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Children’s Rooms ~ Floors With Style From Rug Traders UK

Monday, 10th February 2014

Children’s Rooms ~ Floors With Style From Rug Traders UK

* This blog post is brought to you by Rug Traders UK. All opinions are honest and my own. Happy decorating Chaos Friends!

For those that have been playing along at home, you would know too well how much I justΒ  adore designing and decorating my children’s bedrooms.

Currently we have a ‘purple’ room, a Dinosaur room and in the near future, I will be putting my very own spin on a Minecraft themed room too. In the past we’ve also had ‘princess’ themed rooms and many, many toy/play rooms.

I can spend hours upon hours searching online finding different bits and pieces that will be perfect for each bedroom, and children’s rugs has been one search I do regularly.

By simply adding a decorative rug to your child’s floor, the room is instantly transformed, often adding a new play zone for them to set their favourite toys on.

When I was introduced to Rug Traders, I was pretty excited to see so many different and funky designs aimed at children’s rooms. I was quick to put together a ‘want’ list.

Dino rug

This Dinosaur floor rug would look fantastic on the floor in the boys room, and the colours would really compliment everything else that is in their dinosaur inspired space.

Hopscotch rug

My girls have a ‘purple’ inspired room at the moment and this Hopscotch rug looks like it could add a whole new element of fun and play for them.

rocket rug

Now I don’t have a ‘spaced’ themed room just yet, but I am loving the colours and design of this rug. I would love it in a toy room area at Chaos HQ.

While Rug Traders UK are only importing into the UK at this stage, I really wanted to share some of the fantastic designs they have on offer as I know there are many Common Chaos readers in the UK that will really LOVE this site.

Which rug would you choose to compliment your child’s bedroom?


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