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Fashion Addict? Indeed I am. Especially When It Involves Shopping ONLINE!!!

Friday, 24th August 2012

Fashion Addict? Indeed I am. Especially When It Involves Shopping ONLINE!!!

About 8 weeks ago, just before I went into hospital to have Elijah via c-section, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was feeling a bit down and average about the way I was looking and the state of my skin.

I mean which woman at 9months pregnant truly feels a million dollars anyway…. right?

Aside from the fact that I was about to have the most precious gift in the world in my arms, I couldn’t help but think about how horrible my skin would look in the 3million photos that were about to be taken.

I cannot even begin to describe my surprise when I received a gorgeous little package in the post a few days later from an online store called FASHION ADDICT, wishing me all the best for my impending arrival.

You can find them online at

On Facebook by clicking HERE

and on Twitter by clicking HERE

Check out what they sent…

Fashion Addict Make Up




Lip Gloss


and a super cute silver make up bag.

Ahh, it was nice to be spolit like that!

So of course I headed on over and checked out their website.

They have all sorts of things!!!

Make Up



Sunnies and so much more!!!

The best bit about buying online from Fashion Addict is that once your order clocks over $40.00au, your postage is FREE!!!

So well worth checking it out, and since I am after some new hair accessories, I am going to check it out now too!





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    1. I am such a glutton for online shopping. Love how convenient it is! I've bought a few things from Fashion Addict before - great service too! ;)

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