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Bananagrams – Perfect For Games Night! + {A QUICK & EASY GIVEAWAY}

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

Bananagrams – Perfect For Games Night! + {A QUICK & EASY GIVEAWAY}

*** UPDATE***

The winners of the Bananagrams are Darya & Nyree!

We’ll have a vote at dinner time to decide between:

*Chaos Playzone

*Family First Night

Thanks all who entered

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Creating fun family moments doesn’t always have to be super expensive.

At Chaos HQ we just don’t have the disposable income to wow the kids with extraordinary activities and events each week. I don’t know too many families that can.

Those of you that read Common Chaos Chronicle religiously and follow the banter on the CCC Facebook page would know that every week as a family we sit down to scoff popcorn and watch a movie, aka ‘MonsterSquad Movie Night’.

It’s a great way to spend time as a family and to create a tradition that the kids will always remember, but the one thing that movie night lacks for me is the ‘conversation’. In fact, it’s a whole lot of ‘Shooshing’ instead.

So I’ve been thinking about this and have decided that we should incorporate a ‘Family Games Night’ into our weekly routine at Chaos HQ.

A games night would have so many benefits for us.

* Family Time – We can talk, have fun, enjoy each others company.
* Budget Friendly – We can make use of the things we have here, and future purchases will be used by all and can be reused.
* It will help with the children learning and practicing their sharing abilities.
* There’s the added bonus of including some educational games in there too.

And that’s just a few benefits, I’m sure I could come up with even more.

To start with I will utilise what we have here at Chaos HQ.
* Playstation 3
* Wii
* Table Tennis
* Pool
* Assorted Card Games
* Assorted Board Games – Including the new BANANAGRAMS WORD GAME!!!


(Bananagrams is a little like scrabble, and a crossword and an anagram race in one – you’ll love it – read more about it here!)

Maybe we will rotate, maybe we will have a few different game areas set up – I will let you know what works best for us.

All I need now is a cool name for this new special night, and for your chance to win your own BANANAGRAMS game (I have 2 to giveaway), tell me on this blog post:


I will select my 2 favourites as winners! Easy.

I look forward to sharing with you all how this works out. Stay tuned on Facebook for updates and to find out what night we choose to start our new tradition!

The Fine Print:
* Competition entries must be posted on this blog post.
* Judges decision is final
* Competition is open until 9pm on the 19th Oct – It’s a quick one so enter now!!!
* Winners will be contacted via email and must respond within 48hrs.

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    Written by:

    1. Common Chaos family fun night.

    2. Jen

      Hi! In keeping with the theme, my suggestion is MonsterSquad Game On! Or perhaps GhoulGang Game On!

    3. Michelle V

      Memories's Family Date!!!! Or Family Night Delight!

    4. Kylie Gladwin

      Giggle-O-game night :)

    5. Danielle

      MonsterSquad Knockout (Like "It's a Knockout!" The family tv game show)

    6. Renee Ballantyne

      Now for memories or NFM as these nights will be something you look back on with fondness years ahead.

    7. Monster-Squad Going Nutty Family Time.

    8. Diana O

      'MAN' an acronym my brother and I used when we were young for our family games night. MAN 'Muck around night'. To this very day, even though now all grown up we still use this term!

    9. Dee

      "Electricity free and still fun!" They may not get it at the beginning but it'll soon kick in!!

    10. Jess m

      'Let the chaos begin at chaos hq' OR 'Monster mayhem'

    11. Catherine

      Monster Squad Games Night...MSG night lol

    12. Effie Bakkalis

      I like something simple like "FFF"... which stands for Fun Family Festivale!

    13. Kim m

      "No Screen Night", in my house we have to be super specific, if we say no tv, then we get the questions like, can I just play the ipad/3ds? etc etc. so we developed the "No Screen Night" so that it stops all further questions in their tracks...

    14. Monster Squad GAG night - {games & giggles}

    15. Nyree Creek

      I cant really think of much.... the only thing i can think of is Family First Night.. meaning family comes 1st xxxx

    16. Charlotte

      In the spirit of Bananagrams... Monstersquad Monkeyin' Around Night! :)

    17. You can borrow our name if you like which is "Giggles and Games Night" as we always end up in fits of laughter. Hope you enjoy your special night!

    18. Ziggy

      Monstersquad Mad Mayhem Smackdown!

    19. Monica

      Merry XGames!

    20. Lisa

      No Chaos @ the Chill Zone

    21. Darya

      Chaos Playzone?

    22. Tracy

      Big Night In

    23. Michelle Gray

      Spin of chaos game

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