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Dad Proof – Nappy Changing Made Easy With The FULLMOON Gravy Bag + {GIVEAWAY}

Saturday, 20th October 2012

Dad Proof – Nappy Changing Made Easy With The FULLMOON Gravy Bag + {GIVEAWAY}

It was brought to my attention recently that I am one very lucky lady.

In what sense you say?

Well, in the past 8.5 years and 6 kids, it’s almost safe to say that Monster Squad Dad would have changed more nappies than I have.

Just. πŸ™‚

He has never once shied away from the rotten task of an up the back, front and sides poop explosion, like many, many other Dads I know would have.

No matter where we are he’ll whip out the nappy bag (with much disgust at the beautiful and somewhat girly butterfly design) and get that bum changed in an instant.

In fact, I would challenge any of you to do it faster than him. It just ain’t going to happen. He’s just too quick!

(I have seen him race mothers in shopping center change rooms. Leaves them for dead every time!)

So when the opportunity arose to review a nappy bag that had been designed with men in mind, I could not have thought of a better candidate for the job.

Common Chaos Chronicle readers, meet Monster Squad Dad. He’ll be giving you the lowdown on The Full Moon Nappy Bag!

Monster Squad Dad

Rito then, let’s get this shit done!

Oh wait, can I say ‘shit’ here? I guess so, I mean that’s essentially what we’re talking about, isn’t it?

When Jac mentioned she wanted me to do a review of a nappy bag on Common Chaos Chronicle, I gave her one hell of a raised eyebrow. “Why??” I bellowed from the other end of the house, as I tried so desperately to zone out and watch my shows.

“Cos, you change most of the butts”. Well that’s true.

So I screeched back something along the lines ofΒ  “Whatever, I can tell you now, if it’s not the size of Mary Poppin’s Bag, filled with as much crap as Hermione’s bag,Β  and it’s not covered in a girly print like your pooncy butterflies, then it’s already getting one thumb up before I even lay eyes on it. “ and waited for this so called ‘man bag’ to arrive.

The full moon

And while I have free reign on this page I would like to make it quite clear that Jac likes to carry half the house with her in the nappy bag, ‘just in case’, which in my opinion is a total waste of my shoulder carrying energy!

About a week later I hear Jac tearing open a package and giving some kind of little squeal followed by a fit of giggles. The Fullmoon Nappy Bag had arrived.

Nothing quite like opening a package and having a babies butt staring back at you. Rather hilarious really and much more entertaining than the latest gas bill.

The full moon inside

She flung the loaded up bag at me and said “Here, what do you think?”

“Well it’s compact”, I say as I unzip the man sized zippers, “Beat’s lugging that other giant thing around”.

One tick for them.

It’s at this point that I realise that the cool bloke that runs Gravy Bags has sent us The Full Moon completely loaded up and ready to go. BONUS.

According to their website this is an option you can choose when you purchase the bag, which to me screams AWESOME in the gift buying stakes.Β  That gets another tick.


So after a quick assessment of what fit’s in it, I can see 4 nappies, a packet of wipes, a packet of nappy sacks, a change mat and some bum powder.

Not bad. The essentials. Here at Chaos HQ, we’d swap the powder for a travel sized tube of bum cream, and there would still be enough room to squish a bib or 2 in under the wipes as well. (Tick)

I checked out the ‘how to’ video on the Gravy Bag site to see how all of this was supposed to work.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

(Thank-you Gravy Bags, I will now have that tune stuck in my head for the next 3 weeks.)

Folding up the change mat and getting the supplies out of the bag really is as easy as it looks in the video. Everything is right there on hand to get the job done with minimal fuss and baby bum mess.

It’s like a total ‘Nappy Bag Bum Changing Station’.

Changing Elijah

The Full Moon bag is about the size of a small camera bag, meaning the missus cannot load it up anymore than it already is, saving my shoulder and leg room in the car when we’re out and about. (Tick)

It’s perfect for having on board when you’re dashing up the street, out for lunch or on a small shopping expedition.

