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Eco Hardware – Leaders in Pool-Fencing Safety & Design.

Wednesday, 11th December 2013

Eco Hardware – Leaders in Pool-Fencing Safety & Design.

Despite the fact that I live in Victoria, and in Victoria we are still waiting for our summer to commence this year, the thought of lazing back on a deck lounge overlooking a crystal clear swimming pool whilst sipping iced tea and casually dozing off in the sun-shine, keeps me going day in and day out.

After all, a girl has to have dreams….. right? Right???

Pool 1

Ok, that’s a big dream, but in reality, we have often looked into getting a swimming pool here at Chaos HQ, but with 6 little monsters at home, safety has always been our number one concern.

Like many parents, I become a roaming search helicopter when it comes to my kids playing with water and having a full clear view of them is nothing short of essential.

And lets face it, if we were making dreams come true, we may as well make them look fantastic too!


Eco Hardware specialise in combining the essential safety aspects of fencing off a swimming pool with modern glass design elements that will instantly add class to your home/garden.

I love the look of glass fencing around a pool as the view of your own personal ‘retreat’ is not obstructed in anyway, and if a total landscaping project was underway at my place, I would want to know that the finished ‘look’ was going to be visible from any area in the yard.

Eco Hardware cater to all needs including custom sizes and designs, offering a customer focused experience with each order made. They also offer either a DIY option (which is fantastic if you’re handy around the home) or a full installation option too.

It’s like a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make the swimming pool dream happen. They have all the latches, fence poles and hinges required to complete the project just the way you want it.

Pool 2

Whilst stopping by the Eco hardware website, I also discovered they do glass for balustrades and showers as well. Oh oh, I feel a whole house makeover happening in my head as I type!

For an obligation free quote, check out

This post is brought to you by EcoHardware. All words and opinions expressed are my own.

Do You have a swimming pool? What kind of fencing does it have around it?



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