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Botani Olive Skin Serum – Giving Me That Pregnant Glow! + GIVEAWAY!

Saturday, 2nd June 2012

Botani Olive Skin Serum – Giving Me That Pregnant Glow! + GIVEAWAY!

When I escape the confines of Chaos HQ, I often have people telling how wonderful my skin is looking, and lately I have been fielding off many comments about my glorious ‘Pregnant Glow’.

The sad truth is, while I had what some would call ‘perfect’ skin during my teenage years, my breakouts, dry spots and red marks all appeared after I started having children.

So I must admit there has been a bit of a secret behind the pregnant glow this time. My skin has been rather…..ahem…..average lately, so the kind people at Botani offered to share their Olive Skin Serum with me.

Botani Olive Skin Serum

Feeling a bit blergh and temperamental about my appearance, I gladly accepted their offer and began sampling the serum of an evening after my nightly shower.

Now so far I have only used it on my face, as I think I would need around 6 buckets worth to deal with the stretch marks everywhere else, but I will admit, the skin on my face has never felt smoother. It’s going to be a competition when my baby arrives as to which one of us has the baby smooth skin!

All I do is splash a small amount of water on my face, use the dropper that comes in the serum bottle to dab a few drops around my face and rub it in.

Duh Dah! super smooth skin in the morning! YEY!!!

Using Botani Olive Skin Serum
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Botani is all natural, Eco-friendly and against animal testing!

Their products contain no harmful chemicals and is 100% pure and organic where possible!

I do notice that this product has a little bit of an odor to it, and when I say that I mean it just kind of smells like an olive oil or something similar, but when I got MonsterSquad Dad to have a sniff, he reckons it’s just my heightened sense of smell due to pregnancy!

My next test with this product will be on the stretch marks, once bub is out.

Botani Olive Skin Serum is available at leading chemist or you can find them online at

Now, for the GIVEAWAY!!!

Botani want one of you lucky readers to also experience their serum and are offering to send the winner out a great sample pack too.

Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you would love to try this product and I will randomly select a winner. It’s that easy!

Competition Fine Print!

* Comp is open to Australian residents only.

* Judges decision is final.

* All entries must be received by 7pm EST on Wed 6th June 2012.

* You have to be in it to win it!!!





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    1. Kassi Cartia

      I would lovveeeeee to try this! I'm due on the 8th of July and I've been following your pregnancy updates religiously as I'm due not long after you. Now coming down to the last 5 weeks I feel I need some prepping up. Sleeping is getting harder, running after a toddler and noticing you have rice bubbles stuck down your shirt is not the 'sexiest' feeling in the world lol. So anything to boost me up would be fab. My eyes feel like they are bulging out of my head as I type this. Thank you for posting such great posts regularly. You definitely keep me entertained :) Good luck with the arrival of your bub in only 4 weeks... I hope your more organised then me... I haven't even started the room... eeeek :)

    2. This looks like a great product and love that you were able to try it out. I am not entering the giveaway but wanted to wish you all the best with the arrival of your sweet cherub and love that you could have a little special treat right now. N x

    3. I would love to try this , I have 13 weeks left to go in this pregnancy and I so do not have a pregnant glow I have dry patchy skin and would love to try something that might give me the glow I need :)

    4. I don't need it either but it sounds like something I could have used when pregnant with twins. Not long to go now before you welcome your precious bub.

    5. AmberB

      My skin has been super dry lately - the change of weather, I think, is the cause. I'd love to try this!!!

    6. Maria

      Ive been getting into natural products lately and ive heard hing but good things about Botani. My skin just seems to get oily and uneven these days, so this is something that id definitely love to try. The packaging it quite cute, too :)

    7. Crysta

      I would love to try it as after I had hormonal Issues my skin got stains and is extremely dry that looks dehidrated and and I look older than Im!

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