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Ease Your Worries Away With Worry Dolls! + {AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

Monday, 5th November 2012

Ease Your Worries Away With Worry Dolls! + {AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

Common Chaos Chronicle kindly welcomes WORRY DOLLS to our November Sponsors. If you haven’t clicked over via the button on the sidebar yet, you can check out their easy to use website at

Worry Dolls 1

It is no secret that I am a serial ‘Worrier’.

Those that know me, and know me well will tell you that I am always worried or stressed out about something.

Always have been that way.

Unfortunately, I seem to have bred a few little worriers too.

Aria and I are very much the same when it comes to flipping out and laying awake at night with too many worries on our minds, so when the opportunity came up to check out these Guatemalan Worry Dolls, I jumped at it.

What is a ‘Worry Doll’? I hear you say……

Well aside from being ridiculously cute teeny tiny dolls that resemble little people, they also take your worries away!

Worry Dolls 3


Well the Mayan people of Guatemala believe that when you tell your worries to these little dolls and put them under your pillow at night, by morning, the Worry Dolls will have taken all your worries away.

Now, I cannot tell you for sure if it works, I do think it is one of those things that you have to truly believe in, but the idea of them certainly appeals to me.

One thing I am sure of is, the MonsterSquad need something to help them settle at night and this my chaos friends, may just be it!

Worry Dolls 2

Who would have thought kids that are 6, 7 & 8 would have so many worries, but trust me, they’ve reeled them off and they do carry much more on their shoulders than we give them credit for.

So I have given my little worriers a pouch of big worry dolls each and have incorporated them into our evening routine.

We now have dinner, bath, readers, worry dolls and bed!

This gives the kids a chance to relax with their books, then tell their worries to the dolls before they tuck them under their pillows and nod off for the night.

So far so good. It seems to be working.

As for me, I now have myself a little worry doll notebook to place in my bedside cupboard. I can quickly jot down anything on my mind and its put away so I can have a good night sleep.

And that’s working too!

Worry Dolls 4

The Worry Doll site has a great range of different products you can buy so choosing something that suits everyone is easy.

I really like the bracelets and beaded necklaces (hint hint MonsterSquad Dad) and they also have a range of Mayan Beauty Products too!

Personally I think the Worry Dolls would be a fabulous gift for students that are about to enter exams, or even perfect for ‘stocking stuffers’ this Christmas.


I have 2 awesome Worry Dolls packs to give away to 2 lucky Common Chaos Chronicle readers!

Each pack consists of:

1 x Worry Doll Notebook

1 x Big Worry Dolls in Bag

1 x Glass Bead Necklace

1 x Mayan Mud Mask

Valued at $50.75 (each)

All you have to do to enter this comp is:

‘Like’ Common Chaos Chronicle on Facebook.

‘Like’ Worry Dolls on Facebook

Β Leave me a comment on this blog post telling me what you worry about the most!

It’s that easy.



*Competition is open to Australian Residents only.

*Competition closes on Monday 19th Nov at 7pm EDST

*Judges decision is final – No correspondence will be entered into.

*Winner will be notified via email. Please check your emails and Junk folders if you enter.

*If winner does not respond within 48hrs of email being sent I will select a new winner.




    Written by:

    1. I worry about everything.. over thinker I am! From my children's food they don't eat, to the safety of their play to the dreams at night I wake up in the morning wondering if they are true or not.. I am a real worrier.

    2. Amanda Opray

      What worries me? Where to start. My main worry is whether my children will grow up to be all that they can

    3. Michelle Crossley

      Lovely post and terrific little worry dolls! At the moment I am worrying most about my 4 month old baby's slooooowwww weight gain, she is only gaining about 80g/week but sleeping through the night and meeting developmental really plays on my mind!

    4. Rachel

      I always worry about my weight. Everyday I think about it and stress about how I wish it was easier to lose it!

