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Pregnancy Hospital Stay Survival Kit – Something To Keep Me Busy In Hospital After The Birth.

Thursday, 5th April 2012

Pregnancy Hospital Stay Survival Kit – Something To Keep Me Busy In Hospital After The Birth.

Most people tell me to just relax and enjoy my stay in hospital with our new bundle of joy, and for the most part I will be lapping up the snuggles and cuds and time to bond.

But anyone that knows me well, knows that I despise being left alone in hospital for hours at a time. It gets much worse when the doctors start talking days…

{This is Levi just after he was born!}

Since I will be having a planned Caesarean section again, they have already suggested that the minimum stay that I will have in hospital will be 5 days. Longer if there are any complications.

5 freakin’ days!!! Oh and did I mention it’s also 100kms from home…..

For starters, I don’t cope being away from the kids that well. It’s the control freak in me. I worry myself sick about them and how my hubby will cope with everything on his own. I worry about other people having to help look after them all so hubby can spend some time bonding with bub as well.

For the 5 days I will be in hospital I will feel like I am in prison. I don’t sleep there, the food is average and the thoughts of the loved ones that I have lost in the same place haunt me.

So this time, I am going in prepared. I am creating a Pregnancy Hospital Stay Survival Kit to keep me busy in those hours when bub is asleep and I am bored and lonely.

{Me in hospital with baby Aria - all those years ago!}

Here’s what I plan on packing:

* My MacBook.

I will miss it far too much if I leave it at home, and I will have 50,000+ photos of my monsters with me the whole time.

* My iPad.

This will double as a distraction for the monsters when they come to visit and will also connect up to the internet on my phone which will allow me to keep up to date on Common Chaos Chronicle on Facebook.

Hubby is also planning on loading the iPad up with some TV shows etc for me to watch if I get really bored.

* My Crotchet.

I may as well use some of the time to make something special for bub. That’s if the sleep deprivation doesn’t have me missing stitches and adding stitches everywhere….

* My Nikon Camera.

Why not document the first few day’s of my baby’s life in full detail??? I will become the hospital paparazzi for 5 days.

* Music.

Which I will load onto my MacBook & my iPhone. Yes, slack me has not got a single sound on it yet!

* Notepad and Paper.

Sometimes I just prefer to write or draw rather than type.

* Snacks.

Just a few healthy choices in case I get hungry and cannot stand their dry bickies any longer πŸ™‚

* A lockable suitcase.

To store all my valuables in. I am usually given my own room as I have to have surgery, but if I do end up sharing a room I want to know that my things will be safe.

What other things can you think of that would be good to take into hospital to keep me entertained??? I would love some more suggestions!


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    1. The laptop and iPad should keep you entertained (not that your littlest love won't). But then you can post photos of your newest little Chaos and show us!!!!

    2. Magazines, if you read mags, do bring them along. Or even a book uploaded onto your iPad? Not sure if you can do that. But I think you've got everything covered there. Very prepared indeed. I've never had to stay in hospital for more than 3 days and that was excruciating! Hate staying in hospitals.

    3. Brooke

      You sound very organised and there's not much I could really suggest! I found the things I wanted most besides the Internet and tv shows (which we were unequipped for at the time) were fruit and coke. I was so excited to get a bottle of coke and some grapes brought up for me :-)) if I was to do it again then my list would look much like yours :-) Also, I feel your heartache on being in a hospital that brings painful reminders from the past so that list sounds great for keeping your mind on the new happy moments, not the pain you've felt before. xx

    4. 100 kms!! I don't envy your drive home from the hospital with a newborn and a surgery wound. Sounds like you're pretty well organised...just don't forget all of your chargers, and maybe a powerboard. There's never enough power points in hospital rooms. If I was going, I'd want my own ones suck!

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