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You Ate What?!?! Pregnancy Cravings Round 5…

Thursday, 1st March 2012

You Ate What?!?! Pregnancy Cravings Round 5…

Pregnancy cravings?

While some people cruise through pregnancy with no apparent cravings at all, I on the other hand seem to get them each and every time.

So far, nothing too strange and out there, but cravings all the same.

I once had a good friend tell me that during their first pregnancy, they craved ice-cream topped with the juice out of a beetroot can…. YUCK! LOL

I also tend to ‘go off’ a lot of different things while I am pregnant.

Here’s the rundown:

Pregnancy 1 – The Twins.

I was so sick up until 20 weeks, that I was lucky to keep a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea down maybe once a week.

Once the ‘yucky’ stage had passed all I wanted to live on was Frozen Coke Drinks and the occasional Cheeseburger.

For some reason I felt like the Frozen Coke somewhat settled the upset tummy. BONUS!

Ahh Jai's taking the craving for McDonalds to a whole new level!

Pregnancy 2 – Zafirah.

I was no where near as sick with this pregnancy so I was able to maintain a normal-ish diet.

I still craved the Frozen Coke drinks and the occasional hit of junk food but as the pregnancy progressed all I wanted to consume was Strawberry milk.

Pregnancy 3 – Veruca.

My cravings with Veruca almost mimicked those of Zafirah’s pregnancy spot on. Infact, we knew we were having another girl long before any scan could tell us for sure.

Pregnancy 4 – Levi.

From the moment I did the pee stick test, I knew this one was different.

Week 5 and I was hunting down pita bread and hummus like a mad woman.

Week 7 had me craving ham and cheese sandwiches. I just couldn’t get enough of them.

By 12 weeks I was on a staple diet of Mrs Mac’s Beef, Cheese & Bacon meat pies and Ice coffee milk.

I didn’t feel like eating anything else, other than the pies for the rest of the pregnancy. I think it’s important to note that before this pregnancy, I could not even stomach a meat pie. I hated them. Hubby thinks that this was the best part about the whole pregnancy…. Pies were now on the menu!!!

Pregnancy 5 – The new little Monster!

Well this time round I have managed to confuse myself and everyone else that knows me too.

My first craving was the Frozen Coke drink again. I also got a hankering for the old macca’s cheeseburgers. This got us thinking…. Eeeek! It’s twins again….

With blood tests showing high numbers, we were really starting to wonder, however I knew in myself it was just one bubba as I was hardly sick at all.

Then came the cravings of pasta. It didn’t really matter what kind of pasta, as long as it’s what I had on my plate every night for dinner then I was a happy camper. The thing was, I’d never craved pasta before.

Around the start of the second trimester I decided to give a Subway Ham and Salad sub a go.

Oh dear, I should not have started that one.

Now 21 weeks and counting all I crave is Ham and Salad subs, rolls, pitas…. So then I was thinking this baby must be a boy…. It’s just like the craving of Ham and Cheese I had with Levi.

MMMM YUM! Ham and Salad Pita.

Except something devastating happened on Australia Day. I threw up my very favourite Mrs Mac’s Pie. In fact I was right off pies all together. The smell makes me queasy. Any red meat smell makes me queasy and that’s nothing like my Levi pregnancy at all.

Along with the Sub cravings, I have also been drinking bucket loads of caramel flavoured milk everyday. It’s the first thing I drink in the morning and it’s the last thing I drink before bed. The excess milk consumption brings me back to thinking this baby must be a girl.

These new cravings for me has really thrown a spanner in the works of our predicting game.

I now believe its a 50/50 guess.

Since writing this post in drafts, we have now found out the sex of our baby. I was onto something with the ham cravings…

What I want to know though,

Did you have any really odd cravings during pregnancy?

Did you crave the same thing every time?

Could you predict the sex of your baby from what you were craving?





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    1. Amanda

      no strange cravings, But was always sweet foods with my daughter, Doughnuts were a big one, so much so I considered buying a doughnut maker to save some money. And it was savoury with my son

    2. Jo Joseph

      No weird cravings, but with both pregnancies I couldn't eat chocolate without getting a pain in my side. (knew I was pregnant with No. 2 @ 3 weeks when the pain appeared.) Only had 2 boys, so don't know if it would be different for a girl! :-D

    3. I craved oranges and fruits, then I had to have icy poles and lollies, then I wanted maccas fries dipped in ice cream, Later I wanted sushi, lunchmeat, pasta and pastries, then came the milk, chocolate milk, iced coffee, whatever. Then I wanted ice cream all the time because it made the heartburn not so bad. This was all my first pregnancy, a girl.

    4. With my son it was Coco Pops!! And both times, I craved salad sandwiches in the first trimester.

    5. Hahaha..yes I did have cravings...and I did hear lots of odd stories related to it but all hogwash I tell you. First one - craved for Iced Chocolate (no wonder I put on so much weight then!), 2nd baby - anything super spicy, meaning chilli! They thought it was going to be a boy. Well, wrong! He turned out to be a she, hahaha..but, she CAN eat spicy food and not cry that girl. And the third one? Vietnamese beef noodles and I normally don't eat that! And they said...they didn't know what to say! LOL!

    6. With my son I craved mandarins. With my daughter I craved wedges and sour cream. I'm 13 weeks now and seem to be craving spiders - coke with ice-cream.

    7. First pregnacy was roast veg and chicken xx i could not stomach any with tomato base it set my tummyThat pregnacy was my angel in heaven boy taij xxx Next i was soooo soooo sooo ill for weeks i went to dr and found out i was pregnant the sickness got worse it was allll day sickness couldnt hold down a cracker even on sickness meds i lost 10kg when i did get cravings it was icecream strawberrys chocolate topping and crunchie icecream bars xxxthat was miss madi a girl xxx Next was ill but not as bad as i was with madi i knew tho straight away it was a girl cravings for sweet stuff as well as avo tomato n cheese baggettes rolls or bagels and yes we had a girl lil taiy Well when preg with my last i knew it was a boy i could not eat pastas as the tomato base upset my tummy i had cravings for chip and gravy rolls lots of salt burger rings. Grapes and apple and strawberrys and i started eating something i have hated my whole life black jelly beans and yes it was a boy xxx quinten since him i still love black jelly beans infact i like then now more than the rest haha xxx

    8. Oh and 2nd then third was slushies with taiy i would have like 3. A day xxx

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