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Chaos HQ Get’s Healthy – How Did You ‘CHOOSI’ Your Health Insurance?

Friday, 26th October 2012

Chaos HQ Get’s Healthy – How Did You ‘CHOOSI’ Your Health Insurance?

As a child growing up in my family, we never had health insurance. I’m pretty sure the main reason was in fact the assumption that only ‘rich’ people could afford it.

If we were unwell, we saw our family doctor, and if it was an emergency we headed to the hospital. The public system got us through and buying insurance was never even mentioned.

Health Insurance Pic

For years I questioned whether it was even worth having health insurance and spent plenty of time confused about gap payments, waiting periods and which provider would be best.

As I get older (eeek! I know, I just said ‘older’), I’m starting to notice things are, for want of a better word, ‘falling apart’ a whole lot faster!

For example, I had a smashing toothache not so long ago. It took me 5 days to get into the public community dentist, where his solution to the problem was to just ‘rip it out’. I declined his tooth tearing offer and opted to have a root canal treatment done.

The dentist completed the first stage of the root canal and asked me to make a follow up appointment to come back for stage 2. The next best appointment I could make was in 10 months time. 10months!!! He then said I would require a 3rd treatment, and the 4th stage would then have to be completed at a private dentist as the public system did not cover the cap required on the tooth.

Silly me asked how much that would cost…. “oh approximately $1200-$1500”. Holey Moley.


I’ve seen advertisements on the TV that tell me over and over again that Private Health Insurance is affordable for everyone. I watch and wonder if they’ve ever seen the state of an 8 person-family’s bank account….. Hmmm, there’s really not a lot left at the end of the day to pay for something like this, but I am determined to compare private health insurance in Australia to find out if it’s something we can look at getting.

After a quick ‘Google’, I came across Choosi.

Choosi is a website that helps you compare different insurance providers and find the best deal to suit you and your family, because honestly, I had no idea where to start, or what we even needed to be covered.

So I started filling in our details and selecting different things here and there. It was quick, simple and free.

The information they provided me with was easy to understand, and the extra information covering all aspects of Health Insurance on their site was fantastic.

Getting Health Insurance quotes from Choosi certainly cut my research time in half (and then in half again), making it easier to choose what we needed and leaving me more time to get on with other important online things….. like shopping!

If you’re interested in Health Insurance and like me, don’t know where to begin, check out Choosi, it’s the perfect place to start, with everything you need to know in one site!

Do you and your family have Private Health Insurance?

Have you found a great deal?

Is it worthwhile for your family?





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    1. Brooke

      We got health insurance a few years ago through my husbands work. There was an employee incentive where they waived certain periods and we got a good deal. We didn't look at anything else though perhaps we should have, but it seems to be good for us. Some months we don't use it at all, which is a bit silly when there's so many services that cost next to nothing after your claim. We both had our wisdom teeth out a few years ago which saved us $1500apx with insurance. It was $1500 per person full cost, so that was well worth it as everything after that was a bonus. I've had many dentist appointments where it would have cost $200-$300 per visit and I paid $40max. One appointment cost me $5, lol, and I never had to wait months and months. I'm now looking at hospital cover and if it would be any good since we're paying heavily with the Medicare levy at tax time, but that might be a job for choosi lol

    2. We don't have it, no. Like you, not only has the budget not really allowed for it, but every time I started to research, I got confused and second guessed myself. But we decided just a couple of weeks ago that it's time. To at the very least, get hospital cover. I might head on over now and have a look. Thanks for the link.

    3. We had to drop health insurance last year but only until we get back on our feet financially. I don't live the 2% loading!

    4. I think in the last couple of years what we have saved at the dentist and optomertrist has made it worth it! Amazing what needs you have as you get 'older'!

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