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Pregnancy Week 16- Contemplating The Unknown.

Thursday, 9th February 2012

Pregnancy Week 16- Contemplating The Unknown.

It’s somewhere between week 16 and week 17 of my pregnancy, and I have found myself asking far too many “What If’s”.

I cannot deny it, I am brilliant at worrying myself half to death about nonsensical things that need not worry me at all.

Yet even knowing that I put myself through this stress, I still bloody do it.

One of the biggest What if’s that has been playing on my mind is the constant worry that the baby is not growing properly inside me.

I haven’t heard the baby’s heartbeat since the 12 week scan, the last doctor I saw didn’t even try to put the Doppler machine on my tummy.

I worry because people cannot tell I am pregnant yet. I mean, I know I am, I know my body is changing a little bit each day, but to everyone else I just look the same.

All the apps I have on my phone and the internet sites that I read suggest that at 17 weeks you should be flaunting your precious baby bump.

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Except being larger, I don’t exactly have the ‘bump’ yet.

So here I am stressing over the well-being of my tiny bub, wishing time would speed up in order for me to get to the next scan to have a peak.

It is likely that there is nothing wrong at all, if anything both scans we have had so far have shown bub to be a week bigger than my certain dates yet my mind still wanders…

Am I obsessing over something silly? For sure.

The pregnant mind works is such mysterious ways…

Have you or do you pay much attention to all the different kinds of Pregnancy Apps you can get on your mobile phone, and which one do you believe is the best?


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    1. Brooke

      I've never had an app device in the times I've been pregnant so I can't recommend any or say I've taken any notice of their claims. At 17 weeks I wouldnt worry about not 'showing' as much as suggested though. We all carry differently. At 20 weeks I was on teaching placement and thought it better not to say I was pregnant, just seemed more appropriate at the time and I didn't really look pregnant. It wasn't until there was school sores in the school that my placement teacher had to say 'we do have a case of school sores, so you're not pregnant or anything are you?' she was very surprised when I said well actually I am lol! Had to go straight home though and get blood tests to check it was safe for me to be there. A couple of days later on yard duty she said to me, oh you can kinda see a little bump there but otherwise I wouldn't have thought anything of it. So don't stress, I didn't look pregnant either :-) When we carry a bit more weight it can be less obvious, I've known some larger women that never looked pregnant then had 7 and 8lb babies. I'm sure all is well in there - but you're right, even before they arrive we worry about them constantly. They're precious before we even meet :-)

    2. I wish they had all of these apps when I was pregnant with my bubbas! Good luck with the pregnancy Jac.

    3. There were no apps around when I was pregnant with my lot but I checked websites and books religiously to make sure that everything was "normal". I'm hearing you about not showing yet. When I was pregnant with Annabelle, because I was overweight, it took a while for people to notice that I was pregnant too. Chill out, mama. I'm sure everything is fine xx

    4. Oh wow, didn't realise they've got all these apps now. Didn't have that when I was pregnant with any of my kids...but then again, they didn't have the smart phone either. Relax babe, I'm sure everything is fine. xx

    5. Sweetie I was the same as you, it's hard not to worry, sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies and not try to take all the info in that comes from everyone......I can't wait to go on this journey with you xx

    6. I used emails with my twins but twins were so different. It is hard not to stress . I wish they had apps when I was pregnant . Hope the next week comes quickly.

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