we had just been told we were having a boy, when over an hour later my name was finally called to see a doctor.

Of course they call me 2 seconds after MonsterSquad Dad decides to duck off to the toilet.

Bloody typical.

So off I go into the room on my lonesome. The lady doctor seemed nice but I must admit I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get the same doctor as last time.

She had her student do all the usual checks like blood pressure etc but it was the next conversation that sent shivers down my spine…

Now I like an abrupt doctor. I like it when they tell you the straight up truth and dont sugar coat it.

I just wasn’t expecting anything other than fantastic news since we had just seen this healthy baby boy on the screen and hour earlier.

The doctor was assessing last weeks scan results. (The first part of the scan,not the one we just had).

She turned to me and so matter of factly explained,

Your placenta is very very low.

This is life threatening to both you and your baby.

If you bleed now, your baby will die.

I cannot save your baby.

OH MY FREAKING GOD (Apologies to those who are religious).

She scared the absolute bejeezus out of me.

{Google Image} Apparently my baby's placenta is lying similar to the centre picture.

All I could manage to say after that was “Do you expect that I am going to bleed???”

She then went on to explain in much more detail that the placenta was more likely to separate from the uterus because of its low lying position.

If I were to bleed, there would be very little that anyone could do to help and a baby born at 21 weeks would most likely not survive.

So I said, “what do I have to do?”

No sex for at least 5 weeks. That would be right, just at the stage where I feel great again….

No strenuous anything for at least 5 weeks. I didn’t have a room to paint or nursery to set up either…..

Did this lady read my file??? Did she realise I have 5 little people at home that need taking care of?

Hmmm, easier said than done that’s for sure.

So I went from complete elation about nowing the sex of our bub, to complete deflation for fear that something may go terribly wrong.

I wish she had just not mentioned it.

I am keeping a positive mind about it all. Everything will be ok but it is still there in my mind.

I know there could have been much much worse news. News that no mother ever wants to hear. I just think it was the way this doctor delivered me the news that was scary.

Less tact than Dr. House himself!!!!

Then she decided that I must have another scan at 28weeks to check where the placenta is then.

I guess the bonus to that is I will see my little man again.

Apparently I am so high risk now that I need 2 diabetes tests. Gross. I am not a fan of that. I gave her the frowning of a lifetime with that one….

She then got me to read and sign the cesarean section form. A form I have seen and signed many times before. Only this time I got the run down of how many different things could go wrong and what would happen if they did. I got a blow by blow description of how long it would take to do each incision and so on.

Certainly a tad graphic for a lady who has just been told the life of herself and her unborn child was at risk….

Serve me right for liking a truthful doctor I suppose.

Fingers crossed that next time we go I get to see the cool old man doctor again…..

So my number one priority right now is to kick this horrid cold that I have.

Get myself better and to stress much less.

I will plan and design and write out clear instructions for my hubby but I solomly swear that I will not climb a ladder or attempt to paint a wall.

Nor will I rearrange a room willy-nilly like I usually do around this point in my pregnancies.

This rest thing might even push me over the edge. I’m not even sure how it’s done!!!

Do you think this is life teaching me a lesson to slow down?

Did you ever experience a low lying placenta?

Fill me in but dont scare me too much!

Luv Jac xox


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    1. Im so sorry to hear that!!! I had a low lying placenta (and bleeding at 12 weeks) was sent home from the dr with a referal to the hospital if it got worse saying suspected miscarrage.. in my first pregnancy! Was FREAKED out!!! Baby ended up being fine (actually waved on the ultrasound 2 weeks later!!) But she was born via c-section due to the fact that she was breeched. Bum engaged at 36 weeks. I hope you rest. I hope your lil squirts help you out around the house. I hope Hubby takes over big responsibilities!! It really is important that you don't do anything strenuous! My cousin is going through her 3rd pregnancy with low lying placenta plus gestational diabetes. She has been bedridden for the last 14 weeks!

    2. Jac, I'm sending positive restful vibes your way! Hoping it all goes well for you and the bub. In my second pregnancy I had a low lying placenta but it did move up as the pregnancy progressed. They think it was attached to scar tissue from the c-section in my first pregnancy and I was also told there was more chance of bleeding and complications from it. But by week 35 all was good and she was born healthy (and amazingly naturally) 2 weeks later. Wishing you a similar positive experience!

    3. My scan picked up low placenta at my 20week scan with my first (Perhaps more the left picture than middle though? Not sure) I was told they would need to do another scan at 34 weeks, and that if it hadn't moved I would need a C-sect. I was told though that it was pretty common and that they often moved as pregnancy progressed and baby grew (which is what happened for me). Praying that yours will move, and that you can still enjoy this phase of pregnancy whilst trying to get some rest (though that sounds quite challenging with your other munchkins!) Hayley xx

    4. Nikki

      Try not to stress it. Did they say how low lying the placenta is cos sometimes if it's not too low then as the uterus grows the placenta moves up & away..but maybe you do need to rest up to kick this cold)as hard as that is when you have other kids) good luck thinking of you..:))

    5. Oh Jac, I'm so sorry to hear that. I can only imagine how hard that is going to be for you with young children. I had a low lying placenta with all three at varying degrees. My first baby saw me admitted to hospital, for complete bed rest due to bleeding at 30 weeks, luckily for me, she was my first, so hubby was the only one left to fend for himself. The other pregnancies were not so bad. Hang in there, focus on the end goal. Focus on the 5 weeks not the remainder of the pregancy for now. Just let others help you. Good luck.

    6. Woah! You take care of yourself missy!! It's not just your health, it's your baby's life. Say no to people. Ask for help. You NEED to be careful. I want to see gorgeous baby photos in a few months please :P xx

    7. OMG Jac! Please take it easy...your family needs you! ...and ditto what Alyce said...I want to see that happy healthy mumma and bubba in a few months time.

    8. I think it is time you do put yourself first Jac. Say NO NO NO to anyone and everyone. You NEED to rest, slow down. It's hard to rest with 5 kids, but please ask for help from family or friends. It's YOUR turn now. If you need to cancel any extra curricular activities for the kids, I say do it. You need to put you first ok? xx

    9. My mother had a complete (total) Placenta Previa with one of my sisters. My sister was born 6 weeks early, but both are fine. Well. My sister's a cow and my mother isn't around anymore. But you know. Both WERE fine. :) Bed rest. Do as you're told. And the rest of us will cross EVERYthing for you.

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