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Children’s Pain Relief – Children’s Panadol 1-5years Is Back + {A GIVEAWAY}

Wednesday, 16th October 2013

Children’s Pain Relief – Children’s Panadol 1-5years Is Back + {A GIVEAWAY}

This is a sponsored post.

Children’s Panadol 1-5yrs is back on Chemist shelves now, with a mess-free dosing device to make administering the correct dose quick and easy, every single time!

Today I took my baby boy Elijah (1yr) to have his immunisation needles. It’s a task I really don’t like doing and one where I need a helper with me, as I am a big sook when it comes to watching my children being poked with sharp implements!

He was running a little late on the immunisation schedule as he was constantly unwell over winter when the jab was due, but with spring in the air, he’s fit as a fiddle and I made it my business to get it done!

When we battled the flu over winter, I noticed that the Children’s Panadol I usually purchase from the chemist was unavailable.

I was most impressed when I visited the chemist today after Eli had his needles to discover that the Children’s Panadol 1-5yrs is back on the shelf with an easy to use dosage device. I now know that our medicine cabinet is stocked up in case he develops a fever associated with his immunisation needles.

Eli Collage Panadol Post

Children’s Panadol has always been a staple in our medicine cabinet since having our children nearly 10years ago, and it is still rated Australia’s most trusted pain reliever, by Readers Digest.

My go-to solution for my children’s aches, pains and fevers had been removed from stores because of a patent infringement on the dosage device. This temporarily prevented GSK from selling its Children’s Panadol® 1-5 years suspension with a 10 mL syringe-based dosing device.

The good news is, IT IS NOW BACK IN STORES!

High res_Children's Panadol 1-5 Years Suspension Image 2

The return of Children’s Panadol® 1-5 years suspension, which features an accurate, easy to use dosing device to administer the right amount of medicine without making a mess, means the full Children’s Panadol® range is now available to Australian families.

To celebrate the return of Children’s Panadol 1-5years, Australia’s number one trusted pain reliever brand Panadol, have supplied me with an awesome pamper hamper valued at $156 to giveaway to one lucky Common Chaos reader!

The hamper includes:

Glasshouse Oahu with Ilima Milk & Honey Triple Scented Candle
Glasshouse Oahu with Ilima Milk & Honey Hand and Body Creme 150ml
Glasshouse Oahu with Ilima Milk & Honey Body Bar 250gm
100% White Microplush Bathrobe (one size fits all)

For your chance to win, simply tell me on this blog post……

Why you choose Children’s Panadol® 1-5 years suspension for your little monsters?

I will select my favourite answer to win!


Elise @ Mummy Hearts Money!

Congratulations Elise, I hope you enjoy your Pamper Hamper from Children’s Panadol!

Elise Wrote:

P recious babies I have 3
A nd each one has needed me
N ights especially, temps run high
A nd babies sob, lips out they cry
D o I call the doctor, its way too late!
O h thank goodness for Panadol,
L ess time to wait.


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    1. Mel jones

      I'm so glad this is back! I find it eases baby's pain faster than any other brand and bubs is looking for more after the dose! So must taste awesome too!! Happy baby=happy mummy!

    2. Megan

      I have been using Panadol, for my children for the past 24 years!! I have 6 children and have used Panadol with all of them and still am my youngest being 3 years old. My kids have always liked the taste and I liked the fact that I didn't have to fight them to take it like other brands which they didn't like the taste of. I will continue using Panadol right up until the are old enough to choose for themselves!

    3. panadol is a gentle great tasting pain relief for little ones,no nasty after tastes and kids are hard to please ,i have used this and it was pain free for me try to give it to them so thats awesome

    4. Kat

      A little goes a long way. Nothing worse than thinking you have enough of another brand then needing it in the middle of the night and only having a half does.

    5. Mel Saunders

      I have used children's panadol for last 16 yrs on my own bio kids and gone back to young ones again since becoming a foster carer. All the kids dont mind taste and quick and easy to use nothing like have 4 little ones all sick and needing pain relief during night.

    6. Sandy Burton

      I have always used panadol its a brand you can trust to do the job you want and I have found that out of all the brands panadol is the only 1 that doesn't leave a nasty after taste and you don't have to fight with the kids to give it to them as it tastes great. Panadol has been used by my mum and I have been using it for my children for 23yrs and now I use I on my grandson.

