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COMFY BOTS – Great Nappies, Great Price & You Could Win A Month’s Supply Of Nappies!!!

Tuesday, 21st August 2012

COMFY BOTS – Great Nappies, Great Price & You Could Win A Month’s Supply Of Nappies!!!

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Most people tend to freak out a little when they find out that I am a mother to 6 little Monsters. For the most part I grin, wait for them to pick their jaws off the floor and then I hit them with the BIG ONE……

“Well”, I say,Β  If you think that’s shocking, just have a think about how many nappies we have gone through in the last 8 years then!!!”

And it’s true, between my husband and myself, we have changed thousands of little bums (and some slightly bigger ones), thus making us both experts in the field of Nappy Detail.

I can tell you what makes a nappy worth buying and what is going to be the best value for money too. I have purchased and used them all over the years and there are a few that have stood the test of time and have really stood out amongst the rest.

Comfy Bots Front

Coles brand Comfy Bots are one of them.

Now I must admit that when I initially tried these nappies, I wasn’t expecting great things. They were very ‘budget’ friendly and from past experience with cheaper priced nappies, I expected leakage, odd sizes and perhaps even a rash or two.

Comfy Bots Back

This time around with baby Elijah, I thought I would give them another go as I was pretty impressed with the larger sized Comfy Bot range we had used with Levi.

I can report that on a whole I am very happy with the Comfy Bots Newborn sized nappies.

Comfy Bot Nappy

* So far, no leakage, which I can attribute to the Triple Layer Absorbency and the Elasticsised Gather around the legs.

* They are sized well, and in comparison to another leading brand, look very similar in size and thickness.

* They absorb well keeping bub’s bot drier, resulting in no nappy rash!

* The nappies also have grip tabs in case you just need to have a quick peek and a stretchy waistband to contain the dreaded ‘up the back’ explosions.

Nappy Open

Rating: 4.5 Stars. A quality nappy at a fraction of the price. Saving money on nappies means more money to spend on fun stuff and that’s another big win in my book.

Now, the most exciting part about this Comfy Bots nappy review is the fact that I am not just going to go on about how much I love them, I am going to give one lucky reader a chance to win a month’s supply (yes, you read that right a MONTH’S supply!!!) of Comfy Bots nappies to try for themselves. WOW!

One lucky person may become a Comfy Bots convert like me and save buying a months worth of nappies at the same time! Yey!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me which feature of the Comfy Bots nappies you would most like to try for your baby and why??? Maybe it’s the funky designs, or perhaps triple layer absorbency…. You tell me!

The competition will be open for a week and end on Friday the 24th August 2012 at 5pm AEST. I will then select the 5 best entries to submit to Coles, for them to draw a winner! It’s that easy.

You have to be in it to win it so enter now, share with your friends and get the word out about this awesome prize!


The Fine Print:

I was supplied with a packet of Newborn Comfy Bots nappies to review for this blog post.

The competition ends at 5pm on Friday 24th Aug 2012.

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.








    Written by:

    1. Amanda

      I would like to test out their triple layer absorbency as I hate leaks. This is my pet hate especially overnight.

    2. I am well out of the nappy phase, but I will definitely forward your blog post onto my sil who's about to give birth in a few weeks. Nappies can be very expensive, and it's good to know that the economical ones are up to the task!

    3. Han moran

      No leaks sounds great, would love to see if they last over night as most brands don't on my chunky monkey

    4. Jamie Moore

      I've got a few nappies to try when my first born arrives (one month!) And my Mum has told me of all the nightmares and leakages that happen with nappies, something I'm not looking forward to. I'm a loyal customer to reliable brands and want something that will withstand any "surprises" that way happen.

    5. Tammie

      I love these not only for the price or absorption but for the patterns. They are by far a quality nappy at a cost effective price. :0)

    6. Nikki montague

      I am having trouble with leakage so would love to try them out

    7. rachel

      i would love to trial the absorbancy as my little one is continually sick and there is nothing like changing a leaky nappy and have to change everything with in reach as well

    8. Crystal

      The designs are deliciously cute, but I would have to say the triple layer, with a big family I have enough washing that piles up without the added extra of leaked on clothes to wash.

    9. Kerrin Eckert

      The grip tabs are important to me. I have a wriggly toddler (& a newborn due in 6 weeks) & a very small budget, and it annoys me no end when cheaper nappies have dodgy tabs - open them up and they rip off in my hand!! But these Comfy Bots grip tabs look nothing like "budget nappies" that I'm used to!

    10. Dee :)

      I am always reluctant to try new things but with the well known brand I do buy now having slipped in their quality I would love to try these to see if the triple layer absorbency works on my boys- one a skinny mini and one a chunky monkey!!!!

    11. rachael

      My baby girl 7 months is skinny round the middle and has sizeable (but gorgeous) thighs so I would like to try these because of the elastic around the legs and see how well they fit her legs for comfort and absorbency factor!

    12. Karly

      For bub's sake the good absorption, to help prevent nappy rash, is the most important factor. But for me the price is the main deciding factor in what brand I choose to purchase.

    13. Tracy Williams

      A rash and a leak will make baby freak, Test the triple layer and pray there is no failure Haha

    14. Miranda Borg

      I have no idea whatsoever about nappies! I am 12 weeks pregnant today and am so excited for our little munchkin to enter the world in March! Your post has been very helpful and given me some good tips and things to look for when choosing nappies! I guess the major factor that appeals to me at this early stage is the price! I just know that I'm going to want to spend heaps of money on cute things for the baby so any savings I can make would be great! Thanks for the review and your great blog!!

    15. This is a no brainer, the price is the best feature! I'm on my third little person so I know nappies!! R

    16. Wendy Wyatt

      Leakage!!!!!! Ahhhhh we have to put a swim nappy over my sons bottom to stop leaking at night! So I would love to see if these work!

    17. Catherine

      I would love to try these as they sound really good, the elastic back sounds great for those "explosions" which is suprising given they are a cheaper brand. I would especially be interested in the size as I just tried a cheaper brand for my toddler and went by weight range - they only just fit and are much smaller than what I expected! Luckily my 4 month old can use them later on, but it's so frustrating spending money on trying new nappies and then having to go and get more in that week's budget!

    18. justine

      I would love 2 try comfy bots 4 the cute designs, my 2 yr old helps me by getting a nappy wen its time 2 change her 8 month old sister and gets excited wen there's New pictures 2 look at

    19. Kelly Barr

      I have always been loyal to a particular leading brand, but am finding it very straining on the budget, especially with two in nappies. My littlest man has eczema, so the last thing I need is extra nappy rash. I would love to try out the absorbency of these nappies to help my little man in any way I can. The design would also be a bonus for my older boy in particular as he is absolutely animal mad!!!

    20. Deanna Buckley

      With my second baby due ANY DAY now and being told its going to be a big one... The no leakage and stretchy waist sounds like good points to me... The memories of those first few weeks of nappy changes are coming back to me and a months supply sure would come in handy and am positive we would make good use of them :-)

    21. Kirsty Rumler Trainor

      I'm a huggies girl, but would be very interested to give these a wirl.

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