    5. Megan

      Being a mum, I think we tend to take on the worries of the family ( money, job)...

    6. oh my goodness, I need to win this because I had some worry dolls just like these and I've lost them! So worried about where they are! My boss brought them for me years ago, I wonder why?? :)

    7. At the moment my big worries are my health and what is going to happen to me as I am disabled and need 24/7 care now.

    8. Emma

      I had some worry dolls when I was a kid ( I dont know who gave them to me or why as I had no worries back then . But they were so cute! I loved them. What do I worry about? I don't know, nothing at present but when I do worry about things it is always to do with those I love and how they will fair in life. It keeps me awake.

    9. Trudy

      I worry about everything, the kids, hubby, work, uni, the fact that I don't sleep enough cause I'm up worrying all night.

    10. Tammie

      MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!! :0?

    11. Michelle V

      I worry most about my eldest daughter's anxiety issues. I want her to overcome these issues so she will be able to cope when dealt with the difficult things in life. I also worry that she doesn't have many friends because her anxiety makes her anti-social. These worry dolls would be great for her. Thankyou for the opportunity

    12. Alice Mitchell

      Lately all i seem to do is worry about paying the mortgage and the ever growing increase in power bills. we seem to always get through but never without a struggle. facebook username - Alice Catblack

    13. Kylie Gladwin

      I worry about genetically altered food and crops, losing our heritage seeds to the growing profits of greedy huge multinational companies. The basics, health, food, water, shelter.

    14. Diana O

      The house burning down, being left with nothing & having to start from the beginning again. This is my main worry, but I'm a natural born stress head and fret about everything there possibly is to worry about. Liked both pages on FB.

    15. renee hermansen

      i worry about how i am doing at work all the time.

    16. Ying Ying TAN

      After becoming a mum, I find myself worrying about 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' especially when my bub have a blocked nose...

    17. Adriene

      I worry about not having enough money for healthcare for my family, and my elderly parents.

    18. kerry santillo

      I worry that my breast cancer will return. It is constantly playing on my mind. I know I have to keep going and get on with it, but its like an itch I cant scratch. Please help alleviate the constant with a worry doll. I have never seen these before an dI think they are wonderful.

    19. Melissa Jones

      I most worry about the safety in my suburb. Always scared of hanging out at night time.

    20. SImone N

      I worry about my daughter as she gets older will she be targeted for bullying as her eyes are different to most people she has teh same thing that lil girl Maddie McCann has Colabomas her vision is fine I just really stress about this as I know kids can be cruel!

    21. Kim m

      I worry when my son is being bullied at school and my daughter hates the thought of having to make a speech in front of the class at school. Anything like that worries me!!!

    22. Kim m

      I have liked both pages on facebook.

    23. Kay

      As a child of the 80s, I worry that Neon Leg Warmers will come back into fashion.

    24. Katrina Corbett

      I worry aout everything, especially at the moment! At the moment we live in a two bedroom house, myself, partner and our two children. 9 weeks ago my grandfather moved in to... into our lounge room, you can only imagine! On top of that myself and my partner are getting married in just over two months time, I worry about our situation and how long its going to be like ths! Its crazy!

    25. Lee

      I worry about everything!! But now that I have a teenager I worry about being a good Mum, it all seemed easy till now!!

    26. Monica

      Family for sure...they mean everything to me!

    27. Julie

      I worry about my children ALL the time. And my weight. Oh, and I worry about my mum. And my job ... I am just a huge worry wart !!!

    28. I sometimes worry what all this worry is doing to me. I worry about my children, my husband, my health, my finances, my sister, my dad, my blog and my animals... phew!

    29. Probably my family and my animals...I lost an animal a couple of wweks ago and now I fret for my others :-(

    30. Michelle Gray

      I worry that I won't win this competition :)

    31. Ann H

      I never used to worry until my three beautiful kids came along and now that's all I do. I guess it all goes hand in hand with being a parent and the world we live in.

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