It fits nicely under the pram and is easy for me to grab in one hand, bub in the other and make my way to change areas.

{Bahahahaha, snort! He's going to kill me but I couldn't help but add this in! MonsterSquad Dad is an avid Fullmoon supporter!!! LOL - Apologies for any trauma caused!!!!!


Aside from being a great, easy to use, functional nappy holding device, it doesn’t look like a nappy bag. (Massive big tick – I hope you read that right….)

That’s right. I mean no offense to the man-bag wearing society of the world, but I just don’t ‘do’ the whole ‘man-bag’ thing.

It’s just not me.

thumbs up gravy bag

Using The Full Moon has made nappy changing on the go easier and I’m really quite impressed with it. Scoring a whopping 5 big ticks and a bonus for the non-butterfly design, you wont go wrong with The Full Moon!

Now for something a little exciting….

Gravy have given us 1 Fullmoon Nappy Bag to give away to 1 lucky Common Chaos Chronicle reader!

To be in the running to win your very own Gravy Fullmoon Bag, simply:

LIKE Common Chaos Chronicle on FACEBOOK.

LIKE Gravy Bags on FACEBOOK and let them know that Common Chaos Chronicle sent you.


Tell us on this blog post, something absolutely hilarious that your child has said lately.

For example, “You’re not old Grandpa, just your neck is!!!!” – I think you guys get the drift! Kids, they say the most wonderful things don’t they???


This competition is open to Australian residents only.

Competition ends on the 19th November 2012 at 8pm EDST.

Answer must be on this blog post.

Winner will be notified by email – please check your junk folders too!!!

Judges decision is final.

Now if you cant wait until the 19th of November to see if you’ve won a bag, you can head over to the Gravy Bags site and purchase online!Β

Thanks, MonsterSquad Dad.


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    Written by:

    1. Brooke Grimshaw

      Theres so many things to choose from, it's like a lucky dip when my kids open their mouths. But in the spirit of dads, I had to go with one in particular. Mr 'very tech savvy' wasn't getting his own way with dad so instead of resorting to the usual 'I don't love you then' he proceeded to announce: 'I've seen better dads on YouTube than you!' Imagine standing up to the 'YouTube Dads' with a dad friendly gravy bag!

    2. That is awesome. My husband would love that thing! Awesome job on the review too! Made me chuckle!

    3. Jess m

      DD ages 5 on my pregnancy. "Mum your not pregnant Your just gonna get fatter, like really really fat then a baby Will pop out because it won't be able to breath from your fat...." Yeah thanks kid!

    4. Katie Lazenby

      My 2yo son has global developmental delay and has the development of an 11mo, however his speech is only at a 7.5mo level. Recently we have had some progress, with him pointing to his "fat belly" (he bloats when he eats so it's almost constantly sticking out). The funniest thing I have heard him say is "Dada" when pointing to his "fat belly" because Daddy does indeed have a fat belly also!

    5. Karlene

      He put his thongs on then walked on the wet grass. He moaned "ohh, I wish they made these things with sides and a back!" Yep mate they do, they're called sneakers

    6. Lisa Williams

      I sing to my little man (4) every night and one night he said he wanted something different. I asked him what would he like and he answered "You know the little cheeses Christmas song? I want that one" I told him i didn't know a song about cheese, so he sang a little bit...........from AWAY IN A MANGER!! Omgoodness, i killed myself laughing, he meant little lord Jesus!!! :)

    7. Cadian

      Bahaha love the full Moon pic!!! Good luck everyone thankfully I'm over needing a nappy bag!!

    8. Wahahaha at the full moon! I'm not entering this but I wished this had been invented when my kids were babies! That is so COMPACT! And fits everything! Plus...Eli is super adorable.

