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PART 1- Chaos Nursery On A Budget – With A Bonus For Mum & Dad Too! The Bedroom Redesign.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2012

PART 1- Chaos Nursery On A Budget – With A Bonus For Mum & Dad Too! The Bedroom Redesign.

If you have been following Common Chaos Chronicle for a while now, you would be well aware of the rearranging that went on in this house. For those of you that haven’t kept up with my ever changing mind, I will give you all a brief reminder.

Just before Christmas last year (I think it was about then), I decided to try and combat the sleeping issues that we have been having in this house, by swapping all the kids bedrooms around and creating a toy room again.

The thinking behind this was to:

1. Hopefully get a better mix sharing rooms and spaces.

2. Have a play space that could be locked up at night, hopefully stopping the overnight toy explosions that were happening in the bedrooms.

3. We had a new little bun in the oven that would need it’s own space to sleep and grow πŸ™‚

So we put the boys in one room together.

Aria moved into Levi’s freshly built bedroom.

The two girls that had the master bedroom of the house then moved down into Aria’s owl bedroom.

MonsterSquad dad and I moved into the master bedroom with the intentions of sharing it with our new little baby.

This left us our old bedroom to create a toy room out of.

So as you can imagine, swapping rooms like that in a house full of monsters is a rather large job. We’re 4-5 months in on the project and it still looks like we have been robbed, but we are making plenty of progress.

I hate to imagine what it will be like if we ever sell up and move houses….. OMG!!

Anyway, with the chance of pregnancy complications, I started to get a little fidgety and decided that our bedroom could not wait a moment longer to be redesigned and set up…. just incase…. Ok, really, the Barbie pink walls were doing my head in. Beautiful for the girls when they were younger, slightly rage inducing for me right now… LOL

This is how the room looked when set up for the girls. I can't believe how tidy it was in there!!! LOL

So welcome to our mess, or chaos, our hard work, determination and super tight budget. Here’s what I did to create a nice space for both hubby and I, and our new addition.

Step 1: With hubby out of work since Christmas, we were flat broke and had no budget at all for this kind of thing. So I did what any desperate mother would do, and sold a huge chunk of my excessive wardrobe of clothes on eBay. Surprisingly, I made just enough money to cover the paint I wanted.

Step 2: Clean out the bedroom. Oh dear, what a mess it was. Our room seemed to become the dumping ground for anything and everything that didn’t have a home. It was the space we hid excess washing that hadn’t been put away when guests visited and piles of paperwork that I hadn’t had a chance to deal with yet.

Bedroom Mess
The mess on the floor down the side of the bed.

There were piles of toys the kids had brought in and dumped, plus about a million cute little notes that had been placed on my bedside table then lost in the never never.

Bedromm Mess 2
The junk at the end of our bed.

A massive job but I pushed through and cleared out one side of the bed at a time.

Step 3: Wash the walls down. This was a job for hubby. To my amazement, the countless grubby marks and footprints the monsters had left all over the place wiped off really quick and easy with a damp cloth and some Ajax. I was imagining hours and hours of scrubbing, but it was quite literally a 10minute job.

Step 4: Start ‘cutting in’ the walls. For those that don’t do much painting, all that means is to paint in all the edges with a brush as a roller will not go right to the edges and corners.

Strating to Paint.
Cutting in the lighter coloured walls.

I started cutting in one night while hubby was at his pool competition, and by the time he arrived home the walls were ready for him to start rolling.

Cutting In Paint.
Slowly making my way around the bedroom.

Step 5: Make hubby roll the paint on the walls because after all, the doctors have insisted I do nothing too strenuous…. Actually, he always does the rolling. It’s a team effort here.

Let the rolling begin
Let the rolling begin!

Step 6: Do 2 coats of everything because even with a darker feature wall, that bright pink could still be seen!!

Feature Wall
The start of our new feature wall.

We have a big wooden 4 poster bed, and it was just not possible to pull it all apart for this project, so we just painted one wall at a time, then moved the bed around the room until we completed every wall.

Stay tuned for PART 2, where I show you all how I decorated the room, that’s the fun and exciting bit!!





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    1. Ooh, can't wait to see more of the makeover! Love the colour of the feature wall :)

    2. Can't wait to see more.

    3. Oh wow! Can't wait to see what you've done so far. And yes, the girls' rooms did look really tidy then too!

    4. Looks great so far! What a massive job for you though!! I think you've taken nesting to the extreme. lol. Can't wait to see the end result.

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