PART 2 – Chaos Nursery On A Budget – Decorating Our Freshly Painted Room!!!

Thanks for stopping by to read Part 2 of our bedroom make-over.

If you missed PART 1, you can read it HERE!

So it took a couple of days to get the painting done. The weather turned cooler on us making dry times take a lot longer, and we still had to function as a family in between coats of paint.

What a relief it was to finally be rid of that bright pink paint!

So here are some photos of the finished paint job:

Painted Wall 1

The very light grey wall and the darker grey door jamb.


Feature Wall

This is the corner of the room where we will set up the baby furniture.


Back of the door

You didn't think I would be content with just one feature colour.... Did you???


That’s right, although the bright pink was no longer my style, living in plain grey walls isn’t really my cup of tea either, so I complimented the greys with a splash of ‘Fern Green’.

Now I’ll give you a Before and After shot of beside our bed…

Bedside mess

BEFORE: The mess along side our bed.


Bedside clean

AFTER: Look, there's a floor there!!! And our new bedside bargains!

Next on the list of things to do, was to get my ‘creative’ on.

So I traced a tree on the babies side of the room and got to work painting it with a small artist brush.

Since I had already drawn a massive tree for the bunks in the girls room, I used the same template and just traced it. Saved heaps of time and made a tricky job simple.

Here is the finished product:

Painted Tree On Wall

Big green tree complete with owls.

Once the tree was finished it was time to dig out the baby furniture from the shed.

After a good dust down and polish, it was ready to set up in our room.

We put in a cot, change-table, cupboard and I used a small set of unused drawers from the girls room.

Baby Cot

We set the cot up in the tree corner.


Ikea leaf

Above the baby cupboard We put up an IKEA leaf and some shelves for the baby's trinkets and so on.

The Ikea leaf was purchased off a local Buy, Swap and Sell site on Facebook, saving me over $25. Bargain!!!

Hubby whipped up some simple shelves out of dress pine and I painted them to match. EASY.

It’s really quite difficult to show you how the room looks in one photo, as I just can’t get far enough away from each bit to show you but hopefully you get the idea with the bit by bit photos.

Our Bed

I used linen that I already had in the cupboard to tie in with our new colour scheme.


Change Table and Drawers

All the baby furniture is down the one side of the room. Here is the Change Table and the Drawers I painted from the girls room.



Drawers and Cupboard towards the door end of the room.

Once the room was set up, I got to work on sewing a cot quilt cover and a change mat cover. It was so simple to do and saved us a fortune.

Change table mat

Here is the change table mat covered in some funky owl fabric.


Cot quilt cover

And the quilt cover for the cot.

Last but not least I added some cheap Kmart curtains to the front of our wardrobe to hide our hanging clothes.

Wardrobe front

Curtains on the front of our wardrobe.

So there you have it. Our bedroom/nursery makeover.

The total cost of the room, which included:

Paint & Accessories: $217.00

Curtains for window and wardrobe: $65.00

New Bedside Tables: $30.00

Baby Fabric: $50.00

Lamps: $16.00

Ikea Leaf: $10.00

Shelf Wood: $20.00

Coming to a total of: $408.00

Many thanks go out to the wonderful eBayers that purchased the clothes I had listed, as if it wasn’t for them, our room would still be ‘STINKY PINK’!!!

I hope you enjoyed our makeover. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room.




5 Thoughts on “PART 2 – Chaos Nursery On A Budget – Decorating Our Freshly Painted Room!!!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree! That owl is a great touch. Lucky little baby. <3

  2. Oh wow! I AM amazed! Glad you got to finish it all up. Love the theme colours and if you get tired of the green, you can always paint it over I guess. You even painted your own tree. It’s great that you can sew, saves a lot doesn’t it? That’s what I did when I was expecting my first baby, I made some blankets for her that got passed on to the other two later on. Great job Jac! Now it’s time for you to rest up!!

  3. That’s gorgeous!! Well done!! That tree looks incredible too – you’ve done such an incredible job 🙂

  4. The nursery space looks fantastic!! The greys and lime combo is really striking, especially the tree…and love the leaf hanging over the cupboard. Well done Jac! That’s one lucky baby.

  5. That looks awesome Jac…you are so very talented! xo

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