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A Naturally Sweet Picnic Treat From Pepsi Next! + {A GIVEAWAY}

Monday, 10th February 2014

A Naturally Sweet Picnic Treat From Pepsi Next! + {A GIVEAWAY}

Six weeks, Six kids, and confined inside Chaos HQ due to weather that was so hot it was unbearable.

Yep, this summer break has not been my favourite set of holidays at all.

Infact, it almost sounds like the start of a horror film…. hmmm.

The good news is, Pepsi Next realised my dilemma, and decided that it was time for us as a family to step away from all the screens,  to get outside and embrace the natural beauty of nature and to spend time together as a family of course!

Pepsi Next package

The MonsterSquad were beside themselves with excitement and with their six minds combined, they planned us an Australia Day sunset picnic up a mountain that we will never, ever forget. One Tree Hill is one of their very favourite spots to hang out, as they just love to stand on the top of the mountain with their arms spread wide imagining that they can fly high over the land that spreads  so far below them all.

Before I knew it, the picnic basket was packed and loaded into our van and we were on an after dinner adventure up One Tree Hill in Ararat to watch the sun set together, something we have never done as a family before.

One Tree Hill lookout is located in our home town of Ararat. The road up to the top of the mountain is just under 2kms long, and once at the top you’re elevated around 188mtrs.

On the way up to the mountain, we were lucky to spot a heap of kangaroos eating on the grass at the golf club. Whoa! They were everywhere, some as tall as MonsterSquad Dad!

Pepsi Next kangaroos

We were careful not to get too close as they are wild animals, but it was lovely just to see them do their thing out in nature!

Pepsi Next Table Shot

At the top of the lookout, the view was magnificent, we could see far and wide across the Grampians mountain range and all across our little town of Ararat. As the sun began to set, the sky glowed a pinky red and it was absolutely breathtaking. I was the most relaxed I have been all holidays.

Before long, the cheeky Monsters we all know and love started the nagging…. “Can we have a can? Can we have a can? Can we have a can????” and so on.

Now drinking fizzy drinks is a total treat at Chaos HQ. Our kids do not need any excess sugar to keep them bouncing, that’s for sure, so when they cottoned on to the fact that they we’re going to get a taste, the nagging was relentless.

We laughed so hard together when Zafirah decided to put on a Pepsi Next Hip-Hop dance for us all…. Bless her, and her funky attitude, I only wish I had recorded it to share with you all! LOL

Pepsi Next Zaf

And after Zaf’s fine display of dance, I bellowed out to them all to come and have a taste, and they dived into the picnic basket like a flock of seagulls at the beach!

Pepsi Next Taste Test

The most appealing thing about trialling Pepsi Next for me is that it contains 30% less sugar than regular Pepsi, but with all the taste of a regular cola.

How do they do it?

Pepsi have managed to reduce the sugar content naturally, by using Stevia. Stevia is a plant that’s leaves can be used as a calorie-free substitute for sugar, but never fear, I can assure you there are no leafy bits floating around the cans!

Naturally less sugar!

Less sugar and still a great taste gets the thumbs up from us here at Chaos HQ.

Later on, I headed to the local supermarket to check out the full range of Pepsi Next. It comes in cans & 24 can blocks, 600ml bottles and then the bigger bottle varieties too.

The taste of Pepsi Next is not 100% the same as a full sugared cola, and I wouldn’t expect it to be, but we all quite enjoyed the flavour and found it much more pleasant to consume than some of the ‘diet’ varieties on the market.

Pepsi Next The Views

Pepsi Next are pretty confident that you’ll love it, so confident that they’re inviting people from all over Australia to participate in a ‘blind’ taste test between naturally less sugar Pepsi Next, and a full sugar cola to see which taste they prefer. For more information you can check out their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Pepsi Next Sunset

While allowing the kids to guzzle fizzy drink is not a common thing at Chaos HQ, I can see the great benefits in purchasing Pepsi Next for those special occasions and outings where they’re allowed a special treat.

The big question is……

Why will you be adding Pepsi Next to your next supermarket shop??

Simply answer that question on this blog post for your chance to win your very own Pepsi Next Picnic Basket Prize pack!

This giveaway is open to Australian residents only and closes  5:00pm AEDST, 19 February. Full t&c  here.

Getting back to nature and enjoying each others company was just what we needed and is now something we will be doing much more often. I would recommend a Pepsi Next Picnic to all families!

This is a sponsored post for Pepsi Next.


    Written by:

    1. Hannah

      The picnic looks like fun! Pepsi has less sugar, but a sweeter taste. It's cheaper than Coke and tastes a lot better! We are a fan of soft drink (guilty of this myself!!) and anything that is better for you when you won't cut it out completely is a bonus :)

    2. Trudy Flemington

      I'll be buying Pepsi Next on my next shopping trip to put in this lovely picnic basket that I'm going to win! It will make my next picnic a little sweeter without the added sugar!

    3. In this house we have always been Pepsi Max. The taste is best and at a better price then opposition soft drinks. I would love to introduce something better for the family but not take away the fun completely from having soft drink treat drinks. I'ld love to take the family on a picnic now the weather is cooling down and spend quality time with the ones who matter most

    4. AmberB

      I love nothing more than an ice cold pepsi on a hot summer day, but I could do with having less sugar in my diet. Pepsi Next is my saviour :) Yummy!

    5. StacyS

      Trying to limit a child's sugar intake is hard, but with the knowledge that Pepsi next has less, will save my time at the supermarket reading labels etc.

    6. Jodie Farnsworth

      We love Pepsi in this house and I actually bought pepsi next as a alternative on Monday and I was happy it still has that great sweet taste. We are making the switch now as its important to try and cut the sugar. We would love to win and take our kids on a picnic!

    7. Not entering the giveaway, but...looks like you all had a ball of fun! I love the fact that you can see kangaroos out in the wild (ok I'm terrified of them really). The sunset looked AMAZING! I bet you the "monsters" will remember this outing for a long time.

    8. After grocery shopping and bus money; I'm usually left with no penny If I have change, I would love to try Pepsi; So it can make me look sexy

    9. Benjamin Travia

      As somewhat of an amateur soft drink enthusiast, it saddens me (and adversely affects my credibility) that I have yet to partake in a swig of Pepsi Next. This must change.

    10. Dani

      I am quite keen to try Pepsi Next because it has less sugar without using aspartame, which triggers migraines for me. Viva la healthier fizzy drinks!

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