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Bum Changing In Style – Highpoint Maribyrnong Has A New Baby Change Room!

Sunday, 3rd February 2013

Bum Changing In Style – Highpoint Maribyrnong Has A New Baby Change Room!


Just before Christmas 2012 I received an invitation from the folk at Highpoint Shopping Center in Maribyrnong Victoria, to check out and review their brand new Baby/Children/Parent’s Room.

With my ever so obvious addiction to shopping and my love of all things baby (and kiddie of course), I snapped up the offer and grinned like a Cheshire cat the whole way there!!!

Now, for those of you that don’t know, I grew up in Melbourne, and frequented the likes of Highpoint, Chadstone and Southland Shopping Centers on a weekly basis. Then I moved to the sticks, where limited shopping is a part of life and it’s an hour drive just to get to a ‘brand name’ store!!

Oh how I miss ‘real’ shops!

Anyway, it’s fair to say I was most excited about my little adventure down to Melbourne to check this room out.

It was only a few years ago, when shopping in Ballarat, that we discovered the baby change room in one shopping center was actually set up inside their old cleaners storage room…… (True Story)

So since that day I must admit I have been a bit fussy about where we have changed our babies bums, and also where we have sat to feed them too.

Upon arrival at Highpoint we (after the 3hr drive) were all busting for the toilet and sussed out the closest parents room to our entry point.

Ooooooh swish I thought as I gleamed at the fancy benches and almost ‘mood’ lighting. Just perfect for a quiet feed with a newborn.

2 mins later a cleaning lady popped in to check the nappy bins and I was quick to strike up a conversation about how lovely the new room was. She cheekily informed me that this was not in fact the new room, it was located further on in the center! Whoops.

But that has to be good right? If we were impressed with the quality of the ‘other’ change room, how cool would the new parent’s room be???

(Massive thanks go out to the lovely cleaning lady who gave us fantastic directions to get to the new room, but also took the time later on in our shopping expedition to stop us, say hello again and ask us if we found it ok and what we thought. Thumbs up to her, I wish I caught her name!)

Highpoint Maribyrnong Parents Room Change Tables

Straight up, I’ll be honest, curved wall impress the socks off me. I love them to bits. I wish I had the know-how to create them myself at home. Imagine a playroom with curved walls, ooohhhhh…..

As we approached Highpoint’s new parents room, the rounded walls led us into a modern display of awesomeness. And that was just the decor! LOL

The changing stations were well set up. The lighting was not too bright and there was plenty for bub to look at up on the roof too, which is ideal, if you have a rolling squirmer like we do.

Facilities were available to warm up milk and meals which is also a must in a baby room for us now that Elijah is on the bottle.

Highpoint Shopping Centre Maribyrnong Parents Room

In the center of the room is a large ‘tree’, which sets the tone for the awesome kiddy play area on the opposite side of the room. Behind the glass wall is an area set up for the kiddies to chill out, relax and watch a dvd/tv.

There is plenty of room for the children and the apple seats are just divine. I totally want one, or maybe even 6.

Highpoint Shopping Centre Maribyrnong Parents Room Apple Seats

I thought it was a lovely change from other rooms I have seen in the past, that are filled with pre-slobbered on toys and and noisy wall mounts that distract the baby whilst you’re feeding.

Most children could keep themselves entertained for long enough to feed a little one in the fenced off area.

On to the private feeding rooms….

They were decorated lovely and had a drawing board to keep older ones busy should you not want to leave them in the fenced area while you were feeding. They included fold down change table areas too, which makes the mid-feed bum change a breeze.

The only thing I would change about these would be the curtain doors. I don’t know about your little monsters but a curtain would not hold my 3yr old back while I fed the baby. Some kind of lockable sliding door or even baby gates would have made these little areas a tad more Mummy friendly.

Also in the parent’s room is a bathroom with and adult and child size toilet.The room was big enough to take your pram into should you be shopping along with your little kids and have no one to leave them with as you pop over to the loo.

A must, I say as I have been caught before with no one to leave the kids with for a toilet break.

Highpoint Shopping Centre Maribyrnong Parents Room Feeding Areas

I really was quite impressed with this room, but one last thing I would like to mention is the fact that there were no lingering poo-ey smells. Some rooms stink so much that there is no way I would feed a child in there. It seems that the crew at Highpoint have this situation covered. (They also didn’t know when we were going to be visiting either so impossible to stage it just for our review!)

Shopping with kids can be stressful. Hell we all know that, but having an area just to pull them out of the crowds, give them a drink and a wind down is nothing short of fantastic in terms of juggling shopping and kids at once.

If you’re heading to Highpoint, check it out. I reckon you’ll be impressed!

For those of you that want to check it out for yourselves, you can find all the information you need to get to Highpoint Shopping Center by clicking HERE.

(Highpoint supplied me with a gift voucher to spend in their center to help cover the costs associated with us traveling down to Melbourne for the day.Β  This however did not sway my opinion of the Parent’s room, all opinions written in this review are honest and my own.)







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    1. What a great space! I always try to find the parents room when I'm shopping. I still don't let me son go to the mens toilet by himself, and take him there instead. btw - you couldn't fit one of those apple chairs in your nappy bag??

    2. Oh wow! Almost (yes I said ALMOST) made me want to have another baby just so I check out their baby change room!! Seriously, it looks good, has definitely been a well-thought out room to cater to parents with kids AND bubs! Most that I've been to are usually smelly and dirty and seldom have cleaners clean them up - a pity really. Loved that they provide a small stool & a "doodle wall" for your other child to be able to keep themselves occupied while mum is busy feeding bub. I think baby change rooms have definitely come a long way.

    3. ooooo swish indeed! I haven't been to highpoint in AGES, but it's only 20 mins away from me so I see a trip in our near future. We will def be checking out the swish new baby bum change room!

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