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A SNEAK PEEK ~ We Had A Blast At The Moose Toy Fair!!!

Friday, 6th September 2013

A SNEAK PEEK ~ We Had A Blast At The Moose Toy Fair!!!

Getting an invitation to a ‘Toy Fair’ is the Chaos HQ equivalent to having dinner with the Queen. I mean really, which child is going to say, “hmmmm no, I’m not really interested”……

Certainly not the MonsterSquad anyway. They were up and organised faster than ever the morning we headed to the Moose Toy FairΒ  to check out what they have on offer this coming Christmas season.

From the moment we walked through the door, there were grins from ear to ear as they made their way around the room checking out, and trying the latest toys and craft stations available.

Please enjoy a little sneak peek at what Moose had to show us, and stay tuned for some review posts in the lead up to Christmas!

Globes 2

Both Glitzi Globes and Blingles Glimmer were a huge hit with out girls. I especially liked the part where Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags and I got to catch up while the MonsterSquad Girls got their ‘Bling’ on!

Micro 2

The MonsterSquad Boys headed straight towards the Micro Chargers, where they spent a great big chunk of time laughing hysterically and having a ball racing tiny cars around. They also had a quick whirl on the Zooma gear too!

Personally, I think MonsterSquad Dad enjoyed the Zooma’s a little too much. He seemed to think they’d be a great way to round up kids of a morning…… Hahaha who invited the biggest child????

Minilicious 2

Zafirah adored the Mini-licious Station the most, where she made bite sized decorated bread treats. The inner chef in her dominated the area and occasionally, she gave the other kids a go too!

Zelfs 2

Aria couldn’t get enough of the Zelfs and neither could I. They took me right back to the days of collecting Troll Dolls in my youth. I may or may not have a small collection of my very own Zelfs now on my desk…. But shhhhh! don’t tell the other grown ups!

Trash Wheels 2

As I suspected, Levi instantly became obsessed with the Trash Wheels. I know too well how much the boys loved collecting the regular ‘Trashies’ so these tiny cars were sure to be a massive hit with them.

Kurio 2

Last but not least, Moose shared with us their totally awesome child friendly Android Tablet. They are rockin’ it with some awesome parental controls and other set up options on this thing. Oh these would cure the time limit arguments in a flash!

So you can see why the MonsterSquad are still going on and on about the Toy Fair. So much fun in one little venue.

I hope to share some more Moose goodness with you in the near future, I think we all need inspiring for the coming Christmas period!

I’d like to thanks the team at Moose for having us and for providing a morning tea that the kiddies actually like to eat! πŸ˜‰



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    1. So good to get to catch up with you Jacqui! I actually quite liked the Glitzi Globes myself..hehehe...So did the girls. Master 7 has been hoping to get those micro chargers and I don't blame him! They looked so fun to play with. Norlin recently posted...Fashion Day: A Dress that Sucks It All InMy Profile

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