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Do Fashionable & Comfortable Shoes Exist?

Thursday, 28th November 2013

Do Fashionable & Comfortable Shoes Exist?

Today’s  guest blog post is brought to you by Simply Feet UK.

Do Fashionable & Comfortable Shoes Exist?

From tight fitting stilettos to unsupportive super high platform heels, it seems that the world of fashion doesn’t really like our feet! While you may feel the pressure from magazines to conform to the latest trends, such trends can actually wreak havoc on our feet.

Ballet shoes for example are one deceptively uncomfortable piece of footwear. Although the idea of wearing flat shoes may sound comfortable enough, flat ballet shoes actually lack support – meaning that your foot is pretty much just walking unsupported on the pavement. Such a lack of support can lead to painful foot conditions such as fallen arches and Plantar Fasciitis.

Stiletto heels are known for being uncomfortable, this is especially so if you have wide feet. Although some high street stores do make their own wide fit range, you may find that some of these shoes are still quite restrictive to your feet.

One footwear brand to realise that comfort and fashion can be blended together is Vionic. The benefits of Vionic Orthaheel is that they use innovative Foot Motion Technology, Vionic combine this biomechanical contoured support with contemporary designs – resulting in comfortable and supportive shoes that tick off the latest trends. An example of Vionic’s contemporary design is the Olivia shoe – a ballet pump inspired shoe with added support and stability, so you can step with comfort while keeping the arch of your foot supported.

If you have wide feet, you may find that some of the high street’s latest shoes are simply too narrow for your feet. Wide fitting ladies shoes online includes the newest footwear styles but in a range of foot widths – so you can always find that perfect fit for wider feet! From work shoes to everyday shoes, if your feet are too narrow for your feet you can find that you may suffer from discomfort and even foot pain – tight shoes can also cause blisters which again can create great discomfort.

Keep your feet comfortable, but still tick off those latest footwear trends by choosing comfortable shoes for your feet – whether you require extra support and stability, or need wider shoes, many footwear brands such as Vionic have created shoe lines that ensure comfort alongside style appeal.

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