Pregnancy - Monster #7

Week 20 -The Ultrasound.

Monday, 20th February 2012

Week 20 -The Ultrasound.

As far as ultrasounds in pregnancy are concerned, I always look forward to the 20 week scan.

Its the halfway mark.

Its the scan where they measure every last bit of that growing bump.

Its also the scan where inquisitive minds get a chance at finding out the sex of their baby.

Today, 20th Feb 2012 was my 20 week scan.

A big moment for me knowing that this would be my last ever 20 week scan.

The moment made increasingly bigger by the fact that hubby could not be present for that special second that the sonographer announced what sex child we would be having…

Falling asleep last night was hard, nerves and excitement ran through my body and mind. A million ‘what if’s’ and a belly full of butterflies had me awake until the wee hours.

This is it's foot. I swear..... it really is..... :-S

After finally drifting off to sleep, I was woken only hours later by the overnight monster antics of the girls.

I dragged myself out of bed, already exhausted, and got the children ready for school.

After school drop off, I commenced guzzling water and met up with my brother and sister in law who were taking me to my scan.

The hour long drive to get there was OK, my mind was kept busy with chit chat and my bladder slowly but surely became full.

As we arrived at the hospital, I realised that I had forgotten my wallet back at home, with all the necessary cards that I would need to show at the reception desk. Un-freakin-believable…. I never forget or misplace that!!!

We were early, so I spoke with the lovely lady at the counter who assured me it would be OK as the had my slip with my details already printed on it. PHEW!!! (I was so worried we had driven 100kms for nothing…)

She ushered us to the waiting area where we sat….. and sat….. and sat….. for what seemed like an eternity.

Right hand up near bub's head.

I was busting to pee. And when I say busting, I mean about 500mls in excess of the required amount to fill my bladder. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to hold it for much more than a few minutes.

The pain in my bladder was excruciating and no amount of jiggling was going to help me.

In typical medical procedure fashion the appointment was running 20mins late too, which made the agonising sit even worse.

Finally we were called in and I plonked down on the ultrasound bed with only one thing on my mind….. I really have to pee….

I did my best, I made it through 50 odd minutes of poking and prodding before I had decided in my mind to ask the kind man where the closest toilet was. Just as I was about to mention it, he ushered me towards the toilet in hope that vacating my bladder would move this little baby around a bit.

I took off like a mad woman, pants button undone and a fair amount of gel all over me still, till I reached that porcelain throne.

Oh My, I have never felt such relief in my life, and never been so thankful to empty my bladder.

I could finally breathe without fear of an accident and enjoy the rest of my scan.

Although I was finally happy to be there and take in all the precious sights on the screen, it seems that this new little monster of ours had a whole different plan.

That’s right, that little baby inside of me refused to move and stayed face down for over an hour, and no amount of poking around was going to change it.

At the hour and 5 minute mark, the sonographer called it quits and told me I would have to be re booked in for another appointment so he could finish off the scan.

Left hand making a fist.

I asked, “so could you tell what sex the baby is?” and I got a mutter of “I had a quick glance at it but because of the position, it was not a good enough look to say for sure”……

Enter big frowny disappointed face HERE!

So after me sleepless night and agonising wait with a full bladder, I knew no more than when I very first entered the room.

My scan has been re booked for next Tuesday, the 28th of Feb. Ahhh, 8 more sleeps and counting….

I really hope we can find out the sex of the baby then… and no, I wont be guzzling quite as much water next time!!!

Did your 20 week scan go to plan?





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    1. 1st time round we found out it was a girl.. they saw 'three lines' and assumed it was a girl. First girl to be born into Drew's side of the family for 83 years!! A real miracle. 2nd time round the screen went on.. I saw a penis.. I said.. its a boy.. the guy doing the scan said did I want to know? ofcourse I did.. he said yes that is a penis... And then took a photo of it!

    2. Naomi

      Ds did this to me too, OMG I was like ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME :l I also hold way to much water and EVERY single ultrasound the lovely man goes so can you go to the loo and pee til the count of five then come back (I had 3 ultrasounds with my misscarriage and two with ds), we ended up back there that afternoon (after having a nice big Maccas coke lol) and ds had moved and he confirmed I was having a son, I was like yeah Ive been calling it a she for the last 19 weeks, want to make sure I got that right ... ultrasound bloke well if I was you I'd ditch the girl names :l

    3. OMG Jac! I skipped everyone else's to read yours first. :D Alexander's scan confirmed what my Chinese herbalist/accupuncturist had told me at 11 weeks. I was having a boy. Because of my diabetes, we had 8 scans with Alexander. Pregnancies with diabetics (not Gestational - already established) and after recurrant miscarriage (PCOS) tend to see a more high risk pregnancy and a lot more checks. I had to see an Obstetrician every single week of my pregnancies. From 3weeks when the second line showed up (Yes. With all 5 of my pregnancies) to the day of delivery. Every single week at the hospital). Sammy's scan was clear that I was having a boy (Having said that, Sam's pregnancy saw 19 scans. I am diabetic, I had 4 threatened losses with him - big bleeds, premature labour at 24 weeks that they were able to stop and then polyhydramnios and macrosomia. So Sam had a LOT of chances to show us what he was packing..). Sam's 20 week scan was scary because his heart didn't look good. Alexander was born with 2 heart defects. They made me come back a week later and he was totally fine. But OMG - that hour on just the heart, and a specialist paged to come take a look....caused the longest week of my life.

    4. Danielle

      No, mine didnt go to plan.. Doctor booked me in at 18 weeks and sonographer said I had an odd shaped uterus & needed some more growth before proceeding, booking me in 1 week later.. Although he thought boy.. Second appointment, all went well & sonographer said he wouldn't bet safely either way.. So we were all confused then.. At 33 weeks I had a 4d scan & straight away he showed us his boy bits!! Yay a little boy & now he is a gorgeous 7 month old. Xx good luck for your next scan!!

    5. How frustrating for you! I found out the gender with both my boys, which was a good idea, as I really wanted a girl, so by the time Ben was born I had a chance to get used to the idea. With the second, I also chose to have amnio, due to my age. That was really scary, knowing what the complications could be. But all turned out well :)

    6. Oh no ! Cheeky bubba. Smiling now remembering with my twinnies - finding out they were boys . Hope Bub behaves next week.

    7. I didn't find out except for the first one. And after that, the other 2 pregnancies, they kept on saying, they can't be sure. Must be a thing they use nowadays. Just in case they make a mistake?

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Not sure Norlin, but the hospital information sheet they give you says that the sex can be determined if you wish to know. Just have to tell the sonographer. He said he had a quick glimpse but because baby was bum up, he didn't want to say unless we could see it for sure. Hopefully bub moves it's butt next week!!! LOL

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