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Another Crazy 24hrs Of Chaos… Including A Target Baby Event!

Saturday, 19th January 2013

Another Crazy 24hrs Of Chaos… Including A Target Baby Event!

Have you ever wondered what chaos actually goes on in our lives here at Chaos HQ? Here’s an insight into a busy day with 6 kids and a tired husband!

At 12.30am last night (well early this morning but you know what I mean), I chucked a wee little spaz at Monster Squad Dad.

You see after he had spent hours building a new base for our entertainment unit, and as I shut everything down and got ready for bed, he sat down at the computer and began watching some TV show he had saved to the hard drive.

Nothing overly alarming there besides the fact that we had next to no sleep the night before, and he knew that we had to be up and out of bed at 5.45am today for another drive down to Melbourne.

Fixing tv cabinet
{The start of the 'TV cabinet revamp.}

Seriously, one day, we’ll get to bed before midnight. One day.

Anyway, the late TV watching habit really MUST go as several alarms failed to wake the sleeping grizzly between 5.45am and 6.15am this morning, resulting in one very cranky, rushed, exhausted Mumma trying to get dressed for a PR event, feed a baby and have 6 kids dressed and out the door by 6.30am.

Ha! Bloody men. Fail to see the importance of having your hair styled to walk up Chapel St in South Yarra Vic. (And alas, it did not get done nicely in the end….)

At 7am, after a mummy temper tantrum, we left the house.

3 monsters dressed and delivered to MonsterSquad Grandma’s house. Ok, so they hadn’t been fed yet but that’s nothing Grandma can’t fix for us since we were running short of time!

Right, coffee stop at Macca’s before we commence the 2.5hr drive into Melbourne for the TARGET BABY Event.

You see where we went wrong just there was in the thinking that grabbing a ‘quick’ take away breakfast, was actually going to be quick…. FAIL!

“Can you please park in the waiting bay and we’ll bring your food out…..?” Typical.

5 or so mins later, up walks the Macca’s guy with the wrong order resulting in another wait while he fixed his mistake.


Nevermind, we’ve got chow now and most importantly, a tall cuppa in my hot little hand.

Commence Melbourne trip.

Argh roadworks!

100km hr

80km hr

40km hr

60km hr

100hr……no wait straight back to 40km hr.

Insert, “Mum, Muuum, Muuuuummmmmmm, I’m still hungry”

“Muuuuuuuummmm, I’m busting” And so on and so on, you get the drift.

Just what every tired, tantrum throwing mum needs to hear for 2.5hrs straight! JOY!

Not only were my eyes stinging from lack of sleep, and my ear’s burning from the constant nagging, but my heart jumped into overdrive as a small bushfire approached the highway from the grasslands on the opposite side of the road.

Fire on ring road
{Just a little too close for my comfort!}

One minute I’m on the CFA App claiming there was a fire nearby, to seeing masses of smoke in the distance, to seeing flames as tall as the van and thick dark smoke bringing the traffic to a standstill. Scary indeed and so hard to breathe in the smoke. My heart truly goes out to those affected by the bush-fires that are still burning across the country.

Driving through the smoke today for 2mins was enough for me to stress out. I can’t begin to imagine what those who are living with it are going through.

By 10am we had arrived in South Yarra for the Target Baby Event. On time (a little early even), despite the sleep in, the ratty kids, the breakfast wait, the bloody roadworks, toilet stops, the fire and the morning traffic!

But wait folks, it get’s better.

I got out of our van, announced to MonsterSquad Dad that I was going in alone and told the 3 kids we had with us to behave for Daddy.

Smoosh and me
{Have a smooshin' great time with Daddy baby boy, Mumma has Bloggy Work to do!!!}

Yes, that’s right, I attended a bloggy event without a nappy bag, or a spew rag or any kind of child like attachment at all….

Why you ask?

Because I was genuinely interested in Target’s baby range and juggling the ever moving, never quiet smooshy Elijah whilst attempting to listen and concentrate was just not going to happen.

