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Bicycles Online – The easy way to buy your new bike!

Monday, 19th November 2012

Bicycles Online – The easy way to buy your new bike!

This Christmas, Bicycles Online are here to make shopping for kids bikes an absolute breeze!

If your family is anything like ours, the kids are going to be massive fans of getting outdoors and riding a bike. In fact I believe that kid’s learning to ride a bike is almost a rite of passage.

(How super happy am I to have found this website?!?!?!)

Bikes online pic

Once a long time fan of in-store shopping, as Christmas approaches I am seeing the benefits of shopping online, even for big budget items like bikes.

Lay-by queues at this time of year are a disaster. I think that speaks for itself really.

Finding a park at shopping centers takes just as long as it does to do the actual shopping and grabbing a moment long enough to shop and compare prices without 6 little MonsterSquad members attached is easier said than done.

So I have turned to the world wide web in search of bikes (let’s face it, lugging 6 bikes home from a shopping center inconspicuously is next to impossible) and Bicycles Online seem to have everything an avid bike rider could possibly need.

The kids bikes that I have been checking out on the Bicycles Online Website range in price and for the brands and quality, it’s easy to snatch up a bargain. Some bikes have even been drastically reduced.

Kids bikes
{Prices Valid November 2012}

I’ve also popped over to their accessories page and checked out their range of helmets too.

Bicycles Online offer FREE DELIVERY Australia Wide, a 12mth ‘no hassles’ return policy (Some conditions apply) and a 14 Day ‘Test Ride’ on their bikes. I don’t know too many shopping center stores that can offer you that with each bike!!!

We’ve done the dirt cheap super special bikes in the past and they’ve failed us 4-6mths later. When considering our next lot of bikes I want quality and I want to know that if anything goes wrong, or if I am unhappy then I will get the help and assistance I need.

I am even starting to consider purchasing MonsterSquad Dad and myself Bikes and joining in the riding fun. Their Adult bikes look just as impressive as the kid’s bikes do.

I have a few weeks left to decide which bikes take my fancy, to ensure delivery before Christmas. If you’re looking at a bike this year you can check out their delivery dates HERE.

Bicycles Online have their own You Tube Channel, which comes in handy when you want to know the in’s and out’s of a particular bike. Seriously, if all online shopping was this convenient and helpful, I may never leave the house!!


After braving the shops today (and it’s only mid Nov!!!) I am certain that online shopping is the most stress free way for parents to shop for this Christmas.

How much shopping do you do online?







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    1. Hmm..I do quite a lot of my shopping online actually. The convenience of putting something I like into a virtual cart without having to brave the "angry" crowds at the malls - a bonus! So yes, I love online shopping and this shopping for a bicycle online thing? GENIUS!

    2. It looks like a great site Jacqui. I need to get new bikes next year for the boys 7th birthday once they outgrow the current ones (only a year old at moment)

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