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The 30 Day Countdown Begins! 30 Things In 30 Days Before Our Little Monster Arrives!!!

Saturday, 2nd June 2012

The 30 Day Countdown Begins! 30 Things In 30 Days Before Our Little Monster Arrives!!!

Today marks the start of the one month countdown until my scheduled c-section to deliver our new baby boy.

I am going to try and keep as busy as possible to speed up the next 30 days.

I want to achieve 30 things in 30 days. Some things will be little, some things will be jobs that hubby will have to help me with.

So here goes in no particular order:

1. Pack my hospital suitcase.

2. Pack the baby’s hospital suitcase.

3. Finish the blanket I have been working on.

4. Sew up some new comfy harem pants.

5. Attend 4 medical appointments out of town.

6. Do the last of the shopping for me andΒ  bub – Bits and Pieces for hospital and the first few days at home etc…

7. Make a start on the Baby’s Scrapbook.

8. Reorganise the kids toy room.

9. Clean up the front yard.

10. Clean up the back yard.

11. Set up the last of the baby stuff – swing etc

12. Clean and sort out our office area.

13. Celebrate the impending arrival with close friends and family.

14. Remove all dust and cobwebs from around the house (again) and clean all windows.

15. Have a big bake up of things that can be frozen.

16. Have a big cook up of meals that can be frozen.

17. Blog…. much more often…..

18. Spend a day pampering myself – hair, skin, etc etc.

19. Take the kids out for the day. Somewhere fun and entertaining.

20. Put all my old cd’s onto Itunes.

21. Finalise all care arrangements for the children during my hospital stay.

22.Paint and put the wire door on our bedroom door to keep the cats out.

23. Attend all the kid’s dance classes during the last week of term.

24. Completely clean out the van, windows and all.

25. Final declutter of the house before baby arrives.

26. Meal plan for the next few months and budget accordingly.

27. Keep the house tidy everyday.

28. Try out the new coffee shop up the street.

29. Sort out all photos on my MacBook.Β 

30. I need your suggestions??? I’m sure some of these things will get done on a single day, so I am bound to have some spare days. I would love some ideas, that are budget friendly and that will keep me occupied during the days!


Luv Jac xoxox



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    1. Oh my Jacqui have you got enough time . #28 is a must. #9&10 should be delegated . I thought I still had a few weeks ...wrong .

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