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Dyson DC59 & DC54 Suck The Dirt Right Out Of Chaos HQ And You Could Roadtest One Too!

Monday, 11th November 2013

Dyson DC59 & DC54 Suck The Dirt Right Out Of Chaos HQ And You Could Roadtest One Too!

So you know how I am forever moaning about the mess here at Chaos HQ?

Well, when the opportunity came up for me to trial a couple of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, I simply felt obliged to say I’d do it.

Ok, ok, the truth is, my $18 bargain table vacuum is on it’s last legs, or wheels so to speak, and I really wanted to know what all the fuss is about considering the rather large price difference between my $18 bargain and the swish almost robot-like Dyson Vacuums.

With our budget at an all time low, every single purchase is made with great research and discussion. At this point in time though, we have replaced 7 vacuums since MonsterSquad Dad and I hooked up and started our family just over 10 years ago. SEVEN!!!

I’m starting to think that perhaps if we had of looked a little further than the bargain table, we may have purchased something much better suited to a large family full of children and big furry pets!

The Fur Babies

Anyway, a 2 week trial of the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 and the Dyson Cinetic DC54 Vacuums would surely show me if their price tags could be justified, and whether they would be suited to the ‘rumble-tumble’ constant mess and grime of Chaos HQ.

So the big question is….

Will these two Dyson Vacuums stand up to the test in our rather large 4 bedroom/2 living area home and clean up after, 2 adults, 6 children under 10, including a 1yr old toddler, 3 inside cats, 2 big, furry, wolf-like Husky dogs and a handful of recent renovations that have happened at Chaos HQ???

Let the road-test BEGIN!


Dyson 2

The Features:

* Dyson’s Cyclone Technology – no bags, no filters to wash and no loss of suction.

* Multiple head pieces to clean all parts of your home.

* Dyson Ball Technology for steering ease around furniture.

* Research and Testing – 29 Engineers, $11.5Million and 2000 prototypes were made in the design process.

* Trigger Bin Emptying System – Quick and easy one step Emptying.

* 2year Parts and Labour Guarantee.

The Verdict:

Well to be perfectly honest with you all, I was slightly shocked and grossed out at what the Dyson Cinetic Vacuum DC54 sucked out of our carpet.

Here I was thinking that there was just some loose bits of dirt on the carpet when in fact, we managed to almost fill the vacuum with dirt, sand and dust on the first swoop over of just our bedroom. Gross.

We played around and experimented with all the different attachments and found that you could actually see the dirt being removed from the carpet through the clear turbine head.

Dyson Cinetic 1

The Tangle Free Turbine Tool is designed to remove hair and pet fur and it certainly did just that. Our pets are a massive part of our family and their fur mess is a constant cleaning task. This part of the vacuum removed hair and fur that we couldn’t actually see by eye until it was sitting in the canister waiting to be emptied.

The Dyson Cinetic DC54 moves easily around the house with little effort and is very much user friendly. After the initial clean up with this vacuum, I could easily run this vacuum around all of Chaos HQ every couple of days and only have to empty it once per vacuuming session.

Turbine tool

I am still amazed at the sheer amount of muck that it lifts off surfaces and floors each and every time we’ve used it. I mean you literally cannot see this dirt around your home, and then the proof is sitting there inside the vacuum, right before your eyes, showing you how much you really can’t see.

I can really see how the Dyson Cinetic DC54 would be a godsend for people with dust allergies, hayfever and even asthma. In fact, I’m now wondering if it’s the unseen dust that causes so many of the hayfever type symptoms we get here at Chaos HQ!!!

I have to say, that the technology and power side of these vacuums really appealed to MonsterSquad Dad, as he was mighty keen to check out exactly how much disgusting dirt and grime there was in each room. I’ve never seen him so eager to clean!!!

