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Hormonal Much? Why Yes, I am. Pregnancy Hormones At Their Best…

Thursday, 23rd February 2012

Hormonal Much? Why Yes, I am. Pregnancy Hormones At Their Best…

Its about this time in every pregnancy I have had, that I get super-duper hormonal.

The good old half way mark.

I get overwhelmed really quick.

I get really really sad and emotional.

Sometimes I’m not sure if it is the hormones, as I am certain that people and situations give me the absolute shits, but what I am sure of is that my reaction to things is often well and truly heightened at this stage of pregnancy.

The little things bug me way worse than they have ever done before.

I find myself snapping and getting short with people a whole lot faster than I would normally.

I am over emotional and the smallest thing or event can set me off.

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For example:

The cat took a flying leap across the dining room where I was sitting at my computer, and latched its super sharp claws into my bare upper arm, slowly shredding my skin as it slid off.Β  I’m pretty sure it was chasing a fly.

However my first reaction was what I would call ‘normal’.

I let out an almighty yelp, dropped the ‘f-bomb’ and chased that pesky cat out of my sight while I mopped up the blood with a baby wipe.

Now here comes the hormones….

Before I knew it, I was howling my head off. I was blubbering and sobbing uncontrollably.

I cried because I was tired. I cried because I was going to have extra responsibilities later that day. I cried because I hadn’t put the clean washing away. I cried because hubby had to go out. I cried because I would have to drive the big bus of ours up the main street for the first time on my own.

You name it, I had a sob about it for a full half an hour.

Not once in my sobbing did I think about the bloody cat or the pain in my arm.

And then like magic, the tears stopped and I carried on with the work I was doing before the cat rudely interrupted me.

Pregnancy Hormones at their best??? Seems that way.

What I want to know though, am I the only one that cries at the drop of a hat or laughs uncontrollably out of the blue?

Do/did you behave like this during your pregnancies?





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    1. I haven't had it during pregnancy, but as a result of super-over-tiredness after baby has been born! I hope it passes quickly for you! Hayley xx

    2. YES! I was very emotional during each of my pregnancies too and would cry at the drop of a hat. Although I am an emotional person at the best of times and don't need to be pregnant to cry uncontrolably!

    3. Sarah

      Yep, I'm with you there (28 weeks). The most recent was over an 'easy open' packet of cheese. It wouldn't open & instead of getting a knife or scissors like I would do in my non-pregnant state, I sobbed on the floor for about half an hour because I was clearly incompetent & how could I handle two children if I can't even open cheese?!?! In the midst of my sobbing I realised how ridiculous I was being, which made my cry-fest turn into an uncontrollable laughing fit *sigh* All hubby could so was smile & give me a hug & assure me that my cheese opening skills (or lack there of) was no reflection on what kind of mother I am (& will be). He opened the cheese for me, ten extra points for him as he at least pretended it was really hard to open ;o)

    4. Yep, I was super hormonal when I was pregnant. But only with my second pregnancy though. Snapped easily, but I guess, it was also because I had to deal with an almost 2 year old as well. Plus annoying MIL to boot, so like you, and your many things happening besides your pregnancy, it's not a surprise we're all hormonal when we're pregnant.

    5. Oh yes, I was terrible!! Not as bad as some, but compared to my normal state of mind! And more so with my first than with my second.

    6. Krystal

      LOL It was worse when I was, but I don't even have to be pregnant to get over emotional and ridiculously teary for no reason! Usually the week before that time of the month I am just an over emotional wreck! I get soooo tired lately with it and I cry for example when there is a sad advert on the TV, I cry because my kids are grumpy and I am too tired to deal with their crap, I cry because someone raises their voice at me for whatever reason and no one "gets it". I even had a break-down and (I laugh about it now) but I was in tears for half an hour because I had so much to do around the house and felt overwhelmed with it all and that "no-one" was helping me (EVERYONE was helping and already had their own jobs to do, but it either wasn't getting done quick enough for me to notice/ it wasn't being done properly and I would have to do it again later) and bf hadn't told me I was beautiful and he loved me for a while so I went on this massive rant (and I was just being so stupid...) he teases me about it now and we have a good laugh, and everytime I start to get ranty he says "You're beautiful okay?!" So silly HAhAha! So I can completely understand what you are going through Jac! Just think, it will be all over soon enough and you will have another gorgeous angel to love and spoil!

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