Granted, at first I felt a little naked and lost without my baby boy attached, especially seeing many other little bubbas, but after the initial guilt trip I placed on myself eased, gosh I was glad I went without the kiddy tribe.

I don’t want to shock you all but I got to speak, with other adults. Yep, big people, with real conversations and real opinions on things.


Chit chatter and meet new friends. Embrace old ones I haven’t seen in yonks and I even managed to eat a mini quiche without interruption or having to share it.

Most importantly though, I got to hear all about the latest and greatest in Target’s baby range and even had a sneak peek at some things coming through the pipelines later this year.

I heard about where they get their ideas and design inspiration from.

Finally, (well in a few months) I will actually be able to purchase manchester that will coordinate with the grey and lime green that we painted our nursery.

Targets clothing range
{Just a little look at their upcoming range of baby/infant clothes range}

I now know a whole lot more about fabrics, colour ranges and sizing charts too.

Like did you know, that Target’s baby suits now come with the zero’s sizing, a month sizing and a weight guide on the tag? That makes selecting the correct size about a million times easier!

The displays were nothing short of fantastic and MonsterSquad Dad will be no doubt thanking them (amongst grumbled swear words) under his breath when he’s painting the boy’s bedroom with all my funky new colour and decorating ideas.

Thanks Target Australia for the fantastic inspiration….. Hahahahha!

nursery designs
{Total SNEAK PEEK!!! This stuff is coming.... real soon.... to a Target near you!}

Well I came out of the event on a high, to face another 3 hours in the van on the way home.

To understand what that was like, all you have to do is reverse the scenario I began with, only take out the element of fire and add a lunch stop and you’re pretty close to spot on.

Nearing 4pm we arrive back at MonsterSquad Grandma’s place to collect the other 3 monsters.

Yey! Coffee break!

Add a full blown 7yr old temper tantrum, a quick trip to Aldi – with said tantrum chucking child, a sandwich dinner and another 3 hours of ranting and raving at kids to get ready for bed, juggling a baby and prying my eyes open and it brings me right up to now.

A moment, at 9.38pm to sit down and tell you all about my day. To give you an insight and show you how real it all is.

By the time I finish this post, and get ready for bed, it will once again be after midnight and I will have kissed another 24 busy hours of my life good bye.

Tomorrow I will focus on trying to catch up on washing that hasn’t been done, dishes that are crowding the bench, the floors that are sticky and need attention and an all over quick tidy up before we head out tomorrow night to celebrate MonsterSquad Dad’s 30th birthday with his mates.

The day’s are flying right by. Almost so fast they’re blurry.

I take photos to try to preserve the memories I fear I will forget in the chaos of everyday life here at Chaos HQ.

Who else is feeling the pinch of the ‘mundane’ and the ‘getting old’s’ catching them?

I know I am!


* Target invited me to attend the Target Baby Event in Melbourne on the 18th Jan 2013. This is not a sponsored post, I was not asked to write about my experience, nor was I expected to. I received a small gift bag containing a few baby items, a small gift voucher and a pre-paid card to help with fuel and parking expenses. (I say ‘help with’ as opposed to ‘cover’ because it ended up costing me money to attend this event as fuel in a 12 seater bus on a 5+ hour round trip costs a whole heap more that $40!)

Thank-you Target for having me at your event. I look forward to attending more just like it in the future.



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    1. Kate

      Great post! I would have freaked out about the fire too!! I find it so hard to go to bed at night when all the kids are asleep, that adult time is so precious but atm my little guy is really hard to settle so I end up going to bed with him at a reasonable hour :) The other day I took the kids swimming all day, I went to bed at 9:30 and slept so well! I would love to know where target get their ideas from! Still not a huge range for boys but better than 10 years ago with my first lol. Sad that my little guy is almost out of the baby section! ( and gets hand me downs from big brother) I want another bub lol ... ** not going to happen** LOL!

    2. Jenny

      Wow what a busy day/ week and so on. You are super mum!!!

    3. I loved this post, it was so full of crazy busy and honesty. It is so hard when stuff just keeps coming at you and you never seem to catch up!

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