The one downside I found to this vacuum is that it is quite a lot louder than our old cheapie vacuum. So much so, that I probably wouldn’t do bulk vacuuming whilst the MonsterSquad were asleep, and I also avoided it while Eli took his day naps too. I guess a small price to pay when compared to the difference it has made at our house.

All in all, I’d be more than happy to purchase this vacuum should it rain money over Chaos HQ.

The Dyson Cineticβ„’ is the only machine with no bags, no loss of suction, and no filter fuss. RRP: DC54 Animal Pro (RRP$1099), DC54 Animal (RRP$999), DC54 Allergy (RRP$899), DC54 Multi floor (RRP$799). Find the new Dyson Cineticβ„’ at


Dyson Digital Slim

The Features:

* Powerful, Cordless and Lightweight.

* Rechargeable – Versatile – Take it further than your home.

* Faster and Stronger Motor than it’s predecessor.

* Hygienic Emptying System.

* Only 2kgs – Easy for Children to handle too.

* Battery Charger has an Energy Star Rating.

* Machine runs for 20mins, 17 with motorised tool and 6mins on Boost mode.

The latest Dyson Digital Slimβ„’ DC59 vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner. RRP $649 for the Animal model and $599 for the Multi floor. Find the new Dyson Digital Slim at

The Verdict:

The Dyson Digital Slim is basically a hand-held vacuum that packs the same kind of punch as a ‘normal’ big plug-in-the-wall type vacuum. It comes with a fantastic wall mount system that allows you to hang it up while it charges which makes storage a no brainer.

After seeing the sheer amount of dirt that the Cinetic Vacuum pulled up from our floors, we had little expectations of this model due it s size and the fact it was battery powered but boy, were we pleasantly surprised.

The no-bag canister holds more dust and dirt that you think, and weighing only 2kgs, it was THE PERFECT WAY to get the MonsterSquad involved in the spring cleaning around the house. It’s super easy to empty, with the push of a button, much like the Dyson Cinetic DC54.

Dyson 3

Because the battery life is around 20mins, the kids don’t mess around and get the task done in no time. I like them to do a quick once over after dinner each night, which has turned into a big time-trial game. Once it’s done, they pop it back onto charge, which takes around 3.5hrs, and then it’s ready to go again the next day.

The extra attachments that come with the Dyson Digital Slim make this vacuum 100% versatile. We didn’t stop at the floors when road-testing this model, it even took care of the dusting around Chaos HQ and made mean work of the mess that was in our van.

For spot messes and quick once over’s, this portable vacuum is perfect and we are seriously considering saving up and purchasing one for Chaos HQ.

Digital Slim Jai

No we have seen the difference in what these machines can do in comparison to our old vacuum, it’s going to be difficult to go back. We’ll certainly notice the big difference, that’s for sure.

Here’s a quick little home video showing the vacuums in action. WARNING: Footage may shock some viewers, it contains members of the male species actually participating in a ‘housework’ task! BAHAHAHA πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Now I know I am not the only one that has wondered how good these machines are, and nothing I do or say will show you guys what they can do, as well as an actual trial in your own home would….. right?

So my friends at Dyson are giving 2 of my loyal Common Chaos Chronicle readers a chance to win a 2 week trial of a Dyson Cinetic DC54 or a Dyson Digital Slim DC59 in their very own homes!

Not only do they win a trial, if the winning readers fall in love with the Dyson Vacuums like we have, they will be given the opportunity to purchase their favourite model with a whopping 20% discount (there’s no obligation, just a bonus if you love it!).

This equates to a saving of approximately $160-$200 on the Dyson Cinetic DC54 (depending on model) and approximately $120 on the Dyson Digital Slim DC59.

So if a new vacuum is on your wishlist, here’s a chance to save some big $$$ before Christmas.

To be in the running to win your own Dyson Trial, simply tell me on this blog post,

β€œWhat problem do YOU want Dyson engineers to solve in your home?”

