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Frixion Erasable Pens – A Planner’s Very Best Friend + {AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

Tuesday, 11th August 2015

Frixion Erasable Pens – A Planner’s Very Best Friend + {AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

If you’re anything like me and love all things stationery and pens, but absolutely hate making mistakes that you cannot rub out, then you’ve wound up at the right place!

I’ve found the solution in FriXion Erasable Pens!

Here at Common Chaos Chronicle the very awesome people at Pilot have noticed that I am a bit of a ‘To Do’ list and ‘Planning’ junkie and together we have teamed up to bring you some useful information about the pens and a very awesome Friction Erasable Pen Competition.

Frixion Pen Range

So you’re probably wondering how on earth it is possible to erase pen, since we’ve all been there before and made that very noticeable mistake that could not be fixed?

Yep, my best effort was the year I purchased Veruca a very special One Direction birthday card and wrote the most heartfelt message inside that also include her own name in the ‘from’ section….. To Veruca, From Veruca…..errrr doesn’t quite work! Luckily she thought it was hilarious and made light of my sleep-deprived state but I really would have liked to be able to erase my mistake and fix up her special card.

Well, here’s the magic….. Pilot’s FriXion pens use a thermo-sensitive ink that disappears with friction when rubbed with the built in eraser. It’s that simple, and it works.

Erasable Pens

I love to use the FriXion pens in my planner because with 8 of us to plan for, I often have to adjust appointment times, cancel or rearrange events and meetings or update information.

As you can imagine, it doesn’t take long for my pretty, organised planning pages to become scribble-filled, messy and confusing when using a regular pen, but the FriXion pens have eliminated all of that and also come in a range of colours so I can co-ordinate appointments and kids activities.

I also use the pens to jot down my To Do List each day and then I can erase things off the list as they’re completed, which gives me such a sense of achievement in the overwhelming chaos around here. I totally recommend creating a habit out of making a ‘To Do’ List everyday if you’re feeling like you’re achieving nothing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at home, at work or longer term projects.

Listing has helped me feel more in control of my workload and has made me a far more organised person.

So whether it be list writing, diary planning, dates on a calendar, writing cards, writing letters the old fashioned way or simply note taking at school or work, give FriXion pens a try to see how they can help you get more organised too.

They’re available at all Major Retailers, Newsagents and Stationery Suppliers or simply head on over to to check out the full range.

Frixion Pen Comp

Now for the competition!

I have 2 pen packs valued at $150au each to give away to two lucky Common Chaos Chronicle readers. All you have to do to be in the running to win is:

1. LIKE Common Chaos Chronicle on Facebook. It’s the best way to keep up to date with all the chaos & comps!

2. Once you’ve LIKED us on Facebook, please SHARE the competition post in your own Newsfeed. Sharing is caring and will bring good karma your way!

3. Leave me a quick comment on this blog post, telling me what mistakes you’d like to erase using the Frixion Pens!

You have to be in it to win it and I’m looking forward to reading (and giggling) at all your entries! 

The Fine Print…..

* Competition is open to Australian Residents Only. 

* Please use a current email address when leaving a comment. If you win, it’s how I will need to contact you!!!

* Competition ends on the 25th of August 2015 at 5pm AEST. 

* Winners will be contacted via email (so check your junk boxes too) and an announcement will be made on the CCC Facebook Page. 

* Winners have 48hrs to reply other wise a new winner will be announced. 

* Prizes will be sent out from the lovely folk at Pilot. CCC takes no responsibility in getting prizes to you one your details have been passed on. 

* Make me laugh people! hahaha

And the winners are…….

Melinda D and Robyn C!!!

Please check your emails (and junk just incase).

CONGRATS & thanks to everyone that entered and shared this post. 


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    1. I might as well just re-write the same shopping list over and over every week...except some weeks I need more than others. No cleaning products this week, or toiletries. But next week I will need shampoo and soap. Problem is, I spend all week noting down stuff on the shopping list on the fridge, and every week, without fail, I forget the blooming list! Sooo, might as well just reuse it next week and erase the bits I don't need this week. Not exactly funny, but soooo frustrating!

    2. Rebecca Muzek

      These would be awesome, not just for keeping my planner more organised, but erasable would totally come in handy for the moments when Mr 2&1/2 decides to "help" mummy and does his own additions on top of my already full to-do lists and schedule! (It's happened more times than I'd like to remember ;) )

    3. Olivia

      the constant changing routine with kids!

