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Baby Wipes… Are HUGGIES really the best? YES!!!

Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Baby Wipes… Are HUGGIES really the best? YES!!!

It’s safe to say we have done our fair share of nappy changing in this house.

Infact we’re not finished with it yet.

With one still in night nappies, a reluctant to train toddler and a baby on the way there’s a decent chance we’ll be changing bums for a few more years to come yet.

In fact, I once read somewhere that its possible to change approximately 10,000 nappies per child.

Now count that one up…. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5……+ 1…..

EEEEK!!! Thats a possible 60,000 bum changes in my career as a mum.

Hmmm, and you know what? amongst all those changes, we’ve probably tried every single brand of baby wipe on the market.

There are a few brands that do OK but none have ever surpassed my love for HUGGIES BABY WIPES though.


Because I will do anything to avoid that awkward moment where your finger tears through the sopping wet cheaper wipe to be coated in a fresh smear of baby poop.Β  Yes indeedy, I am not a fan of that.

Likewise, I do not like using half a packet of wipes per bum change because they’re that dried up they just wont budge the mess.

Don’t get me started on the ones that don’t separate when you pull them out of the pack…. You know what I am talking about… Pull out one wipe and before you know it you have 60 of the bloody things twisted up your entire arm.

Huggies wipes have been kind to me from day 1.

I first purchased them to take into hospital with me after the birth of our twins.

They were thick. No chance of breakage.

They smelt great. No residual odour left on your hands.

You can buy them in bulk saving you money and a last minute dash to the shop with a stinky bum in tow.

You can now also buy mighty cute tubs to store them in as well.

I love them because they’re hypoallergenic and have never caused an irritation on any of my sensitive skin children.

But the best bit about the wipes?

You can use them for anything and everything!!!

Daughter pinched your lippy and smeared it all over her face? Huggies will clean that.

Son has had a gastric explosion in your new car… Huggies will fix that right up too.

Finger painting has gone well beyond the norm and now includes walls and doors??? You guessed it. Huggies will sort it out for you.

The best part about me reviewing a product I so dearly love and respect, is the fact that I get to share a GIVEAWAY with you!!

That’s right, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me how much you’d love to win a 240pack of Cucumber & Aloe fragranced wipes (MY FAVES-smells great!) and I will randomly draw a winner on WEDNESDAY 29th FEB 2012.

It’s that easy!

Fine Print: Competition is open to Australian residents only. Comment must be left on the actual blog post, not on any other page associated with Common Chaos Chronicle.

Huggies supplied me with some wipes to trial. This is not a paid review. All opinions are my own and are honest to my thoughts on the products.





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    1. I loved Huggies wipes too :) They even clean poo off the carpet!!!

    2. ann

      haha i just finished changing 2 poo nappies with my huggies wipes i will never use anything else!! i would love to try the aloe ones as i have only used the fragrance free ones and would love to see what they are like!! there is nothing the wipes cant clean we use them for everything in this house!! they are a great face cloth for me (cheaper than buying the face wipes), i clean the boys high chairs with them, wipe down the change mat!! i buy them in the box!! i tried other brands, some i was given and some i brought but would never use anything other than huggies. ps love your blog!!

    3. Laila

      LOve huggies wipes.... have been using them for more than 15 years.... still use a box a week or more...

    4. Naterlee Lovegrove

      Love love love huggies wipes and nappies for all the above reasons and one more....great for letting the toddler 'help' with the dusting!

    5. skye novella

      i love huggies wipes, they evan work well for wiping the table after dinner and cleanin those muddy shoes your kids wear! i use wipes for almost everything!!

    6. Amanda

      The only wipe i have ever trusted to remove my makeup, and change my kids

    7. Michelle V

      I've been changing nappies for 7 and-a-half years in a row!!! I've always used Huggies wipes (the sensitive ones), and it would be lovely to have a new scent to smell at nappy time!!!

    8. Huggies wipes is also great for removing make-up! Yep. If it's good for your baby's bum it's good enough for you face. ;)

    9. Darlene Broadbent

      I love using Huggies Baby Wipes they are soft and quite thick which is great and you can use them to wipe off hair dye if you dye your own hair they are great

    10. I'm not entering the giveaway but I did want to say that I totally agree with you. We tried lots of brand of wipes with my five but we always go back to Huggies wipes.

    11. Jo Joseph

      Have very rarely used anything else in the last 6.5 years! I can still remember someone in my mums group complaining that they were too thick! The more protection between me & poo the better as far as I'm concerned! :-D

    12. I have 3 nephews and a nice so those wipes would come in handy.

    13. Charmaine Hutton

      Love them!!! Someone was trying to tell me they were more expensive than other wipes, but because of their thickness and strength, one wipe will do the job, where as with the "cheaper" wipes, you need three or four, so it's actually more economical to buy the better quality wipes :)

    14. They were the only ones we used on our boys.

    15. Hayley

      Huggies wipes are fantastic! My children have sensitive skin so we have to be careful what we use on them :)

    16. I always use Huggies too. I always have a pack in my car for emergency face washing, the back end and stains on clothes. The are the best spot carpet cleaning item on the market too.

    17. Kirsty Rumler Trainor

      Love huggies wipes. Used them for number one and still. Going strong for number three.

    18. Melanie

      I love Huggies - they are wet but not too wet, they smell nice and, unlike the cheaper brands, it is possible to only pull out and use 1 at a time (instead of 4 all stuck together).

    19. I've never tried Huggies wipes as I was told they weren't good.. maybe it's time to give them a try.

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