I always let readers know that I have announced winners on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page with a link to the blog. It pays to LIKE us there to keep up to date. If you’re not following on Facebook, click HERE to find us!

The Fine Print:

* Competition open to Australian Residents only.

* Competition ends on Friday 22nd of Nov at 12noon ESDST.

* Winner will be contacted via email. Please make sure your email address is typed correctly and that you check your inbox and junk mail regularly.

* Winner has 48hrs to contact me with their details. If no contact has been made, I will select a new winner.

* Judges decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.


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    1. They need to fix the persistent lack of good quality chocolate in this house. Some sort of self-replenishing chocolate storage would be idea. Dorothy recently posted...Does the punishment fit the crime?My Profile

    2. Karen Peatt

      Since I am physically disabled I find it hard to pick up the vacuum and empty it. Something that would hold a lot but easy to empty would be good and easy to get under furniture.

    3. Amanda Matthews

      Dyson are so clever with their vacuum cleaners - I really really want to try one but I think they should now design a machine that washes, dries and then folds your clothes - if any one can Dyson can!!

    4. Great review! I love Dyson, I had one for many years but I blew it up when I was vacumning the shed floor! My own fault really. I love how Dyson are so up to date!

    5. Michelle Sims

      I would love this opportunity! I have thought about a Dyson often but due to the price tag it always gets shuffled down my list. Although I do get that youpget what you pay for. We have also been renovating and in the last 2 years I have worn out 2 vacuums. To road test a Dyson would then allow the product to sell itself to me. I would love to experience that same grossed out feeling from the huge amount of dust & dirt that I didnt think was there especially with 2 asthma sufferers in our house. Here are the things I look for in a vacuum. A long cord.. so I am not always plugging and unplugging half way around a room. A powerful strong constant suck that doesnt give up on a task yet endures it and loves the work. A machine that is easy to clean. A range of functional & useful attachments that are stored with the unit.

    6. tegan i

      i would love the engineers to ensure that my house was dust and grime free as we suffer alle have a newborn on the way

    7. Krystal

      Oh, I'm so over my current vacuum conking out half way round the house because the dust barrel is full and it loses suction and over-heats the motor with dust! MIND YOU! this was a $700 Electrolux that I purchased 2 years ago and absolutely annoys the crap out of me! I can't vacuum the house as often as I should, so something that sucks the ass out of the dirt from around the stumps of my house would be ah-mazing! I think you've sold me Jac! I want to go out and buy the one with the duster attachment! Watching it come off your guitars so easily and quickly was mind-blowing!!!

    8. What would I like Dyson to solve in my home? Why the heck it takes hubby 6 mths to climb a ladder to change a lightbulb! Now, if the vacuum could reach up and replace bulbs for me AS WELL as clean my floors, well that's a winner in my book ;) But seriously, apart from my light-bulb-lazy hubby, allergies are a massive issue in our house (one child with severe allergies & the other with an immune deficiency and chronic asthma). So anything that can pick up that recurring layer of "builders dust" we've had ever since we built this place (3yrs ago now) would be fantastic! It would help my kids stay well for longer and give my little immune deficient chap a better quality of life :)

    9. charmaine

      Can they make me an automatic seat closer for the toilet :p

    10. Deborah

      Would love the Dyson power in a robot floor cleaner :)

    11. Oh gosh my sister has one, and I ask to boorrw it whenever I can. I have a really good vacuum, too, but her Dyson has stuff I really like for example, the hose and attachments are right there and you don't have to stop vacuuming to hook anything up if you want to clean the baseboards or edges of furniture. Also, it really does move easily and can get under and around stuff than my vacuum can't.One idea, though, to save you some money my sister got hers almost brand new off of Craigslist for less than half of what the new one would be, and the warranty papers and all of that stuff was there just in case. She hasn't had any problems though.

    12. brendan

      Like the review. Leaves me pondering though. If money wasnt an issue, which vacuum would you buy.... DC54 or DC59?

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