    9. Joanne Joseph

      Mr then 5 was. Driving me insane, so I questioned 'What part of STOP don't you understand?' Response: was 'The "O"! (There's a downside to teaching kids to spell. ;-)

    10. Kellie Heitman

      My girl is full of one liners, so it's hard to pick just ONE. Yesterday for example she said "You're almost as pretty as me and Aidan, Mum!" followed by an open invitation to her fart o_O Yes, I'm clearly raising a lady over here!

    11. my 4 year old turned around and said 'mum we need to talk, I can't be your brother anymore its just too hard.... talk to dad he'll help you. Now can I have some chocolate milk?' -Seems to think he's the adult. My 3yr old 'I made Emmett disappear!' opens his hand 'oh there he is' - seems to think he can hide our 10month old in his hand lol then you have our 10 month old that no matter how hard we get him to say da da he debates back by saying mum mum- I'm in trouble with these three i think lol

    12. When my son first went to the toilet by himself and successfully wiped his own bottom, when he came out, I asked if he had wiped properly and to which he bent over and my oldest inspected and said yes, he had wiped properly.

    13. every time i come to your blog to enter i can never think of something funny that my kids have said ,I'm sure they aren't that boring lol . The only thing i can think of ,is more embarrassing than funny but i was out one day at the local shopping centre with my darling daughter who was 3 at the time when we both needed to go to the loo ,whilst sharing the same stall (as you do ) it was my turn to go when my daughter asked me extremely loudly "mummy do you need to do a poo ? " needless to say i almost died of shame.

    14. adriene

      Mum: Pls take your finger out of your nose. Bub: I'm looking for treasure!

    15. Charmaine Nehme

      My two year old daughter asked her father if he had a vagina it's one of her clearest words *sigh*

    16. Monica

      Cute little granddaughter put her baby in her pram and said "walk" to her mum...mum asked were she was going...she answered "maccas!" Oppps...we grandparents love taking her for a walk but we only took her there twice..honest!!

    17. Jessie Hay

      We recently shared with our children that we're having another baby and this has inspired a lot of comments and questions, none funnier than my 4 year old's comment last week. He walked up to me and said 'Mum, I know why you ate the baby- and before I had a chance to say anything followed this with- because it is meaty!!' He said it very seriously and looked a little stunned when I laughed so hard that I cried. I then explained to him that mummy and daddy put the baby in there which he was happy with, phew!

    18. Danielle Shipperlee

      My son is only 11 months old so I don't have any funny stories from him just yet but my little sister the other day said something that totally blew me away. I was getting her to peel some zucchinis for me to make for dinner and she asked me if I was going to cook them or just leave them as cucumbers for dinner. I was gobsmacked! She actually believed that if it was cooked it was zucchini but if it was left fresh and cold - that it was magically a cucumber!! Haha we sure got a laugh out of that one :)

    19. Cathy

      Quote of the night from Alex 2, "There's thunder in my bed"....that was Saturday night ...or was that Sunday morning....shrugs and walks away! or prehaps a gem as Grandfather was combing his hair whilst checking himself out in the mirror, Alex says to him " Did you have a hard night Ganfarver?"

    20. Michelle Gray

      My 2 year old daughter hit her 4 year old sister the other day who replied with "Buzz Light year Toys, because I didn't want to say the F word" I now hang my head in shame that she know what the "F" word is ;)

    21. Lee

      We recently drove passed an accident that had happened a while before and everyone was safely out of the car. All of the doors of the car were opened and I said to master 4 wow that's a nasty looking crash to which he replied "yes Mum lucky no one was in the car"!

    22. Olivia Roach

      Ok you want funny, righto. Last month was my birthday, so we packed up the troops and headed into the city to my fav restaurant, yumo. Duck into the loo, Mr 4 says he also needs to go, so I take him too. As we are half way through a PACKED resturant he says oh mum your forgot your bag, remember you need your tampons!!!!! Yep, great thanks kid, its in my pocket i say quietly.... Honestly the amount of people trying to cover their mouths from laughter was pretty high.....

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