    4. Planner addicts like myself, spend sooooo much time creating pretty pages, and then a plan changes, aghhhh. These pens would be perfect for getting rid of appointments/plans that change or get cancelled and still keep my planner looking nice. How could a stationary addict say NO to such an awesome prize! xx NM

    5. Marking mistakes! Especially seeing that I am about to embark on my teaching career!

    6. Zarna

      I'm a bookkeeper, a bookkeeper that seemingly can't add correctly the first time. My ledger books are full of whiteout tape, wouldn't it be wonderful to scan it in to send to the auditor without evidence of my poor maths skills? I would love to win a set!

    7. Tara Rogers

      Well there are no mistakes really i want to erase but what id love to say is how awesome these pens really are. as a parent with an autistic child frixion pens have been a lifesaver. my daughter freaks out if she makes an error in pen and once she got her "pen licence"at school I brought these for her. now she does not have any kind of panic attack when she makes an error she knows that it can simply be erased and she still looks like all the other kids using a pen. best invention eva!!!!

    8. Julie

      I too spend time making my planner look pretty and to then have to change something can be very dis-heartening because it makes such a mess. I will be using these pens in future so to win one of these sets to get me started would be fantastic.

    9. Melinda

      If only everything was as easily erased. Although it wasnt me, it did happen to me. While signing our marriage certificate, my sister went onto autopilot and signed her quick hand work signature on the forms. Only afterwards did she realise that she was meaning to write her proper signature. She would have loved to fix it. If we had a frixion that would have been possible, but everytime I see our marriage certificate I chuckle to myself a little.

    10. melissa

      My son drives me crazy when doing his homework.He is VERY organized and has immaculate handwriting, but..... One mistake and he has a meltdown! he hates seeing mistakes on his page or unused spaces. so the intense pressure when he's doing his homework, waiting for that oh so regular "OH NO, NOT AGAIN" haha wish he could see the funny side of it.

    11. Jodie Farnsworth

      These sound fabulous! My girls would find them super handy especially when writing to pen pals and constantly having to start over from writing mistakes or myself I may accidentally write the wrong child's name on notices and have to white out all the time!

    12. diana mitidieri

      Always making mistakes when im filling out my kids school forms

    13. Amy

      I am ALWAYS making mistakes on paperwork!!! This would make life so much easier!!!

    14. Jessica Cassar

      I love the frixion erasable pens. I would use this pack in trying to organise my calendar & shopping list better. We have 3 permanent people living in our house & we're sometimes like ships passing in the night. My favourite use for these by far would be to mark my current knitting pattern with where I'm up to, then I can erase that mark once done & move onto the next one.

    15. Heidi

      I think this will be great for when the kids write on birthday cards or things that can't be replaced. No more "X" on the mistakes :-)

    16. Amie

      With a family of 5 and two businesses to look after I am forever writing lists, notes and appointments in my planner. Every so often there will be a clash of schedules between the kids or my husband and often deadlines get pushed back so my to do list changes. These pens would be fantastic for keeping on top of things without my planner getting in a mess. Not to mention the great range of colours that would send my colourful list making heart into a frenzy!! Of course it is never my fault when an appointment needs changing or lists need redoing. I blame this on my husband as I, of course, am a perfect planner who never makes mistakes, lol *cough, cough*!!!

    17. I signed my new passport when first married with my maiden name. It got sent back to me with " not matching names" and I has to do it all again. An erasable pen could have fixed that!

    18. Jennifer

      I write fiction as a hobby and often prefer to write things out by hand. So at times it would come in handy to be able to erase a sentence or two.

    19. Maddy Obi

      I would have loved to have one of these pens handy to use at work after I got married. It was quite a few years into our marriage and alk of a sudden one day my brain decided I was going to sign my maiden name all day... I didn't realise till later what I had been doing and I worked in a bank where things have to be precise. ... if i had a frixion pen it would have been easy to fix! !

    20. Mariel

      I love his pens, specially when I mix spanish with english in my planner :)

    21. Liked and shared! These pens are so, so awesome - but I didn't know there were so many blues! I love blue - and I love these pens! I'm an author who likes to edit on paper, so these are perfect because I can edit my edits (rather than scribbling).

    22. I've been using computers for so long my writing now is more sribbled out than legible. But I like to hand write my stories... Be SOOO nice to write a page and have it look like I have above a grade 2 level of writing. :D

    23. Oooh that's easy, my cross stitch gridding... so many times it needs to be redone because I can't see to distinguish black aida cloth... oops! Bad eyesight maybe? :D

    24. kylie ford

      i love to erase tracking numbers of parcels that i get lol

    25. Natasha jackson

      I love these pens only have one at the moment, but I love them because I'm always making mistakes and have terrible handwriting. Sometimes I'll re read what I've written and erase the parts that look really messy and write them again

    26. Kim

      I love using these pens on cards because I usually make a boo boo on them - also great for scrapbooking too

    27. Michelle

      I would love the pens to try in my class at Belvoir Special School. I teach seniors who like to use pens as opposed to pencils (that are used by Juniors). A few are perfectionists and it annoys them when they can't rub out pen! These would be the perfect solution!