    7. Kim m

      Panadol is the only and the best. My Mum used it for me and I do the same for my kids, and it's easy to use!

    8. Kim

      My Mum gave us Panadol when we were sick and I love my Mum and she looked after us well so I give my kids Panadol when they need it!

    9. Norma

      The taste is yum, and provides some fun, it kills the pain, before crying kids hurt my brain!

    10. Christine

      My daughter's teething (again - sigh) and I use this Panadol as it not only works quickly, she loves the taste as well (the little drug fiend!)

    11. Linda Courtney

      Nothing satisfies more than knowing that my little ones are pain free and getting what they need from something the is reliable and works.

    12. A battle from day dot! From our very first precious tot, Over the years we’ve tried other products and more than one brand, Fearful when discovered one became Nationally band, The lyrics of “A Spoonful Of Sugar” from Mary Poppins we would sing, Tears! Tantrums! Chaos! Admistering medicine would bring! After baby number two, We discovered a break through, Children’s Panadol was comparable to a breath of fresh air! It’s NOW become a love affair! Sugar free! Adored by each precious pea! Sumptuous flavours leaving them asking for more, Endorsed by hospitals; no need to search ANYMORE! As a parent to young children; I will continue to praise, AND guardedly nurture and raise…

    13. Kirsten W

      Because I trust it and I know it works. It's a simple as that!

    14. Heather Hopley

      Puts smiles back on his face; dries his eyes As a good mum I know it's wise. Panadol1-5 comes highly recommended Keeps my 'monster' pain-free, as nature intended.

    15. Nicole Morris

      its a brand i know and trust. im too scared to use anything else on my children. why risk it!!!

    16. Falon Downing

      Goes down easy, and does the trick!

    17. Amanda Gorton

      The flavours make taking medicine a pleasure rather than a pain. The kids love Strawberry!

    18. Gentle on little tummies with a great taste, it takes the gong! Kids happily take it without a care Teething, temp, cold, earache the list goes on No more Mummy pulling out her hair!

    19. Jenny

      I always worry about giving too much or too little. And when you are stressed with your little one being sick, the easier it is to accurately measure the correct dose (without pages of instructions!) the better

    20. S Armstrong

      I know it works, it doesn't taste disgusting and it reasonably priced

    21. Amie

      So simple and easy for all Mums, Lovely flavours that are so yum, Panadol for everyone one, So my kids can return to their fun!

    22. Lauren

      When I feel unwell I rely on panadol for those niggling headaches. Aches pains, teething, broken limbs my Mum used it on me and now I use it on little bean.

    23. Abby Lee

      Children's panadol is the answer to helping my kids sleep when they are in pain so we couldn't be without it!

    24. Sue

      Panadol is such a well known brand and it really works. The flavours are great to get the little ones taking their medicine with no fuss.

    25. Because it is the most gentle of all children's pain relief. Plus anything nurofen based makes my daughter throw up!! I feel as a Mum of 3 it is a brand we can all trust for our children :) Thank you! Monique Monique -Your Cheeky Monkey recently posted...Review & Giveaway: Tickety TocMy Profile

    26. Antonietta DiNiro

      I am so glad its back. I am a registered Nurse and I give panadol for my patients and my children. It makes sick, cranky baby happy and smiley again, Thank you

    27. Simon

      My little one always lets out a contented sigh of relief when i give him Panadol, to me that means he knows its going to make him feel better and gives us both peace of mind.

    28. Chrissy Roberts

      Panadol works, I trust Panadol's ingredients and Panadol takes the stress away from my life when the kids are ill.

    29. Di

      So much better & quicker too, helps kids settle down (Mums says yippee) as both get some sleep without lots of fuss, Panadol is the one brand we really can trust.

    30. Michelle Neilson

      Actually I don't. I get the suppositories. Pop it in. Give a cuddle. No sticky mess spat back!

    31. Laura Jilka

      Easy to administer to our little one, Medicine times are never fun. Over quick with a nice taste, With the syringe there’s no waste.

    32. I like that the taste has improved a lot since I had my first baby, I always wondered then, did anyone at Panadaol ever actually taste the vile stuff?? These days my toddler slurps it up and complains when it's gone! Wendy S recently posted...C'mon deliver the letter, the sooner, the better... Part 5My Profile

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