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Essential Baby Items & Luxury Extras – FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST!

Tuesday, 1st May 2012

Essential Baby Items & Luxury Extras – FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST!

Here at Common Chaos Chronicle we are expecting our 6th bundle of joy and I will be the first to admit that things on the baby market have changed dramatically since we had our twins, 8 years ago.

Needless to say there are still the basics available, no matter what your style and taste is and having a list to check things off always makes the shopping experience easier.

Today I want to share with you a list of items that I call ‘Baby Essentials’, the things that we always need and use when we have a newborn bub, the things I cannot live without.

Baby Cot
This is the cot that we used for Levi and will be using for our new baby. We purchased it off eBay as a 3 piece set and restored it by sanding it back and restaining it.

Buying a cot can be a big investment, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on the type of cot you want, where you purchase it from and if you plan on using it for other children should all be factors in your choice of purchase. Don’t just choose the first one you lay your eyes on. There’s plenty of bargains to be found if you are on a tight budget, and plenty of package deals available if you shop around.

Protect your mattress from the start. It will save you in the long run. I always make sure I have a spare sheet set for those unexpected leaks and explosions too.

Baby wraps come in many forms but I find the bigger the better in the end. Choose your wraps accordingly to the season that your baby is due. Flannel, t-shirt fabric or thicker for winter bubs and muslin wraps for summer bubs.

*Β  A Cot

– Mattress Protector

– Sheet Set x 2

– Quilt Set

– Blanket

– Baby Wraps x 6

Change Table
Another piece of our 3 piece set off eBay. I have just made a simple cover for the change mat to match the cot linen.

Many new mums are content with changing their little one on the end of the bed or down on the floor but if you’re back is bodgy like mine, a change table will be one purchase you will not regret.

They come in many shapes and forms, from wooden with a separate change mat to pull out and flip up models that have a bath attached. We have tried them all. My advice, is to use a wooden one and purchase a separate baby bath or one with a pull out bath. The flip up lid ones are difficult to use when bathing the baby.

Just bare in mind to ask, if you are buying a package deal with a change table that matches your cot, confirm whether the foam changing mat is also supplied. Sometimes these have to be purchased separately.

Nappies are another decision you should make before you go out and spend up big. Cloth or disposable? We have always used disposable, but I keep a nappy stacker of cloth nappies on hand to use as ‘spew rags’ etc..

* A Change Table

– Change Table Mat

– Bath

– Wipes

– Nappy Sack’s

– Nappy Stacker

– Nappies

Peg perego Skate pram
This is the pram we have chosen for our new bub. I found it online and then purchased it instore with a whopping $999 discount. Pays to shop around!!!

There are so many prams available now and it basically comes down to 3 main things. Budget, colour choice and if it fits in your car. Once again, shop around. Check out prices online and instore.

Work out if you want a bassinet attachment, capsule attachment, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, basic lay-back model or one with all the bells and whistles. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Most new prams will come with a rain cover and boot cover, however some brands sell all their accessories separately.

My advice is to purchase a pram that suits your lifestyle, not just one that looks cool. If you want to take bub jogging, buy a jogger. If you are an avid shopper like me, buy one that will fit through the checkouts and aisles at the shops.

* A Pram

– Rain Cover

– Shade Cover

– Boot Cover

– Pram Toy

Baby Capsule
We purchased a 2nd hand capsule just like this one for our new baby. BARGAIN!

If you drive then a car seat is an absolute essential. There are plenty of choices available. Capsules allow you to remove the baby from the car without waking it, but you then have to purchase a forward facing car seat as well.

Convertible car seats that start off rear facing and can then be turned around once bub is big enough can save you a fortune. It’s a matter of what is most convenient for your situation and what suits your budget best.

The most important things to ask if buying a second hand car seat is whether it has ever been involved in an accident, how old it is (they’re all date stamped) and if the restraint safety straps and harness are included. If you drive a wagon, van or other large car you may also need to purchase an extension strap to bolt the restraint into your car properly.

Consider a window tint, window sox or those suction on type window shades for the baby’s window. It doesn’t take long for the sun to burn a baby through the clear glass on sunny days.

* A Child Restraint

– Capsule

– Forward facing Car Seat

– Convertible Car Seat

– Window Sox or Suction Shades

– Restraint Extension Strap (If Needed)

Veruca drinking a bottle
Veruca tried every single bottle on the market before she settled and drank properly from a Nuk one.

Are you planing on breast feeding or bottle feeding? Maybe both?

My best advice is not to purchase too much feeding related stuff before the bub arrives. Just enough to get you through the first week or so as some babies are fussy with their bottles & teats, you may decide breast feeding isn’t for you or you may never ever need to use a bottle.

Using a dummy is a personal preference. If you choose to use a pacifier, don’t buy 10 of the same one. Start with one and see if your baby takes too it. One of our babes would only use one particular brand of dummy and I was glad I didn’t buy lots of the first one we chose.

I find bibs useful either way, and while a high chair is essential later on, it’s personal choice whether you purchase it before bub is born or a few months down the track.

* Feeding Accessories

– Breast Pump

– Breast Pads

– Bottles

– Teats

– Steriliser

– Bibs x8

– High Chair

– Dummies

Fisher Price Portacot
This is one cool looking portacot. Ours is very plain navy blue but does the trick when we need it!

Do you travel a lot? Plan to visit family and friends for overnight stays? If you answered yes then you should invest in a portacot. If you don’t often venture out then it’s probably not an essential for you. Most motels and hotels have them for hire if that’s how you travel.

A decent nappy bag is one of the most important things you can buy. You want something that will last the duration, is roomy enough for the endless junk that you acquire with a baby and one that comes with a change mat.

Some nappy bags come with insulated pockets for keeping bottles and food cool/warm, but if your perfect bag doesn’t and you are bottle feeding don’t forget to buy a bottle bag as well.

* Travel Accessories

– Nappy Bag

– Insulated Bottle Bag

– Portacot

Buying your new baby their first outfits is totally up to personal choice. I am shocking and will always over-buy. If you’re not finding out the sex of your baby, don’t purchase too much white or green as when you have the bub you will definitely want to rush out and buy other colours.

Newborn Suit
Our new baby's first outfit.

I like to use all in one romper suits as pajamas, and then have some nice day outfits as well. It’s really up to you. Don’t forget to buy some socks, booties and hats too.

* Clothing

– All in one romper suits x 6

– 6-8 day time outfits dependent on season

– Singlets x 6

– Socks

– Booties

– Hats

So there you have it, a list of baby essentials. Of course there are way more options available, so I have created a FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST for you to download and take shopping with you.

On the list I have included all the essentials, but have also added in some luxury items that you may choose to purchase as well.

You can download the Baby Essentials & Luxury Items PDF

Be sure to comment below if you think there is something important that I have left off the printable list!

Enjoy your new baby, without any extra CHAOS!!!!

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