    28. Jane McPherson

      I would like to erase some of our house rules to be more beneficial to me and not to the others in my house

    29. Kristina S

      Working in a kindergarten room i'm always saying it's ok to make mistakes :) I make plenty myself it's how you learn and grow. Although tempting I wouldn't erase any of them. Both mistakes & success mold us int the people we are today.. I do love these pens, I have a black one I use all the time, love it.

    30. Lyn C

      Here's me thinking I was doing well with 2 of the pens.....I never realised there were so many school marking would be heaps more fun with all of these!!!!

    31. Katrina Sutcliffe

      The amount of times I spell a word wrong and scribble it out. Being able to rub it or would make my planner so much neater!!

    32. Brenda Edwards

      How awesome an erasable pen - I would use with my perfectionist daughter that when she makes a mistake in her work she wants to throw the whole lot out and start again. I would also share them with my nephew who suffers from Disgraphia and quite often needs to re-write work due to it not being readable and he gets quite distressed over it so I'm sure it will be easier if he only has to redo some of it

    33. Kellie

      With kids life is unpredictable and plans change, I think these pens were made for me. I have a shocking habit of getting to ahead of myself and missing out words!

    34. Sonya N.

      My kids invariably end up scribbling on important forms I need to send off so I really could do with these pens!

    35. Janine Gardiner

      My brain goes so much faster than my pen and I write some absolute dribble sometimes. It would be better to erase rather than start my dribble all over again, although it does give a good laugh.

    36. Amy Shambrook

      I'd use these pens to erase my bad spelling! I love to read and write but my spelling isn't always up to scratch!

    37. Nikoly

      Like most people with kids plans and appointments are forever being changed/rescheduled or just plain written on the wrong days in the calendar and diary! This ends up a real mess especially when I'm trying to colour code different people. This happens more times than I care to admit.

    38. I'm a planner and a meal planning addict! I need these pens in my life! I hate mistakes so re writing lists happens often!

    39. Robyn cleggett

      Can I re-write parts of my life with it? LOL... No seriously that would be awesome... Failing that I love doodling and sketching cartoons, animals and tattoo designs and to be able to erase and tweak things would be really cool!

    40. Tobes

      I would erase that love letter I wrote to Abby. She broke my heart goddamn it, she broke my heart *sobs*

    41. My kids already use these but only the black and blue for homework. They make a lot of mistakes in their homework so these are perfect for correcting ... especially on the "godd" final copies ... as they cant afford to restart the whold lot again :) Would love to win these :)

    42. Jodie cooper

      when I always write in appointments on the wrong day or they change! I hate having to cross thing out!!

    43. Bonita Dunne

      I would use them on my never-ending to-do-lists! It'll make me feel like I've at least accomplished something in a day. Having said that though, hubby might think that I've done nothing all day (again!)

    44. Maria Stringer

      All the errors on my cryptic crosswords.

    45. Renee Ballantyne

      All of them!! as I make so many

    46. I used to write very simplistic letters to explain the kids lateness to school, lost items etc but now {as they get older & more frustrating} I get really descriptive with my letters & tell the truth which I'm sure the Teachers get a kick out of. Meanwhile the kids are cringing beside me as I write {and evilly laugh} I dare say half of the time they don't want to hand the letter in {the truth hurts after all} Would these pens be to erase the letters that humour me & give me that much needed boost in the morning? Hell no, it's just to correct any spelling errors I may make. I'd have to lock the pens up too or the kids would surely erase my tales of morning craziness.. I'm telling you, you couldn't make this shit up if you tried :)

    47. sapshu

      My little one loves to scribble & i love to watch him write on a notebook . But the problem starts when he writes on sofa, walls, his body, my face ,bed sheets, library books etc which starts a fight between mum and dad . I would love to erase all the mistakes that he does with his little hands only if i had frixion pens - afterall childhood is all about enjoying life, having fun,learning new things and using imagination.

    48. Sarah Fleming

      I would be using my amazing Frixion erasable pen pack to help my diary stay somewhat neater than it currently is. I am a working Mum with 3 children, with 4 sports between the children too. My shift times change 2 days before my shift, the kids timetables are constantly changing too and I feel like I am forever having to change appointment times too. All the messy crossed out and re-written entries in my diary are just too much for this neat freak!

    49. Teena L

      With a house full of left handers these are absolutely awesome! So hard for my girls to get their pen licence at school because they are always smudging their work!

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